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Part 1 – Chapter 26

Lesley glanced blurry-eyed at the clock beside her bed, which read barely 5am. With a groan, she turned back to Jack and answered him in a hushed tone “It’s very early sweetie, we don’t have to get up for at least 2 more hours yet. Here, come and snuggle with Mummy and Lucy for a while.” 

She carefully skirted around the question, not wanting to explain exactly why Lucy was curled up in her bed, and thinking that the promise of morning cuddles which they’d not all shared as a family since the kids were really young may just do the trick.  

Jack beamed a wide smile, leaping onto the bed on the opposite side to his sister and crawling under his mums thick duvet. 

“Sssss Jack, you’ll wake Lucy!” The young girl wriggled a little, but fortunately wasn’t roused from her slumber. 

It wasn’t long until both Mum and Jack were dozing again, and all three awoke with a start to the sound of the loud alarm buzzing on the bedside table as the clock stuck 7am. As they all stretch and blinked in the morning light, Lucy glanced past her Mum and noticed Jack, with a pang of horror! What was he doing there? Not that she had a problem with him sharing a morning cuddle, of course, but if he was in the bed that must mean that he knew she was. Did he know why? 

“Good morning loves.” Lesley smiled at both of her children, it had been a very long time since they’d woken cuddled together as a family like that, and whilst she would rather not have had the early morning crisis to deal with, she wasn’t sorry to share a cuddle with them both, not one bit. 

Jack murmured a “Morning Mummy, morning Lucy.” Before snuggling back down undertone duvet, the top of his hair barely visible on the pillow. And Lucy just looked questioningly over at her Mum, blushing as she recalled the nights events and the reason she was here, and frantically shoved her cuddly toy down under the duvet before Jack could see. 

“Come on, sleepy heads, time to get up and ready for school! Who’s ready for some breakfast? Tell you what, if you’re both dressed in 10 minutes then I’ll make pancakes, how does that sound?” 

In typically dramatic fashion, Jack sprung to his feet and ran across the top of the bed nearly falling over in his excitement. He leapt from the end, landing on his bum with a bump before shouting “Yay, pancakes!” And running out of the room at what seemed like 100 miles per hour. 

Lesley burst out laughing, and even Lucy struggled to stifle a giggle. She had to admit, pancakes for breakfast did sound good. Such a rare treat. Now that Jack was out of earshot, she turned to Lesley and said in a small voice “I’m so sorry about last night, Mum. Jack doesn’t know about it, does he?” 

“You’ve nothing to be sorry about sweetheart, accidents happen. And no, don’t worry, it’s our little secret. He woke up rather early, so I just told him it was time for family snuggles.” 

Lucy gave a small sigh and visibly relaxed, the thought of Jack knowing she’d wet her bed had horrified her. The smiled across at her Mum, giving her a big hug and whispering “Thanks, Mum. I love you.” 

Jack, being a typical 7 year old boy, had thrown his school uniform on, without any regard to what he looked like. His sweatshirt was crumpled, and back to front, shoes on the wrong feet and he’d not even bothered to change his underwear. But, like Mum had asked, he was dressed in less than 10 minutes. In fact, it was more like a minute and a half. He was so excited as he ran along the landing chanting “Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!”, causing Lesley and Lucy to look at each other and roll their eyes. Boys! 

Passing Lucy’s bedroom, out of the corner of his eye Jack caught a glimpse of his school trousers and undies from yesterday, and remembered what had happened. He felt embarrassed for a spit second, but then a new strange feeling crept up on him. What were they doing there, in a pile by Lucy’s door? Hadn’t she hidden them under her bed as she’d promised? And did his Mum know? 

Worrying about all of this, he plucked up the courage to poke his head into the bedroom, somewhere he never normally ventured. Keeping his eyes to the ground, in case they should fall on anything too ‘girly’ which he REALLY didn’t want to see, his gaze swept to under Lucy’s bed, but there was nothing there! Is heart leapt up into his mouth, his mum must have found them! That means she probably knows, oh no, oh no. 

Jack turned away, much of his earlier enthusiasm now sapping away from him, as he knew a telling off would be coming soon. But as his vision swept past the bed, something caught his eye, and he did a double take as he took the sight in. Lucy’s bed was stripped, there were no sheets on the mattress and no sign of the duvet either. It was only as he stood taking in the scene that the vaguely remembered waking up early in the night to a scream, and then a bath being run? He thought he had dreamt it, but perhaps not. Surely Lucy, the big girl who was going to high school soon, she couldn’t have wet the bed? Could she? He never ever remembered her doing that before, not even when she was younger. He’d had a few embarrassing mishaps himself over the years, but never Lucy. 

His head was spinning as he made his way down the stairs, the thought of pancakes suddenly seeming quite exciting to him again, but not nearly as much as finding out the truth! 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.1

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