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Part 1 – Chapter 24

Lucy had heard her Mum pottering about, and then finally descending the stairs once more. Realising that her bathwater was cooling down, she decided it was time to get out. The lure of hot chocolate may have had a little to do with it too! Grabbing a fluffy towel from the rail, she dried herself off and then realised she didn’t have any new clothes to put on! Wrapping herself tightly in the towel, to keep her warm and in case she should bump into anybody on the landing, she hurried across to her bedroom. 

As she walked in and pulled the door shut behind her, she left the towel drop to join the rest of the rubbish and laundry which littered her bedroom floor. Turning, her eyes fell on the sight of her bed, stripped of its sheets and duvet cover. Seeing this, she felt the heat rising in her cheeks once more, the embarrassment threatening to overcome her again. What she didn’t understand was, why? She never, ever, EVER wet her bed! Why did it have to happen, and why only a few hours after having such a catastrophic accident in school too?  

One thing puzzled her as she took in the sight of her bed, and that was the lack of wetness on the exposed mattress. She knew how wet she’d felt, her pj’s and the bedsheets had been soaked, so the mattress must have taken quite a hit too. So why did it look dry? She knew her mum was a genius when it came to cleaning up, but even she wasn’t that good! 

It took a while, but her tired mind eventually came to the realisation that the mattress must have been flipped over. Yes, that made sense. Although she was confused about why there were no new sheets, maybe it was time to get up? She hoped not, as she was still exhausted and really looking forward to a few more hours sleep. And then, a thought stuck her. Oh. My. God! She dropped to her knees and thrust her hands under the bed, but it was no good, Jacks clothes had gone! Where had they gone? Had Mum found them? How would she explain that? 

Panic rose within her once more, and she quickly cast her eyes around the rest of her bedroom. There, right in front of her laundry basket, was a bundle of cloth. Grabbing it, she confirmed it was in fact the missing trousers and undies No, no, no, this was just a nightmare. Why was everything going wrong for her! She ran her hands through the material, and gasped in relief as she realised that everything felt dry. Talk about a lucky escape! Ok, so she’d still probably have her mum asking why Jacks clothes were under her bed, but that would be a lot easier to explain away than why jacks wee soaked clothes were there. 

What a day…first the panic over her homework, and missing the sleepover. Then her mortifying accident. Followed quickly by the torment and teasing, and then capped off by wetting her bed for the first time ever. Lucy’s entire life seemed to have crumbled in less than 24 hours. And yet, here she was at who knows what time in the morning, worrying herself silly about helping to hide her little brothers own little mishap! Bonkers, and she even allowed herself the tiniest chuckle at that thought. 

Lucy spotted her phone, abandoned where she had thrown it next to her bed during her meltdown the previous evening, and whilst she had absolutely zero interest in reading any more mocking messages she did grab it to check the time. It was barely after 2am, so at least she would have the chance of a few more hours sleep. Although quite where she’d be able to catch those 40 winks she wasn’t sure, as her own be seemed to be out of action. Ah well, she’d ask Mum when she went down for her treat. Now that she knew it was still so early, the vague thought of getting dressed ready for school left her, and instead she headed for her pyjama drawer once more. Eschewing her usual preference for ‘grown up’ clothes, Lucy just wanted to be comfortable, so she grabbed a fluffy white nightie and pulled it over her head. Perfect, nice and snuggly, she thought to herself. And nobody but her Mum would see, so she really didn’t mind what she looked like at that moment. 

Creeping along the landing, and even tiptoeing past Jacks door, dreading the thought of him waking and having to explain what had gone on, she descended the stairs and made her way into the warmly lit kitchen, where her Mum was waiting with 2 steaming mugs of hot chocolate, complete with cream and sprinkles, and a plate of their favourite shortbread biscuits. 

“Hi Sweetie, how’re you feeling now?”

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    Loved that chapter piddly It’s all so, so realistic

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