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Part 1 – Chapter 13

As Miss Jenkins entered the room, all eyes were on her. What on earth was going on? Where was Mrs Moss? 

“Good Afternoon Children.” She greeted them all warmly, with a broad smile. “Mrs Moss has been called away unexpectedly to an important meeting, so I’m afraid you will have to make do with me for the rest of the afternoon.” 

Lucy and Becky looked at other in disbelief, their delight barely contained. The rest of the class broke out into a melee of chatter, happiness abound and a distinct relief across the room as the tension lifted almost at once. 

“You’ve done it Luce, you’ve got away with it! So long as you get that homework done tonight, Moss will never know. You won’t get into trouble, you won’t have to miss the sleepover. It’s a miracle!” 

Lucy slowly took all of this in. Becky was of course right, no Moss meant the homework wouldn’t be collected today. She could find and complete it that night, her Mum and Dad wouldn’t need to now. She breathed a massive sigh of relief, and then was hit with a dawning realisation. 

“Oh my GOD Becks, it was all for NOTHING! I wet myself for absolutely no reason, I humiliated myself in front of the whole class when I didn’t even need to. I can’t believe this. I’m so glad she’s not here, but I think I hate Moss even more now! Argh, I can’t believe this has happened.” 

Becky quietly giggled to herself. She could see the irony of the situation, but honesty there really was no pleasing her friend sometimes. Barely 10 minutes ago she knew that Lucy would have given anything in the world for their teacher to miss this lesson, and now she was bemoaning that very fact. She raised her eyes to the ceiling, making sure Lucy saw what she was doing, and then ducked out of the way of yet another playful punch. 

“Ok boys and girls, time to settle down now please.” The teacher called from the front of the class with a tone of authority. “Just because Mrs Moss isn’t here, doesn’t mean there’s not work to be done. Now, on the subject, I understand you all had a homework assignment to complete?” 

Lucy’s stomach lurched again, as she thought to herself ‘No, surely not!’ 

“Well don’t panic, I don’t know anything about the task you were set, so there’s little point in me collecting it in from you today. Just PLEASE make sure you ALL have it ready for your next lesson, otherwise I’m sure I don’t need to repeat the warning you were given earlier.” 

“And, breathe.” Becky whispered to Lucy, aware of just how pale her friend had gone at the mention of homework. “Whew, that was close!” 

The maths lesson passed unexpectedly pleasantly, for once almost all of the class enjoyed what they were being taught, and most actually learned something too. As they had their next lesson with Miss Jenkins too, there was no need to pack away at the end – instead when the bell rang she gave them al 5 minutes to relax, chat, nip to the loo or whatever else they needed to do before settling down for the final lesson of the day. 

Lucy and Becky used this time to turn around and chat to Emily and Zoe, mostly about the lucky escape they’d just had, and still clearly skirting around the subject of Lucy’s accident and what had happened since. It would have to be talked about at some point, but not just now. 

Becky was listening intently to the hubbub around them, trying to sense the mood and topics of the others. Mostly it was the same as theirs, but she did clearly hear the group of bully’s who had been so cruel as Lucy left the classroom earlier carrying on their nastiness, with comments about how Lucy should go to the toilet so she doesn’t piss everywhere again. She glared in their direction, there really was no need! And she was so glad that her poor friend hadn’t heard. 

The rest of the afternoon passed by quickly enough, and before long it was time to pack away before the final bell. Lucy’s nerves began to set in again, she knew that this meant being exposed to all of the school again whilst wearing the dress. She knew she had to go back to the office to collect the dreaded bag of wet clothes, and worst of all she knew that her Mum would soon be there, and she’d have lots of explaining to do. What would her Mum say, she had no idea. And her little brother…oh no, she’d forgotten about him! Did he know? If not, he would do soon. Burning shame crept back up inside her as she blushed a crimson red once more, this was probably going to be the most embarrassing part of it all. 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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