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Part 1 – Chapter 42

Lucy didn’t need telling twice! She knew she was mere seconds from disaster, and if she didn’t get to a toilet right now she’d be left standing in a puddle. Waddling to the bathroom, she pulled the door closed behind her, bent almost double now as she tried to keep in control. As she turned, the sight of the toilet almost caused her to lose control right where she stood, she’d never been so desperate in all of her life, not even all the times she’d dashed to the loo after school. But this time she knew she had to hold on, she had to make it. She just couldn’t have another accident in school, she would die from the shame. 

By sheer willpower alone she managed not to let go, instead focussing getting herself sat on that toilet so she could enjoy the relief that she knew would come at any second. Stood with her back to the toilet, in one swift movement she let go of her hold on her crotch, grabbed hold of the sides of her shorts and pulled them down in a smooth motion whilst simultaneously sitting down and beginning the most satisfying wee of her life. She moaned audibly at the relief, and sighed to herself “Yes! I made it!” 

But then, something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong indeed. Looking down, she saw her black shiny football shorts pooled around her ankles, exactly where they should be. But amongst them was no flash of bright pink as she was expecting. As she continued to empty her bladder, Lucy’s gaze slowly travelled upwards, where it fell upon the pair of pink undies she was looking for…and they were still exactly where they had started, around her waist, but now complete with a very wet crotch and a waterfall of her wee cascading through them and into the toilet. 

“Noooooooooo!” Lucy cried out loud in anguish. She couldn’t believe it, after all that she’d made it to the toilet and then wet herself whilst sitting on it. No, this couldn’t be happening, she couldn’t have done this. But the warm wet feeing she could now sense between her legs confirmed what her eyes had seen, she had indeed done exactly that. Now what was she going to do? 

In shock, Lucy remained sat on the toilet and cried gently to herself. Maybe she was just a little baby who wet her pants after all. Everybody would know, everybody would laugh at her, how could she go and run her races with wet underwear, it would get her shorts all wet in front of the whole school. 

After a few minutes, there came a gentle knock on the bathroom door, and Dorothy’s voice called through “Is everything ok in there Lucy?” 

Doing her best not to sound like she was crying, and still trying to think of a way out of this, Lucy called back “Yes Miss, I’ll be out in a moment.”. Thinking on her feet, and realising that she was just drawing more attention to herself by staying locked in the toilet, Lucy quickly pulled off her shorts and then slid the soggy undies down her legs and let them fall with a plop onto the tiled floor. Then, drying herself off with some toilet paper she pulled the shorts back on with nothing underneath. Maybe she could just not wear undies for the rest of the day? No, the wouldn’t work, she had to get changed back out of her PE kit once the sportsday was over, and all of the other girls would see. 

Then it came to her, the spare clothes! It took every ounce of her courage, she was so deeply ashamed, but Lucy slowly made her way to the bathroom door and opened it just slightly before calling. “Miss, can you come over here for a moment, please?” 

Kindly Dorothy looked up, saw Lucy’s tear streaked face and immediately hurried over to comfort her. “Whatever’s the matter Lucy? Didn’t you make it?” 

Poor Lucy had to stop herself from sobbing out loud, but somehow managed to keep her composure as she answered shakily “No…well, yes. Erm, I made it, but I…I didn’t quite get my undies down in time. I’m sorry Miss, I’m not a baby, honest. C…could you pass me the bag of clothes I left here please? Everything else is ok, but I need a change of underpants.” As she finished, she couldn’t stop the tears from falling. 

Dorothy could feel her pain and shame, putting her warm arms around the young girl and embracing her tightly. “Of course sweetie, I’ll get them for you now. Don’t worry, nobody else needs to know, this can be our little secret.” 

The secretary found Lucy’s change of clothes in the store room, and retrieved the spare pants, passing them to her along with a plastic bag for the wet ones. Lucy changed quickly, numbly, and then came out of the bathroom clutching the plastic bag, realising she had no school bag or even pockets in which to hide her shame. “What shall I do with…” 

“Give them here love, and come and get them later before you go home. Try not to worry, you run along now before your friends wonder where you’ve got to. And make sure you win those races this afternoon! Maybe go a little easier on the water though eh, sweetheart, just in case.” 

Lucy blushed, but gave Dorothy a grateful smile as she opened the office door to leave. Doing so, she almost walked into Miss Worth, one of the infant teachers, who was holding the hand of a year 1 girl and leading her into the office. Glancing down at the little girl and smiling reassuringly at her, Lucy did a double take as she noticed that her pink leggings were soaked down to the knees. Looking back up at the teacher questioningly, Miss Worth read her mind “Hi Lucy, poor Lottie here got caught up in the massive toilet queue, didn’t you lovely. So we’re making a quick pitstop before lunch.” 

Lucy nodded in understanding, and then smiled down at the young girl who looked incredibly nervous. “Don’t worry Lottie, sometimes little accidents happen, but it’s not the end of the world. Is it Miss?”

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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