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The Forgotten Homework

Welcome to The Forgotten Homework, a work of creative fiction by @Piddly You can find the latest chapters below, in reverse chronological order. If you’d like to start reading from the beginning, or from a particular chapter, please use the navigation menu to the left. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my musings. 🙂

Part 3 – Chapter 2

Feeling sick at the thought of the younger boys knowing he’d just wet himself at their house, Jack dejectedly made his way down the stairs, pausing for a moment as he was unsure where his Mum would be, before hearing voices coming from what tuned out to be the living room. With some trepidation, worrying whether he was going to…


Part 3 – Chapter 1

“Oh, um, hi.” Lucy was uncharacteristically shy and coy as she took the sight before her. Despite the 2 year age difference, Ellie was not much taller than she was, which explained her being able to borrow clothes the previous day, but she exuded a certain presence which made Lucy feel a little intimidated at first, although the welcoming smile…


End of Part 2

Less than a week since The Forgotten Homework began moving to its new home, and Part 2 has now been completely uploaded. 🙂 We’re now up to a total of 121 published chapters, just over 137,000 words, and with plenty more of the same to come. There may be a little delay now, as I’m waiting for the archive copy…


Part 2 – Chapter 70

“Lucy, what’s the matter with Mum? She didn’t really wee herself, did she?” Jack was concerned by him Mum’s sudden departure.  “I’m not sure Jack, but yes I think maybe she did. Poor mum, it’s embarrassing enough when something like that happens to one of us, isn’t it, but can you imagine being an adult and wetting your pants? And…


Part 2 – Chapter 69

“Ellie.” Graham called up the stairs. “I hope you’ve tidied up your bedroom like I asked? I can’t hear much movement going on up there.” “Daaaaaad, relax, you’re going on like this is a royal visit or something. Honestly, Lesley is coming to see you, not the house. And I’m pretty sure Lucy isn’t going to give a damn what…


Part 2 – Chapter 68

Sitting in the car, at first Lucy found her Mum’s predicament absolutely hilarious, and barely stifled a giggle as she first squeezed her legs together and dashed from the car, although seeing her struggle to waddle to the toilet, and noticing the anxious, worried expression on her face she soon began to feel real concern and compassion. She could see…


Part 2 – Chapter 67

“Anyway, missy, enough about me and my potential romance, let’s hear what you’ve been up to, and I want to know ALL of the juicy details about this Dan you seem to have the hots for. Fire away!” Blushing a little, but smiling at the same time, because her Mum was right, she really did think Dan was incredibly cute,…


Part 2 – Chapter 66

Having exchanged pleasantries with Lisa, and thanked her for having Lucy to stay, Lesley had sat back in the car whilst her daughter said goodbye to her friends, watching as she hugged Emily warmly and thanked her for the invitation to her birthday sleepover. Then, glancing around first to see whether her Mum was looking, she embraced the young boy…


Part 2 – Chapter 65

Katie’s Dad arrived to take her home not long afterwards, and offered Becky a lift as they lived just around the corner from each other. After a hurried phone call to make sure that her Mum wasn’t already on the way, she gratefully accepted. Hugging both Em and Lucy goodbye, as Katie had just done, she then held out a…


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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.