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Part 1 – Chapter 43

As Lucy made her way to the canteen to grab some lunch with the girls, she secretly thought how lucky she had just been. It could so easily have been her in poor Lottie’s situation, and for the second time in a week too! She’d not quite got away with it unscathed, but a pair of soggy pants was far better than having to change her shorts and everybody knowing what had happened…again! 

Having collected her lunch, she found Becky and some of the other girls sat around a large table, chatting and laughing amongst themselves. Joining them, she announced her arrival and quickly got stuck in to her meal. 

Back in the office, Miss Worth had quickly explained the unfortunate predicament Lottie found herself in, and Dorothy had set to work finding her some clean, dry clothes to wear, comforting the poor young girl as she did so. She rummaged through the spare clothes box, finding first some Frozen themed undies which Lottie was particularly taken with. Try she might, they didn’t seem to have a pair of pink leggings though, so had to settle for some shorts instead, telling Lottie that if anybody asked why she’d got changed she could them them it had been too warm with her long pants on, to hopefully help save her any embarrassment or teasing from her friends. 

Clothes sorted, Lottie was directed to the bathroom to freshen herself up, and also provided with the ubiquitous yellow bag to put her wet things into. Whilst the two ladies waited for her to take care of herself, Miss Worth remarked to Dorothy 

“Isn’t that Lucy Daniels a lovely young girl? She was just leaving as we got here, and took her time to reassure Lottie that her accident didn’t matter. Lots of the other girls would probably have made fun of her, but Lucy was lovely and very genuine too.” 

Dorothy agreed and gave a knowing smile, but Keeping Lucy’s confidence she didn’t elaborate. 

“Tell you what Dorothy, with the length of that queue in the girls toilets, I’m surprised we’ve not had a few more puddles to deal with. Honestly, it’s the same every sports day – they insist on the kids drinking gallons of water, but then lock up the school so there’s a mad surge to the loo’s at lunchtime. Even a lot of the older ones were squirming and dancing about out there.” 

A that moment, Lottie opened the toilet door and came out wearing the new pink shorts, which actually fit her pretty well, and clutching the yellow plastic bag containing her leggings and undies. 

“Feeling a little better now Lottie?” Dorothy asked, giving the bewildered young girl a friendly, reassuring hug as she padded over to them. 

Lottie managed a shy nod and a “Yes thanks” as she handed the bag to Miss Worth, and quickly took hold of her hand again. 

“Come on then, little miss, let’s go and hang this up on your peg with your book bag ready to take home later, and then you can go back outside to your friends for the last 10 minutes of lunch. Just remember sweetie, if you ever need to go, come and find any of us teachers before it’s too late.” 

Lucy and her friends had finished eating their lunch by this time, but having spent all morning sat out on the yard they didn’t rush straight outside as they usually would, instead choosing to sit and chat some more in the canteen. As Becky took a long drink from her bottle of juice, their friend Danielle remarked “Take it easy with that Becks, you should see the queue in the girls loos! Honestly, that’s what took me so long to get here, I couldn’t have waited much longer, and one of the little babies even did it all over the floor whilst she was waiting.” Danielle pulled a face, looking disgusted at the very thought and causing a listening Lucy to clench her teeth as she bit back the retort which would have outed her in front of everybody. 

The bell sounded shortly afterwards, signalling the end of their lunch break and time for them to join their class groups again outside for the register to be taken before the next set of races began. Joining their class, Lucy and Becky resumed their earlier places, although with the juniors races coming up Becky took the opportunity to begin her warm up routine, stretching and bending in ways that Lucy just looked at least uncomfortable, and at worst downright painful. Whilst her friend was distracted, she scanned the crowd to see whether she could pick out little Lottie who she’d seen outside the office earlier. As luck would have it, the young girls class walked right past her to take up their places at the front next to the track, and Lucy smiled warmly as Lottie caught her eye and gave a shy wave and smile in return. 

“Awwww, that’s so sweet. Did you see that littl’un waving at us then Luce?” Becky had evidently finished her routine, and had noticed at least part of the exchange between her and Lottie. 

“Yeah, that’s Lottie. She’s a good kid. I saw her earlier at the….office.” 

Becky looked enquiringly at her friend “What were you doing in the office?” 

“Oh, erm, nothing much. Just popped in.” Fortunately she was saved from further explanation as a call came over the megaphone 

“Year 6 500m runners to the track please, you’re racing first this afternoon” 

Both girls made their way over to the start line, with Becky giving Lucy a very strange look, wondering exactly what she had missed when they’d gone their separate ways at the start of lunch.  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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