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Part 1 – Chapter 49

Walking back into the room, Lesley shook her head at the sight which greeted her, Jack trying to snatch the TV remote back off Lucy, and her with a hand clasped over his mouth trying to stop him shouting out. 

“Will the pair of you stop it, please! Honestly, I left you alone for 5 minutes, when I went into the kitchen you were cuddled up together like butter wouldn’t melt, and now you’re at each others throats. It’s like having a pair of toddlers in the house. I think that’s enough TV for both of you, actually, so pass me that remote please and I’ll decide what I’d like to watch.” 

Lucy sheepishly passed the controller to her mum, looking sheepish as she did so. It’s not that she particularly wanted to watch the show, but she really didn’t like to be thought of as a toddler. She cast Jack a dark, dirty look as she flopped back down onto the sofa with a huff. 

Jack whined as the channel was changed again, this time to a very boring looking adult gameshow, and he stomped off out of the room and up the stairs, muttering about doing his reading as he did so. This caused Lesley and Lucy to exchange a look, and despite them both being a bit miffed, neither could resist the urge to burst out laughing. It was like having a 7 year old teenager in the house when he got a strop on. 

“So, Luce, how did you get on with your race today? I know you weren’t keen, but well done for giving it a go anyway.” 

“It was ok Mum, think I came about 7th or something, so didn’t humiliate myself. So boring though, haha, why do people enjoy running around in circles?” 

More chucked from Lesley “Honestly, lovey, I’ve no idea. Never was a fan of running myself even when I was your age. I didn’t mind badminton, that was quite fun, and when we did dance at high school I enjoyed that as well, but not really the running.” 

Lucy’s eyes widened in excitement “We get to do dance in PE at high school? Wow, that sounds so much better than running! I wish I was there now, not in stupid junior school with all the babies.” 

“Oh love, you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to go now, and then 6 whole weeks off to relax before you have to worry about lessons again. Yes the dance was fun, and I think you’ll really enjoy the music and drama lessons too, but don’t forget there’s plenty of hard work to be done as well, it’s not all fun and games.” 

“I know Mum, don’t worry. And I’m going to work as hard as I can, I promise. Want to go to college and to university just like you did, and then to get a really good job when I’m older. It’s just that our lessons now are boring, it’s stuff I already know.” 

Lesley understood completely, by the time the kids reached the end of year 6, they usually had a very good understand of the primary school curriculum, and it was perfectly natural to get bored and frustrated when you kept going over the same old things that you already knew. She felt for the teachers, as she knew herself how difficult it could be to find that balance between stopping the fastest learners getting bored and preventing the one who took a little longer to pick things up from being left behind. 

“You’ll be fine once you get to big school sweetie, there’s so much more to learn that you’ll never get bored, I can promise you that. And good for you having a plan for when you’re older, I didn’t decide that I wanted to go to Uni and become a teacher until after I’d finished my O-Level exams, and even then I wasn’t sure it was the right path for me, although I do love my job now and I’m so glad I went for it.” 

Lucy smiled and nodded. In truth, she had no idea what she wanted to be either, but she knew she wanted to be the very best at whatever she did. 

“Listen, love, whilst Jack’s upstairs having his tantrum, there’s something I wanted to have a little chat with you about quickly. Nothing to worry about, but when you were both watching TV and I went to get my drink, I put your PE kits in the wash, and there was something in your PE bag. Do you want to tell me about it sweetheart?”

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