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Part 1 – Chapter 16

Pulling onto their driveway, Mrs Daniels turned to her two children in the back seat, and asked them to help her carry the shopping in before they disappeared. 

Jack pulled a face but realised he didn’t have a choice in the matter, and Lucy was for once only too happy to help. Between the three of them, they managed to grab all of the shopping bags in one go and made their way into the kitchen with them. As he climbed the steps to the kitchen door, Jack managed to drop a couple of items out of the top of his bag, causing their Mum to shout “Careful Jack!” 

Once he’d put his bags down on the table, Jack made to disappear through the door into the hallway, when his Mum called him back “Can you go and pick up the shopping you dropped outside, please, young man. They you can go off to play.” 

He groaned audibly, and furtively squeezed his crotch as he went back to the steps to find what he’d dropped. This was Lucy’s chance, and she grabbed with with both hands. 

“I’m going to go and jump in the shower quick Mum, really need a good wash after…you know” The young girl blushed again at the mention of her earlier accident. 

“Ok Lucy, no problem. Don’t forget to bring that dress and those pants down so I can wash them ready for you to take back to school. We can have a little chat later once you’ve freshened up. 

Sighing and rolling her eyes at the thought of chatting to her Mum about the cost embarrassing day of her life, Lucy quickly scampered up the stairs before her brother came back in, closing and locking the bathroom door behind her. It was true, she really couldn’t wait to get into the shower and wash away her shame, but she was also looking forward to making her brother squirm a bit too. It was no less than he deserved, after how he’d picked on her. 

Downstairs Jack had collected the missing groceries and returned them to the kitchen. His Mum smiled “Thanks Love, off you pop then.” And Jack turned on his heel and bounded up the stairs. 

Reaching the bathroom door, he began to unzip his grey school trousers, before hearing the most awful sound. The shower, he could hear the shower! How had Lucy got in there already, had she done it deliberately? He really, really needed a wee! 

In frustration, he banged on the door with his fists. “Lucy, can I come in, I really need a wee.” 

Lucy heard him of course, she was still undressing and hadn’t yet stepped into the shower. But no, it was time he got a taste of his own medicine she thought, so there was no way she was going to let him in. Besides, now she’d taken the awful dress off she was standing in just her pants, well no not even her pants, but the cartoon pants she’d borrowed. And he certainly wasn’t going to see her in them! 

Mrs Daniels had heard the commotion, and shouted up the stairs to Jack. 

“What’s all that banging about? Can you keep it down please?” 

“But Muuuuuuum, Lucy’s in the shower and she’s locked the door. I really, really, really need to do a wee Mum. Please tell her to let me in.” He shouted all of this at the top of his voice, whilst bouncing up and down the landing and squeezing himself. 

“Why didn’t you go when we were at the dentist, Jack, if you needed to so badly?” Mrs Daniels admonished, climbing the stairs herself and seeing her son writhing about. “Honestly, it’s bad enough that I’ve got all of Lucy’s things to wash. You’d better not wet those pants mister.” 

Lucy was sat behind the bathroom door, listening with glee. But then a pang struck her, she’d felt absolutely awful earlier when she’d wet herself in class. The worst she’d ever felt in her life, the shame and humiliation were unbearable. Did she really want to do that to her brother? 

On one hand, he had been a brat since he’d found out what she’d done, and he did deserve punishing. She also thought that, if Jack had an accident, it may take the pressure off her a bit, and she really was dreading that talk with her Mum later, it was going to be sooooo embarrassing. But no, the more she thought about it, she did love her little brother despite his faults, and she didn’t want to put him through that. 

Not quite believing what she was doing herself, Lucy quickly slipped the red summer dress back over her head and unlocked the door. 

“Calm down Jack! I couldn’t very well run out here naked, now could I? Quick, run in and go now, before it’s too late.” 

Jack was amazed, and the gratitude shone through his eyes. But he didn’t have time to stop, not even for a second, or there’d be one big puddle. He dashed to the toilet, not even pausing to close the door behind him, and in one deft motion he pulled his school trousers down and began his wee into the bowl, sighing deeply in relief. 

Out on the landing, Mrs Daniels smiled warmly at Lucy and mouthed “Thank you”. She realised that her daughter would have felt every right to make her little brother wait, after everything he’d said to her that day, but she was so glad her eldest had done the adult thing and let him go, no doubt sparing them all lots of tears and tantrums, to say nothing of a big cleanup job on the landing carpet! 

As he finished reliving himself, Jack pulled his undies and trousers back up and turned back out to the landing, keeping both hands covering his crotch area. Lucy could see that he obviously hadn’t quite made it, there was quite a damp patch around his hands, and she felt bad for him. It was only a few hours earlier that she’d been the one sitting, sobbing in her classroom in a soaked skirt. She knew how it felt. The vindictive feelings of revenge had gone now, and so she didn’t say anything, instead just stepping back into the bathroom and closing the door behind her, anxious to get the dress off once and for all. 

Their Mum, on seeing Jack reach the toilet, had turned back down the stairs to carry on unpacking her shopping, so she hadn’t seen what Lucy had. Jack disappeared into his bedroom, hoping the dampness on his trousers would dry before he was called down for tea. That was close! If he’d wet himself, after the grief he’d given to Lucy, he’d never have heard the end of it. He was so glad that neither her nor his Mum had seen that he’d started to go before he got to the toilet. 

Being 4 years younger than Lucy, Jack had always been the baby of the family, so he loved it when he beat her at anything. Seeing that she’d had an accident in school today made him feel so grown up, because that hadn’t happened to him in….well, forever it seemed. Certainly not since last year anyway. Heck, he didn’t even wet the bed anymore. It had been months since his last accident, and he was hoping that his Mum would finally agree to take the plastic sheet of his bed so he didn’t have to be embarrassed whenever his friends came over. He knew they all still had them too, but he wanted to be the grown up one. And even with his little leak, which was Lucy’s fault anyway, today he really did feel grown up – she was the baby, she’d wet herself in school! 

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