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Part 1 – Chapter 12

The two girls spent most of what was left of their lunch break sat chatting at that canteen table, usual tween stuff, with Becky making a special effort to keep her friend distracted. When they noticed the dinner ladies starting to pack everything away, they realised it was time to move on. 

“Not long until the bell now, I’m just going to nip to the loo before the next lesson, you coming?” 

“Funnily enough Becks, I don’t need to go today for some reason!” Lucy retorted, giving her friend a cheeky jab. “I wonder why that could be?” 

“Are you sure you don’t want to try? We don’t want any more little accidents now, do we Luce?” Becky couldn’t move out of the way in time before the playful punches started to rain down on her, both girls ending up in fits of laughter as they made their way through the canteen towards the toilets. 

Walking into the loos, they passed a group of girls from the year below, and there was no mistaking the snide remark of “Isn’t it a bit late for that.” Both girls heard, but fortunately Lucy kept her head held high and Becky decided to let it pass, if her friend was rising above it then she wasn’t going to start something. 

Ablutions taken care of, the pair slowly made their way across to Mrs Moss’ classroom, with Lucy in particular dreading what as to come. Time to face the music, she thought. Ah well, if nothing else the dressing down her Mum was bound to give her later may at least make her forget about the mornings accident. Probably better to be in trouble for being a bit rebellious at 11, than for wetting your pants! 

The bell went just as they reached the door, perfect timing. Lucy stopped outside and looked apprehensively at her friend. 

“What if they all laugh at me?” 

“Stop worrying! I’m sure that’s not going to happen, but even if it is there’s really not very much you can do about it now. Let’s get in and sat down before everybody comes in from outside, you’ll be a lot less obvious then. And for once we should be grateful for old Moss being as strict as she is, you know there will be no chance for people to chat and make any comments during the lesson.” 

They took their seats and began getting their books and equipment out of their bags, somewhat surprised not to see Mrs Moss glowering at them from the front of the classroom as usual. She was always there before any of the pupils arrived, where was she? 

A clattering from behind them announced the arrival of their classmates, causing Lucy to cringe and withdraw within herself once more. They’d all been in that history lesson, they’d all been witness to her shame. Whether anybody said anything or not, she was utterly mortified. 

A couple of their friends, Zoe and Emily (who’s sleepover had led to all of this in the first place!) made a point of coming over to say hello before taking their own seats. Neither of them said anything about what had happened, for which Lucy was eternally grateful, although a niggle inside her did make her wonder whether they had just come to look at what she was wearing properly. 

Astonishingly, one of the boys called Daniel also came over. He wasn’t a close friend, in fact both Lucy and Becky had probably only spoken to him maybe a dozen times all term. Not because they didn’t get on, but boys and girls tended not to ‘play’ together at that age, he was busy playing footie with is mates whilst they tended to sit and chat. 

“Hope you’re ok Lucy” came his slightly deeper boys voice from behind them. “It could have been anybody that happened to, take no notice if anybody say anything.” 

“See.” Becky muttered under her breath, “Told you, nothing to worry about.” 

Lucy was just shocked, her little heart fluttering just a little. Maybe she could get through this after all, and maybe Daniel was nicer then ‘just another boy’ – she’d never noticed him before, but his simple kind gesture made her feel so much better. 

Before she could dwell on this any further, the classroom door opened once again and a hush fell across the children, who had all turned expecting to see Mrs Moss and preparing to spring to their feet as she expected of them. But it wasn’t her… 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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