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Part 1 – Chapter 18

In his own bedroom, Jack was engrossed in the game he was playing, and was jolted back to earth by the sound of his Mum’s voice. This was her usual after school request and he’d been half expecting it. Pausing his game, he jumped up and began undressing. It was only as he started to undo his trousers that his fingers felt the dampness, and he remembered what had happened on the landing earlier. 

In a sudden panic, he didn’t know what to do! If he handed his mum wet pants, he knew he’d be in trouble as it had been his own fault for not going to the toilet at the dentist or at school. But if he tried to stall, she’d only come up looking for him, and then he’d in trouble for messing about. Argh, why hadn’t Lucy just let him in straight away, then he wouldn’t have had this to worry about. 

“Hurry up Jack, I haven’t got all day. I need to get the wash on so these clothes will be dry in time for Lucy to take them back to school tomorrow.” 

Jack grinned momentarily at the reminder of Lucy’s accident, but then his own predicament quickly resurfaced. “Won’t be a sec Mum.” He called, stalling for time. 

Next door, Lucy was concentrating intently on her homework, but heard the exchange between her Mum and brother. She really wished her Mum hadn’t shouted through the house about needing to wash the dress so she could take it back! Honestly, don’t Mums realise how embarrassing they can be. When she stopped and thought for a second though, she realised that Jack had a little problem of his own, and her Mum’s words about being a good sister echoing in her head, she quietly scampered through to his room. 

“What’re you doing in here…get out!” Jack cried, noticing his sister in the doorway, and frantically pulling his dampened trousers back up, but not before she caught a glimpse of the wet underpants concealed beneath. 

Jack blushed furiously now, and tears began to spring from his eyes. He felt sure Lucy would tell their Mum, and then he’d be in trouble. And any hope of her thinking him big enough to get rid of the plastic sheet would be long gone. 

“Shhh Jack, Mum’ll hear, and you don’t want her coming up do you?” Lucy ventured further into the room, pulled the door closed behind her and tried to calm her brother down. 

“Look, I saw what had happened when you came out of the bathroom earlier. Look, you nearly made it in time, and you would have done completely if I hadn’t been getting changed, so it’s not really your fault. Let me help, and I’m sure we can sort this.” 

Jack’s eyes widened in disbelief, surely Lucy wasn’t really going to help him, not after he’d been teasing her all afternoon? Wow, he couldn’t quite believe it. 

“Right, quick, get those damp things off and find yourself some pj’s. I’m going to dig out your spare school trousers from the wardrobe, they must be in here somewhere.” As Jack rummaged through his chest of drawers, settling on a pair with dinosaurs on, Lucy flicked through the hangers until she found the grey school trousers she’d been looking for. Perfect. She unhooked them, and then promptly screwed them up into a ball and threw them in Jacks direction. 

He looked nonplussed, what on earth was Lucy playing at? Pulling his pyjamas on, he looked questioningly at Lucy as he asked “Why did you do that?” 

“If you take the ones you were wearing down to Mum, you know she’ll make a fuss. Give me the damp ones, I’ll hide them in my room for you until tomorrow when they’ll be dry. And the undies too. Now, take the ones I gave you downstairs, and if you can throw them straight into the washer yourself, there’s less chance of Mum noticing then.” 

Jack really could not believe his good fortune, and he realised he owed his sister big time! Grabbing the trousers, and another pair of undies which had been cast aside on his floor days ago, he made for the door, stopping only briefly to hug his sister on the way past and whisper a husky “Thank you, love you Luce.” 

Not for the first time that day, Lucy felt a misty dampness in her eyes, and she realised just how good it felt to help him out. She slipped back into her own room, throwing the trousers and pants under her bed. Nobody ever looked under there, they weren’t that brave, so she knew Jack’s little secret would be safe. 

If nothing else, she hoped that her act of kindness would be enough to ensure the teasing about her own accident would stop for good. And, who knows, Jack may even be able to help her in school, telling a few of his friends that he’d got it wrong. Ok, so everybody in her class who had seen would know the truth, but the rest of the school were just guessing and gossiping. Maybe, just maybe, she could get away with a shred of her reputation intact after all. 

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  1. mikeymike mikeymike

    Loved that chapter; Lucy really is a great girl isn’t she?

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