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Part 1 – Chapter 3

Lucy’s head was at odds with her heart, but in truth she didn’t quite know which was fighting in which corner. She was so confused, so conflicted. Something had to be done, but could she really go that far? 

Miss Jenkins had set them a short piece of written work to focus on until the end of the lesson, but Lucy had barely made a start on it, instead her thoughts whirring into a blur as she tried to come up with an alternative whilst at the same time seeking to justify to herself the frankly ludicrous steps she was about to take. 

“Just 10 minutes left now children, please make sure you’ve covered all of the main points we’ve talked about today. I’m expecting at least 2 pages in your exercise books from each of you.” came the teachers voice from the front of the class, jolting Lucy who glanced down at the meagre couple of sentences she’d managed. 

10 minutes, that’s all she had left to play with. After that, it would be too late. It really was now or never and she knew deep down that it was now. She was going to have to go for it, what she hoped was the lesser of two evils. She felt a strange sense of nervous excitement, coupled with real fear that she’d never experienced before in her life. This. Was. It. 

Mustering everything within her, Lucy began to release her bladder muscles. Oh how she hoped this worked out as she had planned. If not, she’d ruin everything. She couldn’t believe it, was actually doing it, the warm trickle in her underwear confirmed that she was actually sitting in class and wetting herself. 

Instinctively her hands both shot to her crotch, pushing her grey school skirt between her legs. This was probably the worst thing she could have done, as it meant that there would be no hiding now, her skirt was immediately wet and stained. But it was too late, there was nothing she could do to change it. Instead she now needed to focus all of her effort on stopping weeing – she’d done what she needed to, there was no sense in making it worse and humiliating herself completely. 

Only, there was a problem, a really really big problem…she couldn’t stop! Why hadn’t she thought of this? She’d only ever intended to let a bit out, just enough to be convincing when she had to tell her teacher what had happened, and hopefully enough to get her sent home for the rest of the day. The plan had been to talk to Miss Kenkins discreetly at the end of the lesson, with nobody else needing to know anything. But no, she couldn’t control it, she should have known that. She’d never been able to stop once she’d started, something that had never been a problem before but now threatened to ruin what was left of her life. 

There was nothing she could do, her bladder was intent on emptying itself completely, and she was going to be left to deal with the consequences. She chanced a brief glance at her skirt and her worst fears were confirmed, everything was absolutely soaked and she had wee running down her legs, puddling on her chair and on the floor beneath her. 

At this she let out a barely stifled, audible sob and dropped her head down into her hands. She was ruined, and she knew it. Why had she done this to herself, how could this ever be better than missing a sleepover? 

Hearing her friend’s sob, Becky turned quickly to look at her. “What on earth’s the matter Luce?” She prompted, leaning in close so that they could talk without getting the teacher’s attention. 

Lucy looked up, her eyes red and tears now streaming down her face. Ok, so she’d planned to use a few crocodile tears to help convince her teacher, but now she’d lost all control and was nothing but a blubbering wreck. This scared Becky, who hadn’t seen her friend cry like this for years – after all, who’s heard of a year 6 girl crying like a baby? It’s just not something they did, ever, no matter what. 

Lucy couldn’t speak through her tears, instead she just shuffled her chair backwards slightly and looked pointedly down into her lap. Becky’s eyes followed her gaze, and widened immediately as they caught sight of what had happened. She couldn’t help it, she gasped out loud “Oh Lucy!” 

She was in shock, what had her friend done? Never mind year 6 girls not crying, they certainly didn’t wet themselves. She didn’t know what to say or do, this was just unbelievable. And Lucy too, of all people. No, this couldn’t be happening, she just couldn’t believe it. 

“Shhhhh” Lucy managed between sobs. “Be quiet. Pleeeeeease” 

But it was too late for that, the rest of the class had heard Becky’s exclamation of surprise across the near silent classroom, and had turned around to try and find the source of the commotion. Now Lucy was the centre of attention, all eyes on her, as she sat crying with her face red and puffy. “No, no no” she thought inwardly, “this wasn’t how it was supposed to pan out at all”. Seeing everybody staring at her open-mouthed, she dropped her head back to her desk to hide her shame. 

Right now all the class knew was that one of the oldest, most mature and most popular girls in their year was sat bawling her eyes out in the middle of history. That was enough for them, far more interesting than anything Miss Jenkins had them writing about, but little did they know it was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Of course, 30 pupils all turning in their place to face one spot in the room, combined with Becky’s gasp and the silence being punctuated by Lucy’s sobs which were increasing in volume as the seconds passed could hardly have escaped their teacher’s notice, and Miss Jenkins was soon beside them, crouching next to Lucy and asking in her most caring and compassionate voice “What’s the matter Lucy? Is everything ok sweetheart?” 

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  1. mikeymike mikeymike

    Great to be able to read this story again piddly and thank you for the time and effort you’ve put in to getting “homework” going again

    • Piddly Piddly

      Thanks mikeymike, glad you found us again. 🙂 I’m hoping to have as much of the story as I have archived uploaded over the next week or so, and then once the final chapters have been retrieved it’s time to play catch-up or I’m going to be getting Lucy in trouble again for handing her homework in late 😉

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