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Part 1 – Chapter 47

Reaching the office door, and not quite in the state she had been when she’d burst in earlier, Lucy knocked courteously and waited to be called. 

“Come in” rang Dorothy’s voice through the door. 

Both girls entered the office with a friendly “Hi Miss” in unison. 

“Could I get my…I mean, I’ve come to collect my…” Lucy stumbled over her words. It was embarrassing enough having to come and collect her wet pants, without having to actually say it out loud too. 

Dorothy of course knew what she meant, and assumed that she was shy because Becky was with her. Trying to spare the poor girls blushes, she instead turned to Becky “Would you mind giving me and Lucy a minute please, Becky?” 

Becky of course moved to leave, not wanting to embarrass her friend any further. But Lucy quickly spoke up “No Becks, stay. Miss, it’s fine, Becky knows.” 

Looking a little surprised that Lucy had divulged this most embarrassing of secrets, Dorothy nevertheless smiled at both girls and then rose from her chair and popped into the bathroom, returning a moment later with a small plastic bag that was tied at the top. It was a lot more nondescript that the bright yellow bag from the other day which Lucy was immensely grateful for, but there was no disguising the fact it clearly contained a pair of wet pink pants! Grabbing the offensive item, Luck hastily stuffed it into her PE bag and drew the strings to close top. Satisfied that her shame was now hidden from view, she turned back to the secretary, keen to change the subject. 

“Thanks, Miss. Was little Lottie OK earlier?” 

Dorothy’s face now broke into a wide smile “Yes, love, she was absolutely fine. Miss Worth told me what you’d said to her, that was a really lovely gesture love, and I’m sure it meant a lot to her. Well done you!” 

Buoyed by the praise and pleased that her new little friend seemed to be doing ok, Lucy thanked Dorothy again for her help, and promising to drop a clean pair of pants in after the weekend (not that she would EVER need them again, but ‘just in case’) the two girls bade their goodbyes and headed for the playground, Lucy really hoping that Jack would still be there waiting for her, as she didn’t fancy a game of hide and seek on the way home. 

“Jack, come on mate, time to go home.” Lucy called across the yard as they came out of the side door and spotted him kicking a football around with a couple of the older boys. 

“I’ll catch you tomorrow Luce, still want my Mum to pick you up on the way to Emily’s?” Becky gave her pal a quick hug goodbye, knowing full well they’d be chatting by text in probably less than an hour. 

“Oh, yes please! Jack’s got a mate coming over whilst I’m out, so Mum’ll probably have her hands full all day. Let me know what time later.” 

“Will do, cya later.” 


Jack and Lucy followed their usual route home, stopping for a quick 5 minute go on the swings as they passed through the local park (with Lucy reminding Jack, as she always did, not to mention this to mum! They were under strict instructions to head straight home, not stopping anywhere, and Lucy was in charge so she’d be the one who got into trouble). 

After the unfortunate events of earlier, Lucy once again didn’t need to make her mad dash to the bathroom as soon as they walked through the door, instead kicking off her shoes and fixing herself a snack and a juice, calling through to ask whether Jack wanted one too. 

“Yeah please sis, apple juice please. Can I watch telly for a bit?” 

Carrying their drinks, and a couple of bags of snacks, through into the lounge, Lucy also tossed him the TV remote. “Sure, why not. Just nothing too babyish, ok?” She said this with a cheeky grin, and then ducked. 

Her guess had been right, Jack had immediately throw his cushion across at her, and it hit the back of the sofa where her head had been only seconds before “I’m not a baby!” he screeched, snatching up the remote and flicking to his favourite cartoon channel. 

Lucy rolled her eyes, but soon found herself just as engrossed in the silly programme as he was, laughing along and even joining in with the daft songs, causing Jack to giggle. Their drinks and snacks were soon finished, but both kids were transfixed by the show, neither moving even as a car pulled up onto the driveway, nor when their Mum let herself into the house and walked smartly up the hallway. They only finally jolted back to reality as the lounge door opened and Lesley called “Helllloooo, anybody home? I’ve been shouting you guys!”  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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