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Part 1 – Chapter 15

“You’ve not forgotten, have you Lucy? We’ve got our dentist appointments today. Just a quick checkup, then as we’re going to be in town anyway I need to nip into the supermarket for a few things.” 

“But Muuuuuuuuuuuum, I REALLY need to go home and get changed! Can’t we do that first, it will only take a few minutes?” Lucy pleaded with her Mother. The very last thing she wanted was to go out into town dressed like this. If any of her friends saw, she’d never live it down. 

Quick as a flash, before her Mum could answer, Jack chipped in “If you’d gone to the toilet when you had too, you wouldn’t have to wear that dress, would you. Big Baby” 

Lucy’s face contorted in a mixture of rage and humiliation. She bit back her retort, knowing it would only get her in trouble, and was glad she’d taken the moral high ground for once when her Mum stepped in to defend her. 

“Stop teasing your Sister right now Jack, or you’ll be grounded for the weekend.” The stern voice and withering look she gave him in the mirror being enough to make him take the threat seriously. “And I’m sorry Lucy, but the first appointment is 3:30, and it’s already nearly that time now. If we stopped at home first, we’d be late. I’m sure you can wait until we get home to change, besides it’s a lovely sunny day, perfect for a summer dress.” 

She knew there was no point in arguing, and it was satisfying hearing Jack being told off after he’d been so mean to her. No way was she going to agree that any time was perfect for a summer dress though! She just wanted it off and to never, ever see it again. 

The rest of the journey was made in silence, with Mrs Daniels enjoying the peace and the two children lost in their own thoughts. Only 10 minutes later, they were pulling into the dentist carpark, Lucy really hoping that none of her friends would be in the waiting room. 

As they made their way up the stairs to the first floor reception, passing the patient toilets, Jack couldn’t resist a whispered snipe “Shouldn’t you go for a wee Lucy, you don’t want to have an accident in the dentist’s chair!” She blushed once more, but didn’t even bother to come up with a retort. The sooner he got bored with this, the better, she thought to herself, although at the same time she was starting to think how she could get her revenge. 

Lucy was the first to be called in to the the examination room, and she self-consciously took a seat on the large leather chair as the dentist confirmed her details with her Mum, before turning his attention to her. 

“Well Lucy, how are you doing today? Looking very summery I must say.” 

The poor girl inwardly groaned. Why did EVERYBODY have to notice and comment on how she was dressed. Usually she was pleased by the attention, but not today. 

“I’m fine, thanks.” she mumbled, tugging at the hem of her dress again, realising with horror that the reclining action of the chair probably meant that she was giving the dentist and his assistant quite a view of the childish undies she was now wearing, and also hoping the wet wipes and deodorant had done a good enough job of removing the smell of wee, as the dentist was leaning very close to her. 

“Ah that’s good. No problems with your teeth I hope? And I’m sure you’re being a big girl and brushing them twice every day, yes?” 

Lucy just nodded, blushing again and feeling convinced that the dentist was talking to her like she was much younger. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but she didn’t like it at all. 

“Ok, all done. You can pop down from the chair now.” Turning to his computer, the dentist updated her records and was shocked when he noticed that she was 11. Yes she was quite tall, but apart from that he’d have said she was maybe 9 at the most. Perhaps she just liked to dress younger, he thought. “You can go back out and play in the waiting room now if you like, and can you send your brother through please?” 

‘Play in the waiting room’? Yep, Lucy definitely wasn’t imagining it, he must think she’s a lot younger than she is! Does how she’s dressed really make such a difference? She cringed as she hurried out of the room. 

“Jack, your turn!” She called, adding a mischievous “Don’t cry like a baby this time.” As she knew Jack really hated visiting the dentist, but immediately regretting her jibe as she heard Jack’s response. 

“I’m not a Baby like you Lucy, at least I don’t wee myself and cry about it.” Jack didn’t really have an indoor voice, so this was of course broadcast loudly across the waiting room, filled as it was with a mixture of parents and children from about 5 right up to late teens. Cue more abject mortification, with Lucy shrinking into a huddle on the chair. She’d probably asked for that, she realised, but it still hurt. Lucy took some quiet satisfaction in seeing her brothers eyes were red and his face tearstained as he finally came back to the waiting room nearly 20 minutes later, although she knew better than to say anything. He had far more on her than she had on him at that moment, and she wasn’t a fan of that at all. 

“Come on kids, let’s get the shopping done, and then we can get going. Anybody need a wee before we go? It may be a while before we are back home, and one little accident is more than enough for today I’d say.” 

There goes Mum, typically embarrassing, Lucy thought, as both her and Jack shook their heads. Baiting each other had gotten boring, so for now at least they were just choosing to ignore each other instead. 

The trip to the supermarket passed without incident, and they were soon speeding down the main road towards home. Lucy couldn’t wait to get in and jump in the shower, to wash away the remainder of her shame and then get some proper clothes on so she didn’t look like a baby anymore. 

As they drove, she noticed Jack had gone much quieter, and as she watched him she thought she knew the reason why. Normally, like her, he dashed to the loo as soon as they got home from school, and she usually even let him go first. Whilst for her it was about being ‘cool and grown up’ by not using the school toilets, Jack simply preferred to spend playtime playing and so usually had to go by the end of the day. Today, of course, their journey home had included the dentist visit along with a shopping trip, so it had taken at least an hour longer than usual, and she knew he’d not gone at the dentist as he hated that place and had just wanted to get away as quickly as possible. He wasn’t saying anything, but his legs were squeezed together and she felt sure he’d make a run for the bathroom just as soon as they arrived home. 

Remembering just how mean Jack had been to her about her accident, Lucy’s eyes twinkled as she started to think about how to get her own back.

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.1

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