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Part 1 – Chapter 41

As they sat there, cross legged on the tarmac, Lucy realised that her extra half an hour of sleep that morning meant that she’d had to choose between eating breakfast and paying a visit to the bathroom before they had left. Her stomach had of course won, as it always did, and she’d satisfied her hunger with juice and toast, but that meant she’d not brushed her teeth…or gone for a wee. It wasn’t a problem, she was sure, as she didn’t even really need to go even now, but she’d promised herself that she’d not take any more chances, and now she’d blown it. 

The first few events were for the infants, things like egg and spoon races and three legged races, which were good fun but the older kids soon got bored. Lucy watched Jack win the two he took part in, and made a point of clapping and cheering extra loudly, remembering how nice he had been to her the night before, but once his class had finished she quickly grew bored and started chatting distractedly to Becky and Lauren who were sat with her. Her mind wasn’t really on the conversation though, she kept zoning out and the other two would have to prod her for a reply after they’d asked her a question. 

“What’s the matter with you Luce?” Lauren asked grinning as she cuffed her friend once more “Day-dreaming about boys or something?” 

Lucy and Becky both giggled at that. “, don’t be silly, who wants to think about smelly boys?’s just…no, it’s nothing.” 

Clearly there was something bugging her, but Becky and Lauren didn’t probe any further, instead carrying on chatting about the sleepover at the weekend, until Lauren’s younger sister’s class started to race and she made her way to the front of the crowd to watch. 

“You OK Luce? You barely seem to be here today, and looked a bit miffed when Lauren asked about it earlier. What’s troubling you?” She was genuinely concerned, knowing her best friend was having a pretty tough week of it, and hoping that it was nothing to do with that. 

“Oh it’s nothing, sorry Becks, I’ll try to snap out of it. Just tired I think, that’s all. How long’s left until Lunch, do you know?” 

“Erm, about an hour or so I reckon. Dunno about you, but I’m starving Must be all this fresh air, haha. Doesn’t look like we will be doing any of our races until after lunch either.” 

Lucy inwardly groaned and shuffled a little in her place. An hour was quite a long time, and she was starting to regret choosing toast over a trip to the toilet that morning Ah well, how many times had she held it all day to avoid using the school loos? It was only an hour after all, she’d be fine. 

Becky noticed her friend squirming, but just thought it was from sitting on the hard tarmac floor for so long. She was starting to get a bit of a numb bum herself, and would be glad to have a sit down on a proper chair whilst they ate their lunch. Being somewhat more sporty, Becky also couldn’t wait to get on with their own events, hoping to win the long distance races as she had done every year before. 

The girls fidgeted their way through the remainder of the infant races, Becky because she was getting more uncomfortable as the pins and needles started to set in, and Lucy because much as she didn’t want to admit it even to herself, there was no denying that she really did need a wee now. It was only as she sat trying not to think about it that she realised her water bottle was empty, meaning she’d drank a litre of water on top of all of that juice at breakfast, and she hadn’t ‘been’ since going to bed the night before, oops! 

Finally the teachers blew their whistles and once the hubbub had subsided, announced that it was time for lunch. Because they would be heading back outside straight afterwards, there was no need to get changed, so they could all stay in their PE clothes. When the bell rang at the end of the break, they should come back to their places outside and the register would be taken from there. And, with that, they were dismissed to make their way to the hall for lunch…or, in Lucy’s case, to make a mad sprint to the girls toilets! Honestly, if she was being timed, she felt sure that she’d be faster than anybody racing on the track that day. 

Reaching the girls bathrooms, Lucy was dismayed to see that a substantial line had already formed. Obviously, in the heat of the day, lots of the other girls had emptied their water bottles too. Lucy waited for a few minutes, squirming around and doing a pretty distinct ‘potty dance’, much to her shame and embarrassment, but there were still dozens of girls waiting in front of her, many of them from the younger years – there was no way she could try to push in front, but she had to do something, and quick. 

With a sudden brainwave, and swallowing her pride, Lucy quickly dashed from the bathroom along the corridor and without even knocking burst through the school office door. 

Standing in the door way, legs tightly crossed and both hands shoved deeply into her crotch, all thoughts of modesty long overtaken by horrible flashbacks of her humiliating accident only 2 days previously, Lucy cried out, 

“Mrs Johnson, please please please can I use your bathroom. I REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALY need a wee.” 

Dorothy looked up in alarm, and catching on to the seriousness of the situation she just pointed to the toilet door and shouted “Quickly!” 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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