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Category: Part 1

Part 1 of the story

Part 1 – Chapter 1

Lucy was sat daydreaming at her place in class. Nothing new there, it’s how she spent many lessons – letting her teachers words wash over her, going in one ear and out of the other without actually taking anything in. She was bored with junior school now, and wanted to get on with the more exciting parts of growing up. …


Part 1 – Chapter 2

Lucy was aghast, she just couldn’t see a way out of this mess, and despite all of her maturity her sense of what was reasonable in the circumstances was beginning to desert her.  “I don’t think there’s much you can do Luce.” Replied Becky “Unless you can find a way of getting out of Moss’s lesson, and that’s only going…


Part 1 – Chapter 3

Lucy’s head was at odds with her heart, but in truth she didn’t quite know which was fighting in which corner. She was so confused, so conflicted. Something had to be done, but could she really go that far?  Miss Jenkins had set them a short piece of written work to focus on until the end of the lesson, but…


Part 1 – Chapter 4

Lucy hesitantly raised her head a little, but avoided making eye contact with her teacher or any of her classmates as she stuttered “M-m-m-iss, I’ve h-had an a-a-accident”, before breaking down completely. Her sobs, no longer stifled, rang out loudly around the room, she was inconsolable. Every trace of maturity and ‘coolness’ gone, here was a wet and weeping little…


Part 1 – Chapter 5

Lucy literally ran all of the way to the school office, so great was her fear of the lunch bell sounding whilst she was still in the corridor, so exposed and open to further humiliation. Arriving at the office, she hesitated for a moment. What did she do now? Was Mrs Johnson, the secretary, really used to year 6 girls…


Part 1 – Chapter 6

Back in the classroom, Lucy’s classmates were in shock. None of them could quite believe what they’d just witnessed, and they were all quite glad that they had their lunch break next to talk about it. Not maliciously of course, well apart from a couple who were known to be bullies, but because it was just so unusual, so out…


Part 1 – Chapter 7

After leaving the clothes for Lucy, Dorothy headed back over to her desk, knowing that she needed to call her Mum and let her know what had happened. Going home had been ruled out, but parents still needed to be notified, and given just how upset Lucy was she thought this may be best done quickly now, so as to…


Part 1 – Chapter 8

Lucy sheepishly made her way back out into the office, feeling more self conscious than she ever had in her life, and hoping that nobody was around to see her. Hearing the bathroom door open, Mrs Johnson looked up and gave the girl a reassuring smile, noticing as she did just how short the summer dress was on her.  “Miss,…


Part 1 – Chapter 9

As the door slowly opened, Lucy grasped the hem of the dress she was now wearing and self-consciously tugged it downwards, not that it made any difference, but it made her feel a little better.  In through the open door walked Becky, clutching a rucksack in front of her, and Lucy quickly realised that it was her schoolbag, which she’d…


Part 1 – Chapter 10

“Don’t ask!” was Lucy’s retort, again pulling at the hem of her dress, and blushing a deep crimson. “It’s all gone horribly wrong, and it just keeps getting worse.”  The girls took seat in the waiting area near the door, and Lucy began recounting her tale of woe.  “I don’t know what I was thinking, I just wanted to find…


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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.