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Part 1 – Chapter 31

Both girls turned apprehensively to look behind them, surprised to see Daniel standing there clutching his rucksack and looking rather sheepish. Apart from his comments yesterday, and the message she’d received from him this morning, Lucy couldn’t remember the last time she’s spoken to him, just because they tended to mix in different circles. And as for Becky, in truth she didn’t think she’d ever chatted with him, again for no reason other than their paths hadn’t really crossed. 

“Oh, hi Daniel” Lucy answered coyly. “Sure, what do you say Becks?” 

Noticing her friends smile and the sudden chance in tone, Becky smirked before confirming that she was indeed fine with him joining them too. After the horrible day and night Lucy had, anything to make her happy was fine by her! 

The lesson was soon underway, and as the teacher was talking from the board there was little opportunity for the three to talk and get to know each other better, other than a few whispered snippets. Eventually, however, they were set a task to work on, and as luck would have it the teacher had chosen a group work task. 

“I..I hope you don’t think I’m odd, suddenly wanting to sit with you. It’s just, we’ve never really chatted much and you both seem like really nice girls.” Now it was Daniel’s turn to blush. “I’m really sorry about what happened to you yesterday, and I guess I wanted to show you that we’re not all idiots who’d make fun of you for something out of your control.” 

“Thanks Daniel. Yesterday was tough, but I just want to forget about it now. Thanks for your kind words, and your message too.” Lucy smiled as she said this, but hoped he got the message that she really didn’t want yet another discussion about yesterdays events, even if it was obviously well meant. 

As they worked on the exercise they’d been set, plenty of smalltalk flowed easily between the three of them, and they soon discovered that they had plenty in common, well, for two girls and a boy anyway. Similar tastes in music, they all watched the same rubbish TV shows, and, surprisingly, they also had a friend in common which none of them had actually realised. Well, Lucy and Becky’s friend, but Daniel’s cousin…Emily! 

“Wow, I didn’t realise you were Emily’s Cousin, Dan!” Becky was shocked, as she’d been close friends with Emily for a while, although they’d never really talked about their extended families now that she thought about it. They knew each other’s annoying brothers and sisters of course, but that was about it.” 

“Yeah, we’ve been cousins for, like, 11 years now. Hahahahah.” 

“Very funny!” Lucy retorted, giving him a friendly dig in the side. “Well, we know where to come for the dirt on her now, before the big sleepover, eh.” 

“Oh, are you guys going to her birthday sleepover? Cool.” 

“Yeah, well we are if Lucy here doesn’t get herself grounded before then, anyway. How about you Dan, you going to be there?” 

Daniel suddenly looked and felt very uncomfortable, as he squirmed a little and tried to come up with a convincing answer. In truth, no, he definitely wouldn’t be there, and nothing on earth could convince him otherwise. But he couldn’t very well say that, they’d only tell Emily and then it would cause a big row. 

“Em did ask me, but nah probably not, I mean it’s going to be full of girls isn’t it. No offence of course, but hair and makeup, and my little pony stuff really isn’t for me!” 

Now it was Becky’s turn to give him a firm smack. “Excuse me! We’re not 5 you know. Hmph!” 

“Sorry, sorry! I know, only winding you up. Although Em does still have a…no, she’d kill me. Forget I said anything. But it’s definitely not me scene I’m afraid, sure you wouldn’t want a dumb boy there cramping your style anyway.” 

Lucy and Becky looked at each other, then at Daniel in astonishment, before saying together in perfect unison “What does Emily still have?” 

Dan was resolute, however, that he couldn’t say, and that they’d have to to ask her, although to keep his name out of it or she’d never talk to him again. Realising they were getting nowhere, the girls changed tack and instead focussed on getting him to join them at the sleepover. He may be a boy, but he seemed good fun so far. 

By the end of the class, Dan was sick of hearing about the sleepover! He wished he’d never brought the subject up now, as he realised that he was never going to hear the end of it. Being an only child, he wasn’t used to having young girls nagging at him all time time, and he could see why some of his mates were so easily worn down by their siblings. He almost found himself agreeing to go, but no, he couldn’t do that. There was just no way. It wasn’t possible. He didn’t do sleepovers, period. 

In the end, to get them off his back, he agreed to think about it. At least, he thought, that gave him a bit of time to come up with an excuse, and to get his Mum on side to back him up – maybe they’d have to go out of town, or he’d have an appointment or something. He wasn’t sure yet, but he had to come up with something.

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