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Part 2 of the story

Part 2 – Chapter 1

Across the other side of town, there was a very different conversation going on, and this one was far less excited. Daniel Yates was sat morosely at the kitchen table, opposite his mum Val. He had a face like thunder, and much as he’d never admit it as a nearly 12 year old boy, the glint of tears in his…


Part 2 – Chapter 2

On Saturday morning, Lucy was awake bright and early, with no alarm or call from her mum needed. She was so excited, and couldn’t wait to be on her way with Becky. This sleepover was going to be so much fun, and give how much it had cost her at school, she was determined to have the best time ever.…


Part 2 – Chapter 3

All around the town, mobile phones were tinging and vibrating on nightstands as Lucy’s messages arrived, although very few of her friends were yet awake to read and reply. Even with the prospect of a sleepover to look forward to, most 11 year olds try to stay in bed as long as they can on a Saturday morning, and her…


Part 2 – Chapter 4

Lucy could barely contain her glee that Dan would be joining them, although his texts did have her a little worried about just what it was that was bothering him so much. She was glad he’d decided to talk to them about it though, and felt sure that whatever it was could be sorted out.  As she poured herself a…


Part 2 – Chapter 5

Once she was back downstairs and out of Daniel’s earshot, Val reached for her mobile phone, and, having reassured herself that it was now approaching 9am and therefore no longer too-early to disturb people on a Sunday morning she dialled her sister Lisa’s number, and waited for her to answer.  “Good Morning Val, what a lovely surprise this sunny Saturday…


Part 2 – Chapter 6

It was barely after 10am when the doorbell sounded loudly, but it’s tone was soon drowned out by the sound of a particularly overexcited 11 year old girl literally bounding down the stairs to answer the door, almost falling headlong as she did so. Reaching the door and throwing it wide open with an enormous smile on her face, Lucy…


Part 2 – Chapter 7

Soon both girls were safely strapped into the back of Jenny’s car, and making their way across town to where Emily and her family lived. The slight awkwardness from the bedroom hadn’t lasted, and they were again talking non-stop about their plans for the weekend. The subject of Dan had also crept up again, although Lucy was relieved that Becks…


Part 2 – Chapter 8

Lucy blushed, stumbling over her words as she tried to defend herself, which the other two girls found absolutely hilarious.  “I..I do…I do..not! I mean, I won’t deny he is pretty cute, and he seems a really nice lad. But, c’mon, I’m not into all of that yucky stuff, give me some credit!”  In unison her two friends almost sang…


Part 2 – Chapter 9

It was difficult to tell who was the most shocked. Lucy herself had no idea that she was going to say that and Dan just looked overwhelmed. Both Emily and Becky knew that Lucy had spoken again, but hadn’t been able to catch what she had said. The look in her eyes though, and the shock on Daniels face gave…


Part 2 – Chapter 10

Lucy shot her friend a withering look, and was pleased that Becky at least had the good grace to look ashamed. This of course confirmed to Lucy that she had heard the comment she thought she had…Becky had just announced to everybody that Lucy still had a plastic, waterproof sheet on her bed!  Now Lucy had a vague idea of…


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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.