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Part 1 – Chapter 32

At lunchtime, Lucy joined her group of friends out on the yard, and as expected was on the receiving end of plenty of good humoured ribbing about her accident the day before. She was pleased, however, that it didn’t go beyond friendly teasing, and after a few minutes she was no longer the centre of attention, as the conversation moved on to more important matters, such as birthday sleepovers! 

Both Lucy and Becky raised the subject of Daniel attending, but Emily was quick to dismiss it, and quite defensive too they thought, which was a little odd. The other girls, not really knowing Daniel, were perplexed both by them wanting him there, and also by their friends defensive answers. Something about it all just seemed a bit odd, but nobody could put their finger on what it was. As it was clearly going nowhere, that was another topic which didn’t last long, and the group soon found themselves chatting about what mischief they’d get up to. Make up and hair did of course feature heavily, although fortunately My Little Pony didn’t crop up in conversation…both Becky and Lucy would no doubt have dissolved into giggles had it been discussed. 

Their lunch break, as ever, seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye, with Lucy glancing at her watch and remarking “Nearly time to go and face Mrs Moss. What a rotten way to end the day!”. 

Becky laughed, and then turned to her friend with a serious look on her face. “You have done the homework assignment this time, haven’t you? Please say you have, I don’t think I could take a re-run of yesterday.” 

“Of course I’ve done it! I’m not that daft, she’d eat me alive if I turned up without it after having an extra night. And there will NEVER, EVER, EVER be a re-run of yesterday. That’s not happening, no matter what.” 

Smirking, Becky simply replied “Well, if you’d done it in the first place, yesterday wouldn’t have happened at all.” Which caused her friend to roll her eyes and groan in exasperation. 

Grabbing her backpack, Lucy stood and whispered to Becky that she was nipping to the loo before the next lesson. This caused Becky to state, wide-eyed, until Lucy muttered under her breath “Like I said, I’m not taking ANY chances!” and beckoned her friend to join her. 

The rest of the afternoon passed relatively uneventfully, with the only highlight for Lucy being the smug satisfaction she took in being the first in the class to hand Mrs Moss’ homework in, and seeing the look of shock on the teachers face, clearly disappointed that she’d been deprived of the opportunity to dish out punishment. It almost made up for the humiliation she’d suffered the day before, but not quite. 

As the school bell rang to signal the end of the day, Lucy packed up her things and, bidding goodbye to her friends, made yet another pitstop at the girls toilets. It was getting more than a little irritating now, but she was determined not to take any more chances after what had happened. Plus, she had to admit, it would be nice to walk home without feeling uncomfortable, and even nicer not to have to make a mad dash to the loo when she got through the door and pray that she’d make it. 

Business taken care of, she met her brother Jack out on the playground, and they began the walk home together as usual. Once out of earshot of everybody else, Jack made an exaggerated point of looking her up and down before remarking in a surprised tone “Didn’t wet yourself today then Luce? See, you’re a big girl now!” Before bursting into laughter and running away 

Even Lucy herself couldn’t hold back a giggle, although it came complete with a blush, and she chased her brother until she caught him and attacked him with tickles. She was glad he’d waited until they were on their own to say it, but had to admit it was quite funny. All in all, a much happier and more carefree end to the school day than yesterday, and Lucy was in a much better mood as a result. As they walked along, as usual her phone was in front of her eyes, and mischievously she couldn’t resist sending a message to Dan saying ‘Go on, you know you want to come!’ 

Arriving home, Lucy proudly took her front door key out and let them in. Usually at this point she’d throw her bag on the floor and sprint up the stairs like her life depended on it, usually with Jack following not far behind. Today, however, she took her time removing her shoes as their Mum always told them to (not that they ever usually listened) and then headed to the kitchen to grab a glass of juice. 

Jack couldn’t quite believe his luck as he ran to the empty bathroom, sure Lucy would be right behind him and banging on the door any second. Having taken care of him business, he pulled out a reading book and made himself comfortable behind the bathroom door, determined to get one over on his sister for failing to hide his clothes the day before like she’d promised. But he was in for a very long wait, as Lucy had sat herself down in front of the TV with her drink.

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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