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Part 1 – Chapter 27

Lucy and Lesley clambered out of opposite sides of the bed, in a much more dignified manner than Jack had managed. Pulling her dressing gown around her, Lesley popped to the bathroom before descending the stairs to make a start on breakfast. She’d be able to wash and dress whilst the children were eating, and after her disturbed night she really did need a very strong coffee before attempting anything! 

Whilst her Mum was in the bathroom, Lucy stepped into her own bedroom and began taking a fresh school uniform from her wardrobe. Changing quickly, she blushed a little as she took off the rather childish, fluffy nightie she’d been wearing and realised that Jack had seen it. Normally she would have considered it far too babyish, but last night it seemed comforting when she needed it. Turning to sit on her bed whilst she pulled on her socks, the blush glowed brighter at the sight of her mattress, stripped of its bedding, and knowing with shame what was hidden on the other side. She really hoped she hadn’t ruined the mattress. 

As soon as she was fully dressed, Lucy dashed from the room and pulled the door too behind her, waiting to shut away what had happened, hoping she’d be able to forget about it. As the door swung shut, however, something caught her eye. It was the same flash of red which had piqued Jack’s attention when he’d passed as she’d enjoyed the last few moments snuggled next to her Mum, and she felt almost the same horror he had as she pushed the door ajar again and realised that it was the underpants she’d hidden last night, Jack’s wet underpants, on top of his School trousers. Why were they there? They should be under….her bed! Oh no, her Mum had stripped her bed in the night, and had turned the mattress over. She must have found the clothes stashed underneath. Oh my, how was she going to explain this? And poor Jack, if Mum knew then he’d be in trouble too. Disgusted though she was, she quickly ran her hands through the fabric, and to her relief found it to be dry. At least that was something, hopefully they’d been dry when Mum had found them too. If only her bed had been as well, she thought ruefully, as she closed the door again and made her way first to the bathroom, as she wasn’t taking even the slightest chance today, and then down to the kitchen to join her Mum and Brother for a pancake breakfast. 

“Mmmm, they smell delicious!” Lucy declared as she entered the kitchen, and then giggled loudly at the sight of Jack, whose face was liberally smeared with Nutella from the pancakes he’s decided to wear rather than eat. 

“Thanks love, I think Jack agrees.” Lesley responded with a chuckle. “Honestly, Mister, you’re supposed to be 7 not 3!”. Jack didn’t even look abashed, licking his lips grinning broadly. 

“Can I have banana on mine please Mum?” 

“Of course you can sweetie, they’re nearly ready now. Would you like a glass of juice to go with them?” 

“Oh, yes please, Orange please mum.” Lucy then caught herself, and quickly added “Just a small glass though, please.” She really wasn’t going to take any chances today, even if that meant she’d be thirsty all day. 

As Lesley poured the juice, she thought it odd that Lucy had insisted on just a small glass, as usually she had to tell her to go easy with it. Then it clicked, she was probably worrying about what had happened yesterday, and then last nights accident on top of that too. Oh the poor girl, her heart really did go out to her. 

“Muuuuuuuuummmmm” Came Jack’s voice, barely understandable through a mouthful of food, having finished stuffing himself with pancakes and wiped the remnants of the chocolate spread from his face using his school sweatshirt sleeve, much to the disgust of both Lesley and Lucy who looking on and exchanged a look. 

“Jack Daniels, you finish eating what’s in your mouth please young man, and then go and wash your face properly. That’s disgusting! When you’ve done that, then you can come and talk to me.” 

Now it was Jack’s turn to roll his eyes, fortunately Lesley didn’t see this, but Lucy did and barely managed to stifle a giggle, earning a disapproving luck from her Mum. 

Whilst Jack was out of the room, to spare Lucy’s blushes, Lesley took the opportunity to have a quick chat with her. 

“Lucy love, I’ve washed the dress and pants from yesterday, and they’re folded up in that carrier bag on the side. Make sure you take them back to the office today, just in case anybody else needs to borrow them.” She gestured to a shopping bag on the counter, which Lucy was relieved to see was far less conspicuous than the one she’d had to carry her wet things home in yesterday. “And, I know I don’t have to say this to you, you’re a big girl and I don’t want to embarrass you, but don’t feel that you can’t use the toilet at school if you need to. I don’t know where this idea of it not being ‘cool’ to go for a wee came from, but I think you now know that wetting yourself is definitely a whole lot less cool!” 

Lucy couldn’t have been any more mortified! “Mum! Don’t talk like that, please. Honestly, could you be any more embarrassing?” 

Despite the attitude, which Lesley decided to let go this once, she was pleased to see her daughters confidence and fieriness was slowly starting to return. 

“Ok, ok, I’ll say no more on the subject. But please think about what I’ve said.“ 

Jack was soon back, looking a lot less chocolatey, but the trip to get cleaned up had distracted him, and try as he might he couldn’t remember what it was he wanted to ask his Mum about. Oh well, it can’t have been important, he thought to himself. And if it was I’m sure I can ask later. 

As ever on a school morning, time seemed to have run away with them, and before anybody realised it was 8am and there was the usual last minute rush to sort shoes, coats, books and bags, and to bundle everybody into the car. Lucy’s trepidation began to build as they drove the short distance to their school, nerves setting in about seeing everybody after what had happened yesterday. It was then that she realised she hadn’t even looked at her phone since the early hours of the morning, and she quickly grabbed it from her pocket and began checking the notifications, so that she knew what she was facing.

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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