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Part 1 – Chapter 40

In the car, the conversation mostly revolved around their weekend plans. Lucy was excited about Emily’s big birthday sleepover, Jack about having Tom to stay over, and Lesley wanted to tidy up the garden whilst the weather was nice (which both kids thought sounded really boring compared to what they would be getting up to!). 

As they pulled into the school car park, Lesley wish them both good luck in their sports day events, and then saw them safely into the playground before speeding off to her own school, with no late start to look forward to today she knew that she was already running late thanks to Lucy’s little lie in, and needed to make up some time. 

In the playground, as usual Jack quickly found his group of friends to run around playing crazy games with, whilst Lucy and her girls sat and chatted, mostly about the big sleepover, giggling as they plotted and planned the following nights excitement. They were going to have so much fun, and none of them could wait. Snacks, drinks, hair and makeup, special outfits, and, of course, there would have to be a game of truth or dare, wouldn’t there? 

It wasn’t long before the school bell sounded, and they all formed lines ready to make their way inside. At least today they only had a shot lesson before the sports day events would start. In truth, Lucy wasn’t particularly athletic and felt that running around on the playground all day was more for the little kids, but if it got her out of boring classes she’d take it. 

“See you all later.” She called to the girls who weren’t in the same class as her as her and Becky walked inside, taking their usual seats in the classroom and waiting for their teacher to arrive, no doubt to give the usual, annual lecture about sportsday safety rules. Boring! 

“Good Morning boys and girls.” Miss Jenkins called jovially as she swept into the room, to many giggles as the class took in the sight of their usually smartly dressed teacher who was today wearing lime green leggings and a bright pink t-shirt. “Yes, yes, I’m sure I do look hilarious! But I want to make sure you can all see me at all times when we are outside. Do you think it’s bright enough?” She joined in the giggles herself this time, and the class agreed that she couldn’t have worn anything brighter if she’d tried. 

“I know you’ve all been here for 6 years already, and will have heard this talk countless times, but you know I’ve got to quickly run through it all with you this one last time before we get ourselves ready to head outside. Ill try to keep it brief, and if you could all pay attention for just 10 minutes it would be much appreciated.” 

Miss Jenkins then proceeded to run through all fo the do’s and don’t for each race and event, the importance of removing any jewellery, making sure trainers are tied properly (or pumps are fastened…cue more giggled, only the infants wore pumps!), how they had to take their water bottles outside to help stay hydrated, the the school buildings would be locked for security and 1001 other things, none of which the children actually took in, but they did do their bit and sit patiently for the 10 minute lecture, knowing that it would be the last boring bit of their day. 

“And…that’s about everything! Thanks for listening. Or, should I say, thanks for doing an incredible job of pretending you were listening!” At this, the whole class burst out laughing, and even the teacher wore a wide smile. “Ok, boys stay in here and get changed, girls come next door with me. I’ll be back in 5 minutes gentlemen, so no messing around, and I expect all of you to be dressed and ready to go when I am. Please make sure you’re decent, the sights that usually meet me when you’re supposed to be getting ready for PE lessons do NOT need to be repeated.” 

With their teacher watching on, the girls had little opportunity to mess around, and as a result they were all changed and sat wearing their various PE kits within the allotted 5 minutes, There was no set kit at their primary school, so everybody was dressed differently. Lucy had on a pair of black football shorts and a pink athletic top, she may not fancy a day of sports but at least she looked the part. 

Once everybody was ready, they trooped back to their own classroom to collect the boys, who as Miss had expected were still half naked, with only the keenest runners ready to go. 

“Come on now lads, there really is no need to compare underpants! Quick, sports kit on and let’s get out there. We always seem to be the last class ready. Anybody who’s not out in this corridor ready to go in 30 seconds can take part in sports day wearing whatever they’ve got on…or, should I say, not got on, now!” 

With a flurry of activity, the 15 boys soon joined the girls, and most of them had even managed to get their shorts and t-shirts on the right way round too. Quite some achievement! Finally ready, and with much chatter and laughter, Miss Jenkins led them out onto the playground, and having confirmed her suspicions that they were indeed the last class, once again, she pulled the door closed behind them. 

It was only as they sat down in their allocated space at the side of the running track which had been marked out with cones that Lucy had a dawning realisation, one which made her heart sink.

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