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End of Part 1

Wow, that was something of a mammoth task, however I’ve just copied over Chapter 51 from the archive, which was the final chapter in part one of the story. Hope you’re all enjoying it so far?

For those who have only discovered the story since I started publishing it here, part 2 is also complete and will be uploaded over the coming days – and part 3 is semi-complete, although I’m waiting to hear from the administrator of the forum which used to host it about how much of this can be recovered.

I know lots of you have followed the story from the very beginning, so a massive thank you for following us over here to our new home! Don’t worry, there will be some brand new content up just as soon as I’ve finished working through the archive. 🙂

And, for those who like the stats –

51 Chapters : 52,000 words – Not bad for a ‘short story’ eh? Haha

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  1. Imouto Kitten Imouto Kitten

    Cool you’ve made so much progress already.

    One bit of feedback: I find the front page only including part of each post a bit annoying, especially when the preview is like a third of the whole post, and I suspect this will only get worse once you’re back to posting new content and how often I had multiple chapters to read back-to-back. I can’t speak for other readers of course, but I’d personally prefer if the recent posts page included the whole post.

    • Piddly Piddly

      Sorry, can you not access the menu/pagination options? I’ve not tried it via a screen reader, but I’ll have a play and see.

  2. mikeymike mikeymike

    That was great Piddly, I enjoyed every second I spent binge reading those 51 chapters; it was like a good Clive Cussler Novel, once I’d started to read it I just couldn’t stop!
    Looking forward to reading chapters 2&3 when you have time to post them !

    • mikeymike mikeymike

      Sorry, I should have said Parts 2&3 not chapters 2&3 lol.

  3. Imouto Kitten Imouto Kitten

    Okay, didn’t even know/think to search for pagination/display options… though now that I’ve done so, I haven’t found any. If there’s any particular text I should be looking for, tell me and I can try a ctrl+F search of the page text.

    • Piddly Piddly

      Ok, the primary nav menu (site-wide) has the following options and sub-options –

      Story Sections
      – Part 1
      – Part 2
      – Part 3
      – Part 4
      Info & Updates

      Everything storywise posted so far can be found under Part 1, which is a drop down menu under ‘Story Sections’. In there it’s in Chronological order, starting with Ch1 through to Ch51. The home page also lists the most recent 10 chapters posted in reverse chronological order, and has pagination links below the last chapter on that page (currently Ch43) – as I type this there are links 1 through to 6.

      Does that help at all? I’ll be honest, I’m well behind the times when it comes to website stuff, haha. It’s been close to a decade since I last played with anything like this, so apologies. It’s based on a WordPress backend, so I’ll have a nosey at what accessibility plugins are available to make it play nicer. Leave it with me. 🙂

  4. Imouto Kitten Imouto Kitten

    No worries, my own, currently under construction website is so old school it’s 99% plain text files and the rest is vanilla html. No fancy backends, JavaScript, or even CSS. Admittedly, at least part of that is being a computer programmer and wanting to both keep my site simple and it’s code under my control.

    Though, perhaps an example will help illustrate my original point.

    On the home page for The Forgotten Homework, the first few paragraphs of the last ten posts are displayed in newest first order of posting, and to read the whole post, one has to follow a continue reading link at the end of the preview.

    By comparison, the Word Press blog that hosts Ward, the current on going work by serial web writer WildBo, found at:

    Displays the most recent posts in their entirety, which I actually prefer when I fall behind and have a few recent posts to read. Though, with the addition of the audio player, If you could get those showing up on the home page, I probably wouldn’t be bothered by the homepage only display a preview of each post, and I can imagine the preview view actually being less cumbersome for those who actually have to scroll past posts instead of being able to use a navigational hotkey to jump from the HTML at the top of one post to the HTML heading at the top of the next post.

    (Warning: the story contained in the link contains graphic violence and mature themes. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes the Superhero genre, but it’s far Darker in a non-shallow way than most Marvel and DC media. Also, it’s probably around a million words long and is the sequel to Wildbo’s earlier work, Wom, which came in at about 1.7 million and he produced two other roughly million word works between finishing Worm and starting Ward, so, you’re in for a long read if you get hooked on his writings).

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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