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Part 1 – Chapter 38

‘Well, this is a surprise, you two being nice to each other for once! First time for everything though I suppose” Lesley chuckled, but she was glad to see Lucy had joined them, and that she was looking far happier than earlier. 

“Thanks for bringing your washing down kids, can you throw it into the washer for me please whilst I finish putting dinner out?”  

Both of the children nodded, and padded over to the machine, throwing their dirty clothes in before taking their places a the table, hungry for their dinner. Lesley served them all generous portions, passing the plates over and then pouring some glasses of juice before taking her own seat. For a while, there was no sound but the clinking of cutlery as they devoured their feast. It was a firm favourite in their household, and always guaranteed a good appetite! 

“Mum, I’m sorry I was so horrible to you earlier, I really didn’t mean it. I just felt so awful about everything, and so so embarrassed. But I don’t like falling out, and I know you were only trying to help me.” 

Jack looked warmly at his sister as she said this, and completely unprompted took her hand which was resting on the table and gave it a small squeeze of encouragement. Lesley picked up on this, and whilst she clearly had no idea what had gone on between the two when they were upstairs, it was obvious that Jack was standing by his sister, and she’d never felt more proud. 

“I’m sorry I hid my accidents from you. I just didn’t want everybody to think I was a baby, because I’m not. If I’m honest, it’s been my own fault that I’ve been having accidents, I’ve nobody to blame but myself. I’ve thought about it, and having the sheet on my bed isn’t the end of the world. Yes it’s embarrassing, but I don’t want you to have to worry about me ruining the mattress. I don’t know why I wet the bed last night, that’s never happened before, and I really hope it never does again. But I don’t mind putting the sheet back on for a while, just in case.” 

Jack was a little taken aback by this very revealing speech from Lucy, as whilst he knew about her accident in school yesterday and obviously the wet bed, he’d no idea about her other leaks. And he thought she was really brave admitting all of that. Once again he gave her hand a squeeze, and whispered “Well done”. 

“That’s a very grown up way of looking at it Lucy, thank you for being so mature about everything. I know it’s difficult, and I’m not mad at you for being angry and upset, but I’m very proud of you for the way you’re now dealing with it. Jack’s right, well done you. And, Jack, a special well done and thank you to you too. Supporting your sister like this means a lot.” 

“Yeah, thanks Jack, love you little bro.” 

It may have been an hour or so since she’d chopped the onions for dinner, but Lesley could suddenly feel them prickling at her eyes and making them water. Well, that was her excuse anyway, as she dug a tissue out of her pocket to dab away the wetness. Honestly, she really did never know where she was with these pair, but right now it felt like a victory on all fronts, and she was happy to take that. 

Once dinner was finished and the kids had helped their mum to clear the table, Lucy took the opportunity to slip back upstairs and tidy up the mess she’d made earlier, quickly pulling the plastic sheet back onto her mattress and then covering it with her bedding. She may have accepted that it needed to be on there, but she didn’t want it on display for any longer than strictly necessary! 

The rest of the evening passed in a blur of baths and rubbish TV, until it was time for Lucy to go to bed. Jack had already gone up an hour or so earlier, and was soon fast asleep, exhausted from his busy day. As Lucy was getting herself undressed and ready, Lesley popped her head into the bedroom, mostly to bid her good night but also to quickly make sure she had put the protector back on her bed as promised. Satisfied, she gave the young girl a quick hug and whispered in her ear “Don’t forget to go for a wee before you get into bed, love.” 

This of course caused Lucy to blush a little, but she knew her Mum was only trying to help, so rather than snapping back as she usually would do she just smiled, nodded and took herself off to the loo. The very last thing she wanted was to wake up to wet PJ’s again, and the sooner she could prove it had only been a one off, the sooner she could take the crinkly plastic cover back off her bed. 

Having ‘been’, Lucy called “Goodnight” down to her Mum, and then settled herself down for the night, really hoping that she wouldn’t have a reoccurrence of last nights nightmare which she was sure had caused her accident. Under the covers, she snuggled her teddy again, grateful for the comfort he gave to her. 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.6

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