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Part 1 – Chapter 50

At first Lucy was a little perplexed, and looked questioningly at her mum. So far as she knew, only her PE kit was in the bag, nothing else. 

“I’m not angry with you lovey, so please don’t worry about getting into any kind of trouble, because you’re not. It really would help if you told me the truth though, then I’ll know what’s happened and will be able to try to help.” Lesley spoke in a soothing, gentle voice. She really wanted to be able to talk to her daughter properly about this, but needed Lucy to open up to her if that was going to be possible. 

In a moment of horror, Lucy had almost a flashback, recalling the scene earlier in the day when her and Becky had been stood in the office with Mrs Johnson. The secretary had passed her a bag…and she’d secreted it in her PE bag, with every intention of taking care of it when she’d gotten home. But then she’d been sidetracked with Jack’s stupid TV show. 

With dawning realisation, Lucy cried out “Mum, I can explain, honest!”, feeling the heat of shame and embarrassment once more rising in her face, and hearing her voice break as she spoke. 

“I…erm…well, as you know, I felt asleep again this morning, I was just so very tired. And then when you woke me up, it was all a big rush, and I was starting so I didn’t want to skip breakfast. I had to choose, and in the end I skipped going to the bathroom instead. I’m sorry Mum, I know that was silly, especially after everything that’s happened this week. 

Anyway, because it was sports day and we were all outside, I still didn’t get a chance to go to the loo, but I was drinking loads of water because of the heat. And then at lunchtime there was a massive queue in the toilets, and I thought I was going to have an accident, so I ran to the office and asked Mrs Johnson if I could go there before I wee’d myself again . She let me, of course, and I made it to the toilet, but I was in such a rush I forgot to pull my undies down with my shorts, and…and, oh I know I’m such a baby mummy, but I did a wee in them and they got all wet.” And with that Lucy broke down in floods of tears, utterly mortified that she’d had to admit her shame to her mum. 

“Oh sweetheart, please don’t cry. Like I said, you’re not in any trouble, none at all. Thank you for telling me, I’m sorry that happened to you. Is that what’s happened before, with the undies I’ve found under your bed, you’ve got there in time but just not managed to get them down?” 

Poor Lucy looked up at her Mum, eyes red and puffy and tears streaking her cheeks, and nodded sadly. “I know sometimes I wait too long, but today it really wasn’t my fault, the queue wasn’t moving. And I wasn’t even the only one, at least I only got my pants wet, not my PE shorts. That would have been super embarrassing!” 

“Oh dear, the doesn’t sound good at all. Maybe the school should have thought about that and kept some toilets open for you all? Hopefully they’ll learn from this…just like you’ll be able to learn not to skip going to the bathroom in the morning before school. I hope that doesn’t mean you didn’t brush your teeth either, young lady?” 

Lucy smiled sheepishly. “Sorry Mum, I was just so comfy in bed! Don’t worry though, I’ll never do that again, it nearly went very, very wrong and would have been a disaster if I’d ended up like poor Lottie.” 

“Lottie?” Lesley asked, interested. It wasn’t a name she recognised as being one of Lucy’s friends 

“Oh, that’s the little girl who had a proper accident in the line for the toilet. Poor thing, her leggings were soaked and everything. I saw her at the office when I was…ahem, getting changed. But she’s only in the infants, so she got away with it really. And she’s super cute too, she was cheering for me in my race afterwards.” 

Lesley nodded and smiled. “You’ve always had a way with the young ones, you have. Right little pied piper, I wouldn’t be surprised if you went on to become a teacher like your old Mum. Now, thank you for being honest with me and not trying to cover it up. I’m sure you’ve learned a valuable lesson out of what happened, so I’ll say no more about it. Just please, please be careful. I’d hate for you to end up in an embarrassing situation again, as I saw how much all of that teasing upset you the other day.” 

Sliding across the sofa to give Lesley a quick hug, Lucy whispered “Thanks Mum, you’re amazing, I love you so much. And…I know I was silly about it, but thank you for making me take in those clothes. I’m so very glad I had them today.” And with that she planted the gentlest of kisses on her mum’s cheek. 

“That’s what us Mum’s are here for love, always thinking ahead and planning for things that’ll never happen. I’ll pop a fresh pair in your bag for you for Monday, you can either leave them there if you like, or drop them at the office again, whichever you’re most comfortable with. Don’t worry, I know they’ll never, ever be needed. But ‘just in case’.” And she returned the affectionate kiss, this time on the tip of Lucy’s nose.  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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