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Part 1 – Chapter 39

The following morning, Lucy woke with a start as her radio alarm blared out the latest annoying pop song, and she sat upright rubbing her eyes. It took her a few moments, but as the events of the past few days swam back into her mind she grabbed her duvet and threw it off, relieved to see her bed was dry. See, she knew it had just been a freak accident! She wasn’t a bedwetter, and now hopefully her Mum would agree to take the horrible, sweaty, crinkly plastic sheet off so that she could get a proper nights sleep again. 

Hearing the loud music stop, Lesley realised tat Lucy was awake, and popped her head into her young daughters bedroom. 

“Good Morning sweetie, did you sleep well?” 

Lucy smiled, her day had already started off so much better than yesterday, and she nodded to her mum. Lesley had noticed the dry bed, and she was both pleased and relieved, 

“Ok love, get yourself ready for school now please, and then come down for breakfast when you’re ready. I’m off to wake up Jack, so if you want to use the bathroom I’d go now, or you could be waiting a while.” 

Still tired, particularly after her disturbed sleep the night before, Lucy really didn’t want to get out of bed just yet, so she thought she’d try to lay there a little longer whilst Jack was getting himself ready and their Mum was making breakfast. It would only take her 2 minutes to pull her uniform on before heading downstairs. 

Lesley had pulled the bedroom door closed behind her, and after waking Jack she’d left both children to dress whilst she savoured a morning coffee and got the toast and cereal ready. On hearing this, Lucy threw the duvet back over her and snuggled back down. Within a minute, she was fast asleep again. 

As usual, as soon as he was awake Jack was bouncing around, full of energy. He’d ran to the bathroom before his Mum had even made it to the bottom of the stairs, and having used the loo and brushed his teeth he was soon pulling on his school clothes. Once dressed, he tooth stairs two at a time, skidded down the hallway and was shovelling coco pops into his mouth in seemingly less than 5 minutes. 

“Thanks again Jack, love, for helping Lucy to feel better last night, what was very grown up of you.” Lesley smiled at Jack, feeling already that today was going to be a much more positive day. “Are you excited for your sports day this afternoon, and then the weekend?” 

“Yes Mummy, I can’t wait! I’m in 3 different races! And I’m going to win them all. And then at the weekend you said I can have Tom over to play whilst Lucy is at her sleepover. Yay!” 

“I’m sure you’ll do very well honey, but just remember it’s not all about the winning. I’m sorry I can’t be there to watch you this year, but I’ve asked Becky’s mum to video all of your races so I can cheer you on later. Oh, that reminds me too, Tom’s mum called me yesterday – she’s got to go out of town on Saturday.” 

Jack’s face fell “But…” 

“Let me finish please mister! As I was about to day, she’s got to go away for the night with work, but she didn’t want you guys to miss out, so I’ve agreed Tom can stay here for the night, if that’s ok with you? 

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You’re amazing! Thanks Mummy, I love you!” And with that Jack had thrown his arms around his mum and planted a massive kiss on her cheek. 

After much chatting about the weekends plans, Lesley realised that Lucy hadn’t joined them, and called loudly upstairs. “Lucy, you’re breakfast is ready, hurry up or we will be late leaving for school!” 

Soundly sleeping, Lucy didn’t hear her mum’s shouting. Nor did she hear her climbing up the stairs and opening the bedroom door. 

“LUCY! Come on now, time to get up! Honestly!” 

This time she heard, and jumped up again with a start. “S..sorry Mum, I’m just so tired, I’m coming now, promise.” 

Shaking her head and chuckling, Lesley left Lucy to get dressed, but rather than heading back downstairs she busied herself in her own bedroom, just in case her daughter tried to grab another 40 winks. 

Once dressed, Lucy dashed down the stairs, hoping she still had enough time to grab some breakfast. Hopefully Mum hadn’t noticed she’d bypassed the bathroom, she was sure her teeth would survive this once, but she didn’t fancy going until break time without anything to eat. 

Her extra 20 minutes in bed had cost them valuable time, but she was able to quickly drink a large glass of orange juice and grab a couple of slices of toast to take with them in the car. Just as they were heading out of the door, she remembered about it being sports day and hurried back in to pick up her PE kit. After her experience with the summer dress the other day, she dreaded to think what would have been unearthed from lost property if she’d forgotten to take it in with her. 

Finally they were on their way, with not a minute to spare. 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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