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End of Part 2

Less than a week since The Forgotten Homework began moving to its new home, and Part 2 has now been completely uploaded. 🙂

We’re now up to a total of 121 published chapters, just over 137,000 words, and with plenty more of the same to come. There may be a little delay now, as I’m waiting for the archive copy of Part 3 (which is only partially completed) as well as Lucy’s diary entries – don’t worry though, I won’t keep you waiting too long. 😉

I’m going to sneak in one last little ‘off-topic’ update too, just to let you all know that future new features and the like will now be shared via the ‘Quick Updates’ feed which you’ll find in the menu bar on the left, just below the subscribe box (or at the bottom of the page if you’re viewing on a mobile device). Take a quick look there now for a ridiculously exciting new development! 😀

Audio Version of Chapter
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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.9

Audio Version of Chapter