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Part 1 – Chapter 46

Lucy blushed furiously, and quickly pulled her friend into an empty classroom, closing the door behind them to ensure they could not be overheard. 

“Ok Becks, if I tell you this the you’ve got to promise me it stays between us, it doesn’t go any further, ever.” Remembering what had happened between her and Jack the other night, Lucy then held out her arm and extended her little finger “Pinky swear?”. 

Becky was bemused, whatever this was it had to be something massive, something really seriously important. And she had to stop herself laughing at the idea of a ‘pinky swear’, something that she thought only the little kids did. But, if it pleased Lucy, she’d go along with it, so she hooked her finger around her friends “Pinky Swear Luce. Now, what’s the matter?” 

Satisfied that her friend would now keep her secret, no matter what, Lucy began recounting her tale. She was quite flustered, so it all came out in a bit of a rush, but it was either that or not being able to say it at all 

“Well, Becks, you know before lunch when we were sat outside and you noticed me wriggling around? It wasn’t because I was uncomfortable, I actually really needed to go to the loo. This morning I was so tired that I went back to sleep after my alarm, and slept through breakfast. I was hungry, so I skipped the bathroom to grab something to eat, and by lunchtime I was really desperate as I’d not had a wee since before I went to bed last night. When the bell went, I ran off to the toilets, but there was this massive queue out of the door. I waited ages, but it didn’t move, and I thought I was going to have an accident right there! Panicking, I ran to the office and asked Miss Johnson if I could use her toilet before I wet myself. And I did, I made it, but….but it went a bit wrong. When I was sat on the loo having a wee, I realised I’d not managed to pull my undies down, and they were soaked. I was sooo embarrassed Becks, this time it was a real accident. And I nearly, very nearly, soaked my shorts too. In the end I had to ask Miss for my spare pair of pants, which is what I’m wearing now. And I’ve got to go and pick up the wet ones now, I didn’t have my bag with me so left them in the office.” 

Becky stood open mouthed, gaping at Lucy, struggling to take in everything she’d just heard. 

“Wait…what? You wet your undies, sitting on the toilet, in the office?? Really?” 

Lucy just nodded, looking sheepish. 

“Ok, that’s a bit odd, but fair enough I guess. Hang on though, you asked miss for your spare pants…since when did you have spare pants in school, are you in reception or something? And where did the little girl come into all of this? What was her name…Poppy or something wasn’t it?” 

Lucy blushed furiously now, and covered her face, feeling tears prickling at her eyes. She knew Becky’s teasing wasn’t malicious, and it was understandable that she was confused by all of this, it wasn’t exactly a normal situation for a year 6 girl. Why, why, why had she been stupid enough to mention her spare clothes! Now she’d have to explain about all of that too, as if Becks didn’t already think she was turning into a little baby. 

“It’s a bit of a long story Becks, to bear with me ok? The spare pants…well, it’s kinda embarrassing, but after my ‘accident’ the other day, Mum washed that awful dress I had to wear and the kiddie undies and I brought them back in the next day, and if you remember she also sent in a change of clothes for me, so if anything ever did happen then I wouldn’t have to wear a summer dress again. Obviously nothing was ever going to happen like that EVER again, but, well, I hate to admit I was so glad today that Mum had put spare undies in with that change of clothes. If I’d not worn any, everybody would have seen when we got changed. And if I’d left the wet ones on, my shorts would have got all wet too. I’d never been so embarrassed having to ask Miss Johnson for the spare ones…and then trust you to notice them too!” 

Now it was Becky’s turn to look a bit awkward. “I’m sorry Luce, I shouldn’t have said anything, but I just remembered that we’d been wearing matching pants, and then we weren’t. I was just curious, didn’t mean to make you feel bad. Go on then, what was that all about with the little’un outside?” 

“Don’t be silly Becks, I’d have probably asked too. Not many reasons for changing your undies half way through they day after all, especially without changing any other clothes. Just typical that I picked today to wear the same ones as you, if I had’t, I bet you wouldn’t have even noticed. Anyway, her name’s Lottie, and isn’t she just super cute? Look, it’s probably not my place to tell you, so keep this to yourself too yeah? But she got caught I that ridiculous toilet queue too, and unfortunately she didn’t quite make it. I met her just as I was leaving the office, and she was really quite upset that she’d wet herself, so I just told her not to worry and that accidents happen sometimes. She seems to have taken quite a liking to me now, doesn’t she, haha.” 

“Aww bless, poor little thing. The school really needs to think about toilets on sports day, I’m surprised there haven’t been a few more accidents today, even I was dancing around a bit in the queue earlier. Yeah, she’s definitely got a crush on you, I saw her cheering and waving earlier! Well done you for making her feel better though, especially when you probably weren’t feeling all that hot yourself.” 

Lucy beamed, relieved that her friend didn’t seem to think badly of her after what had happened, and glowing under her praise. She knew that it had felt like to be bullied over an accident, so she hoped that by comforting Lottie it had gone some way to help her feel better. 

“Come on then Becks, I need to go and grab my…y’know…from the office, and then find Jack before he runs off home on his own.”  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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