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Part 1 – Chapter 23

As Lucy relaxed in her bath, tears continuing to roll down her cheeks at the shame of what had just happened, Lesley set to work tackling the bed. Stretching across, she unhooked the bedsheets and bundled them together ready for the washing machine, casting a rueful look at the large wet patch on the nearly new, and particularly expensive, mattress! Lucy was of course long past the stage of bedwetting accidents, so she’d not had a plastic sheet on her bed for probably at least 5 years, but right at that moment her Mum really wished she’d left one on there. 

Truthfully, even Jack seemed to have finally passed that phase, she’d not had to change his bed in the middle of the night since before Christmas, so she’d really been hoping that the days of wet sheets were long behind her. Ah well, she knew Lucy hadn’t been able to help it, and it was just a one-off after all, she was sure. Setting aside the bundle of sheets, she next turned her attention to the pink duvet cover, noticing a damp area which meant it had obviously taken some collateral damage. Off that came too, and together with the sheets she took it out onto the landing. 

Before heading downstairs to load up the washer, she bobbed a head briefly into Jack’s bedroom, and was relieved to see that he was still fast asleep. Apart from knowing how cranky he always ended up whenever his sleep was disturbed, she was glad that Lucy would be spared the embarrassment of her little brother knowing she’d had another accident. Yesterday may have been her own fault, and boy had she suffered for it, but this really did seem a freak incident, and the last thing the poor girl needed was more teasing from Jack! 

Passing the bathroom, she heard splashing bathwater intermingled with occasional whimpers. Knocking gently, she called out in a low voice. 

“Are you ok in there Luce? Need anything?” 

“I’m fine, thanks Mum.” Lucy returned, sounding downcast. 

The switch back from mummy to mum again did not go unnoticed, but was not remarked upon. “Ok sweetie, I’m just popping down to put the washing in. Can I grab your pj’s quickly?” 

“Ok, and yeah sure.” 

As Lesley opened the bathroom door, she noticed her daughter had turned away to preserve her modesty, and smiled. Sometimes she’d think nothing of dashing through the house in her birthday suit, particularly if she’d left the call of nature a bit late, and then other times she could be so coy and shy. And that’s before she becomes a teenager! Grabbing the sopping cotton trousers from the floor, the gently close the door again behind her and crept down the stairs so as not to disturb Jack. 

Washing on, and the kettle filled ready to make two steaming mugs of creamy hot chocolate when Lucy was ready, Lesley made her way back upstairs to see what could be done, armed with cleaning supplies. She’d have to try to sort the mattress before it was ruined, but how? Inspecting the extent of the wetness, she was pleased to note that it didn’t seem to have soaked in too badly, and there was no strong smell of wee. Lucy lust have drank a lot before heading to bed, she mused. You’d think she’d know better! 

Eventually she settled on sponging the stained area, and then flipping the mattress over. She’d still ask Lucy to jump into bed with her when it was time to settle back down, to give it a chance to air properly, but that should mean it will be dry enough to sleep on the following day, and she’d keep her fingers tightly crossed that it didn’t leave a stain. 

Once she’d soaked up as much of the wetness as she could, and grateful that despite her daughters protestations she still slept on a single bed rather than a double, Lesley grabbed the mattress with both hands and lifted it clean off the bed frame. Turning it with some considerable effort, she lay it back across the slats, something odd catching her eye as she did so. 

Reaching underneath the bed, Lesley’s hands fell upon a pile of material, clothing. No doubt Lucy had kicked some laundry underneath as she fought her way through the mess that was her bedroom floor, she thought, grabbing hold and pulling the garments out into the open. How bizarre, these weren’t Lucy’s at all, it was a pair of Jack’s grey school trousers, and his underwear too! Now, what on earth were they doing underneath Lucy’s bed? She never let her baby brother into her room, calling it her ‘sanctuary’ from him, and there was no obvious reason for Lucy to have put them there herself. Curious, very curious. 

Shaking her head in confusion, she set aside the mysterious bundle of clothes, and gave the room a quick blast with her air freshener, just in case any odour lingered. Then, satisfied, she made her way back down the stairs to dig out some chocolate biscuits and set to work with the hot drinks, sure that Lucy would soon be down and in need of come comfort.  

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