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Part 1 – Chapter 45

“Im not interrupting anything am I?” Becky had reappeared, and plopped herself down on the ground between the pair of them, a couple more medals now swinging from her neck, and panting with exhaustion. 

“Hey Becks! No, not at all, me and Dan here we’re just having a chat. Guess what? He’s hopefully coming to Emily’s sleepover tomorrow night now.” 

“Oh, really? That’s great news…although you didn’t seem too keen yesterday Dan, what changed your mind? Or need I ask, I bet Luce here hasn’t stopped badgering you about it, has she?” Becky giggled and rolled her eyes, particularly when Dan met hers and nodded emphatically. 

 “Yup, that’s pretty much it, she’s pretty persuasive our Lucy, isn’t she, haha. Anyway, I said I’d talk to my Mum, I didn’t say I’d definitely be able to go.” 

Daniels inner turmoil continued, the more he thought about it the more he realised just how much he DID want to go to the sleepover. He hadn’t been to one for years now, and felt that was a big part of the reason he’d always been so isolated from the rest of his classmates who were always sleeping over at each others houses. He really wanted to be able to do the same, but he knew it wasn’t going to be possible. He didn’t even stay over at Emily’s or any of his other cousins houses when it was just family, never mind with what sounded like half of the school going to be there. No, he’d just have to make up and excuse and let them down gently, much as it would hurt him to miss out. Unless…well, he’d said he’d talk to his mum, and he would do exactly that, but he wasn’t going to get up his hopes. 

It wasn’t long until the teachers blew their whistles again, announcing that the sports day events had come to and end, and that it was time for everybody to go back inside and get changed before home time. Daniel and the two girls went their separate ways as they headed in, and soon they were pulling off their sweaty sports clothes and re-dressing into their school uniforms. It seemed a bit daft, why not just go home as they were, but school always seemed to like making up crazy rules. As she stood in the classroom, Lucy had a horrible thought – the spare undies she was wearing were a completely different colour to the ones she’d had on that morning! She really hoped that none of the girls would notice she’d changed them, as she had no idea how she would explain that. Nah, she thought, they wouldn’t exactly be looking at each others pants, would they? And with that she quickly pulled off her shorts and stepped into her skirt. 

“Luce?” Becky tapped her friend on the shoulder. 

“What’s up Becks?” She turned to face Becky, finishing pulling her skirt into place and straightening everything up as she did so. 

“Erm, probably a very odd question, please don’t think I’m a freak for even noticing…but why has your underwear changed colour? I noticed earlier you had exactly the same pair on as me, but now they’re not pink anymore, they’re yellow.” 

Lucy’s blood ran cold…what were the chances that Becky would notice! She glanced around, trying to gauge whether anybody else had heard, and if so if they were still listening for her explanation, but fortunately the rest of the class seemed to have no interest in her undies, and how she wished her best friend didn’t have either! 

“Shhh, keep it down Becks. Honestly, trust you to notice that! Look, walk with me when the bell goes, I need to nip down to the office, and I’ll fill you in on the way.” 

Becky gave Lucy the same strange look she’d noticed earlier when the subject of Lottie had come up, but Lucy just smiled sheepishly and then looked away to take care of her shoes and socks. 

Once everybody was dressed and PE kits were packed away again, the girls filed back into their own classrooms, where they sat chatting amongst themselves as they waited to be dismissed, many of them worn out from the days events, and the remainder excited to get on with their weekends. 

As the bell rang and Miss Jenkins bid them all goodbye and wished them a good weekend, Lucy and Becky made their way out of the classroom door, and instead of joining the crowd turning right towards the exit they instead headed left towards the school office. Once out of earshot of their classmates, Becky turned to Lucy and asked “Go on then Luce, what’s so secret that you couldn’t tell me in there? What on earth’s going on?”

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