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Part 1 – Chapter 19

Jack ran down the stairs at top speed, prompting his mum to bellow “Jack, slow down, you’ll fall and break your neck! Or my floor!” 

On reaching the kitchen, following Lucy’s advice he hurried straight to the washer and opened the door, noticing the dress Lucy had been wearing along with some very babyish girls underwear, and he very nearly sniggered before remembering what she had jut done for him. He was immensely grateful for Lucy’s foresight at that moment, as his Mum noticed what he was doing and called over “Leave those on the floor in front of the machine please Jack, I’ll need to separate the washing just in case that dress runs. Thanks for bringing them down, tea will be another 20 mins or so, can you tell Lucy please?” 

Nodding his agreement, Jack scooted back up the stairs, stopping off at Lucy’s room on the way back to his own. He gave a quick knock and when she grunted in response he popped his head around the door, giving her a cheesy grin and a big thumbs up. “Mission accomplished! And Mum said tea will be 20 minutes.” 

Lucy returned his smile, nodded that she’d heard, and then returned her attention to her homework. Well, briefly anyway. Her own thoughts soon distracted her. 

In truth, her idea to help Jack hadn’t been totally original, and the damp school trousers and undies currently laid out under her bed weren’t the first items of clothing to be hidden there. She hadn’t been totally honest with herself earlier when she’d been thinking how long it had been since she’d had an accident. Ok, so not really a full accident like the disaster that had happened today, but she had sailed a bit too close to the wind a few times, and nearly come unstuck. 

The whole ‘being cool’ thing by not using the school toilets and holding on until she got home almost always worked out absolutely fine for her. But, not quite always. There had been a few times where…she blushed even thinking about it…she’d made that same mad dash to the toilet when they got home from school that Jack had made earlier, with the same result. 

She’d never thought of it as ‘having an accident’, as her skirt had almost never once gotten wet, and nobody had ever known. But, truthfully, at least a handful of times her undies had ended up somewhere between damp and wet. And on one occasion, memorable for all the wrong reasons, she just hadn’t been able to get them down in time at all and had ended up sat on the toilet weeing through them, hoping and praying that nobody would walk into the bathroom and catch her! That had been a nightmare, and was probably the closest she’d been to a real accident since she was about 6. There had even been a little damp patch on her skirt, like Jacks trousers tonight, but she tried not to think about that as if it was just her undies, she rationalised, it wasn’t an accident. But if her other clothes got wet… 

So, yeah, her own record was far from unblemished. Not that she would ever, EVER admit that to anybody. So far as anybody else knew, today’s incident was the first time anything like that had ever, EVER happened to her. And she knew she was going to have to be very careful to make sure that it was the last time too. 

The first time she’d been caught a bit short, she’d panicked just like Jack had earlier, and she was terrified that her Mum would find out and scold her. So that’s where the idea came from, she’d swapped her undies for fresh ones from the drawer, and had hidden the soggy ones under her bed to dry out. When her Mum had called for the laundry, she’d naturally taken the clean ones she’d put on down along with her skirt and blouse, and nobody had been any the wiser. 

Her Mum had told her off about running to the loo when she got home a couple of times, that it wasn’t good for her and what would happen if she didn’t make it. Soooo embarrassing. Anyway, so far as her Mum knew, she always did. And it was going to stay that way. Today was definitely a one off. 

She was going to have to be much more careful though. She knew that if she ever had another accident, she really would never hear the end of it, and her life would basically be over. It was going to take a long time for people to forget as it was. Even now she couldn’t quite believe what she’d done, and to make it even worse that it had all been for nothing too! She was going to up her game, and if she had to she’d even start using the school toilets. Becky had done today, after all. It had to be better to use the loo at lunch than to run even the remotest risk of a disaster happening. 

“Lucy, Jack, tea’s ready.” Lucy snapped out of her daydream. That was quite enough of those sort of thoughts, and after only picking at her sandwich lunch, she was ravenous.

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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