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Author: Piddly

Part 2 – Chapter 64

Having ended her call with Ellie, and taken a few minutes to digest everything she’d just heard, Lucy was standing out in Lisa’s back garden absolutely astounded! She couldn’t believe that her Mum had asked some strange man and his family to stay overnight, after only meeting them property a few hours earlier. Ellie had sounded just as lovely as…


Part 2 – Chapter 63

“You know, Graham, my house is much closer to the park than yours. Why don’t you follow me home so that everybody can get dried off and warm? It’s got to be better than sitting shivering in the car all that way, what do you say?”  They’d now reached the car park, and were just about to go their separate…


Part 2 – Chapter 62

‘Morning Lucy…well, this is kinda odd, and Im not gunna ask why because I guess the answer is probably pretty embarrassing, but how on earth do you sleep with a plastic sheet on your bed? It’s so sweaty and crinkly, I barely slept a wink last night! El x’  Lucy was absolutely agog, reading the message over and over, and…


Part 2 – Chapter 61

The group of girls, plus Daniel, spent most of the morning laying on Emily’s bed, doing very little besides playing on their phones. Lisa had popped her head in after hearing voices, and told them all that she’d left things out on the table for them to help themselves to breakfast as and when they felt hungry. She also reminded…


Part 2 – Chapter 60

Ellie cringed as she felt just how wet the fabric on her bottom was, and realised that whilst the patch at the front was quite inconspicuous, it must have been immediately obvious to anybody behind her that she had wet her pants quite spectacularly! No wonder her Dad had known, it was a wonder that nobody else had noticed, or…


Part 2 – Chapter 59

Lesley noticed Ellie’s pout as she sidled up alongside her, and could sense a teenage strop in the offing.  “What’s the matter lovey, is everything ok?” She prompted, smiling and slipping a companionable arm around the young girl, hoping to head-off any potential confrontation before it started.  Recoiling slightly from the unexpected gesture, and not feeling in the best of…


Part 2 – Chapter 58

In Emily’s bedroom, the sun shining through the curtains onto his face had woken Daniel, and, not remembering where he was he yawned loudly and stretched out his arms, knocking Lucy who had been laying with her head on top of his shoulder. She disturbed, and groaned in her sleep, but wasn’t quite ready to open her eyes just yet,…


Part 2 – Chapter 57

“Oh I’m sorry love, I didn’t hear you. You were all still fast asleep when I got in the shower, and with your friends being here I thought I’d better lock the door, just in case somebody walked in half-asleep, I wouldn’t want them to be embarrassed.”  Still half asleep, and a little shaken by her unexpected dash outside, Em…


Part 2 – Chapter 56

Exhausted from the previous days exertions, none of the girls nor Daniel woke early the following morning, and all were still snoring gently at 8am when Lisa rose. Yawning from her broken night’s sleep, but roused by her own aching bladder, Lisa once agin clambered from her bed and wrapped herself in a dressing gown, just in case any of…


Part 2 – Chapter 55

Having done the best she could with the toilet paper, Ellie pulled up her wet pants and leggings, cringing slightly as they slid over her thighs. Then, flushing to make it seem a little more realistic, she vacated the stall – holding the door open for a little girl, perhaps 5 or 6, who was already halfway through pulling down…


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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.