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Part 1 – Chapter 10

“Don’t ask!” was Lucy’s retort, again pulling at the hem of her dress, and blushing a deep crimson. “It’s all gone horribly wrong, and it just keeps getting worse.” 

The girls took seat in the waiting area near the door, and Lucy began recounting her tale of woe. 

“I don’t know what I was thinking, I just wanted to find a way of getting out of Mrs Moss’s lesson so I didn’t get into trouble about the homework. I’d have done anything to make sure I didn’t miss the sleepover. In fact, as you saw, I DID do anything, and it still didn’t work.” 

Becky’s jaw dropped, if possible she was even more shocked. “You mean to say you wet yourself on purpose?? It wasn’t an accident, you did THAT deliberately?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Surely she must have misunderstood. 

“I couldn’t think of anything else, I don’t know why I did it now, but yeah it wasn’t an accident. Well, not really anyway.” She blushed again, looking crestfallen as she admitted to her friend “I started doing it on purpose, the plan was just to do a little bit and then stop. Just enough so that Miss would believe what had happened and so I could go home. But when I started, I just couldn’t stop. That’s when you heard me cry out, I was doing everything I could just it just kept happening. Everything was soaked, it was all over my skirt and my chair. Even the floor had a massive puddle, and I knew then there was no way I could hide it. Then the shame took over, and I just couldn’t stop crying. I knew everybody would see, everybody would laugh, I thought nobody would want to be my friend anymore.” 

The pain and humiliation etched across her face as she explained all of this to Becky was plain for all to see, and her friend just shook her head slowly in disbelief as she once again hugged Lucy. 

“Wow! That really is dedication, nobody else would ever go that far to get out of doing some homework. I hope Emily realises just how committed you are to her sleepover.” 

“ think she’ll still want me to go, even after all of this?” Lucy didn’t want to get her hopes up, but that did sound positive. Ok, so she still had the homework issue to get around, but right now after what she had just been through that seemed like nothing at all. “Won’t she think I’m a silly little baby who wets herself and cries?” 

“I’m sure you’ll give everybody a good laugh, so brace yourself for that, after all wouldn’t you find it hilarious if if was one of us? But of course everybody would still want you to be there! You’re still our Luce, and you’ve more than proven yourself with that little stunt. Even if we will have to make sure you go to the toilet before it’s too late in the future.” This last quip was added with a hearty laugh and a good natured punch to her friends shoulder, leaving no illusion that it was meant in jest. 

Lucy wasn’t quite up to joking about her situation yet, but she appreciated her friends attempts to lighten the mood, and did manage a small grin. Knowing that her gang weren’t going to turn their backs on her made everything seem so much better and she felt that she could even deal with Moss and her parents if she had her pals behind her. 

“So, is your Mum on her way to get you then? Lucky you, getting out of maths and getting an afternoon off school too.” 

“Nope, believe it or not that old battle-axe Moss won’t let me, she’s told Miss Johnson that I have to stay here and then go back to lessons. I hate her! So all of this has been for nothing.” 

“Oh no, that’s terrible.” Becky once again eyed the juvenile dress which Lucy was wearing, before adding “So does that mean you’re going to have to wear that for the rest of the day? Oh man, maybe I was wrong about people not laughing too much then!” She gave a giggle herself as she said this, which did nothing to help Lucy’s confidence. 

“Not helping Becks, not helping at all! Yeah this was all Miss could find to fit me. I’ve not worn one of these since I was about 7, and never thought I’d have to again. And you don’t even want to know about the undies.” she added, whilst pulling a horrified face. “I don’t want to go out there dressed like this, even without my accident this would be horrible, but put the two together and I’m going to be a laughing stock, I just know it.” 

Before Becky could respond, a sound from the door caused them both to turn their attention in that direction, just in time to see Mrs Johnson returning clutching a steaming cup of coffee and looking very much refreshed after her short break.  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.5

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