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Part 2 – Chapter 15

Becky and Emily looked at each other, rolled their eyes, and then giggled. 

“Erm, sorry Luce, there are no toilets here! If you want a wee at the park, you’ll have to do it the girl guide way, behind a bush!” Em flashed a cheeky grin at her friend, knowing her distaste for ‘roughing it’. Come on, we can show you. Dan’ll be ok finding his own tree, won’t you?” 

“WHAAAAAAT? I don’t wee outside! Come on Em, that’s disgusting. Who even does that?” Lucy wore a horrified look on her face, and couldn’t believe her friend ha even suggested something like that. If the girl guides were that minging, she’d definitely NOT be joining them. “Ewwww!” 

Even Dan was chuckling to himself at the indignation in Lucy’s voice. “Haha, it’s not that bad Lucy, honest. Surely you must have had a sneaky tree wee before?” 

“Erm, no actually, well at least not since I’ve been toilet trained at any rate! Im not a baby or a dog, so I’ll just hold on until we get back to our house thanks Em. But you three go ahead” 

Becky cast a knowing glance over at Lucy, shaking her head slightly and then, as Dan and Em stood up and made their way towards bushes in opposite directions, she gently asked “Are you sure it’s a good idea to wait Luce? After this week, I thought you weren’t taking any chances? Come on, follow me and see how easy it is. Nothing disgusting about it at all, and it only takes a second.” 

Lucy’s eyes rolled again, but she had to admit that her friend made a good point about not taking any chances. Especially around Dan. Grudgingly she stood and followed her pal in the direction Emily had gone, the birthday girl having already disappeared behind a large flowering bush at the edge of the playground. 

As they rounded the side of the bush, they saw Emily with her back to them, just about to squat down to relieve herself, but the sound of people approaching from behind startled her, and she quickly stood back up and pretended to be examining the flowers. 

“Don’t panic Em, it’s only us.” Becky reassured her “I’ve brought Luce over, so she can see how easy it is. Maybe she’ll change her mind, save us all trekking back to your house for her to go.” 

Visibly relaxing, Em smiled at both girls and then, seemingly without any embarrassment, squatted back down on her haunches and in one deft motion she reached under her long, striped summer dress and pulled her underwear down to her ankles. Sighing as she emptied her bladder, the dress she wore preserved her modesty and neither of her friends could see anything, or even tell what she was doing. With the same smooth motion, she hiked her pants back up and then stood with a wide grin. “See, Luce. How easy was that?” 

Both Becky and Emily laughed at the incredulous look of amazement on their friends face. 

“Wow, ok, that wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Blimey, you made that look so easy, and if I hadn’t have known what you were doing I’d have had no idea. Hands up, I’m quite impressed! Although you’ve obviously had years of practise, and wearing a dress must help too. I couldn’t do that, I’d have to pull my jeans down.” 

“See, told you Luce, it’s not difficult at all. So much quicker and easier than having to mess around running back home every 5 minutes. Yeah wearing a skirt or a dress does help, but we’re hidden from vie here, so even in jeans it’s not a problem. Here, watch me, then you can have a go.” 

Lucy still looked unsure, but admitted she was quite curious now. As a kid, she’s always been brought up not to wee outdoors, because it wasn’t very lady like. It was ok for Jack, he could just nip behind a tree like Dan was going over the other side of the park, but apart from in real, dire emergencies she’d never been allowed to. Thinking about it, the last time must have been when Jack was only a baby, as she remembered her Dad was still around then, and he’d held her up so she could go. 

Becky was completely unabashed as she dropped her jeans and pink pants to the floor and lowered herself down until her bottom was just above the ground. Lucy’s jaw almost hit the ground, she couldn’t believe her friend had basically just stripped off in front of her, whilst in the middle of the park, and was now squatting and weeing without a care in the world. Unbelievable! 

“There you go, easy as that” she said as she stood up, shook herself dry and pulled her clothing back into place. “Nothing too it, and now we can stay out longer. Well, unless you need to go back that is?” 

Poor Lucy was torn. She really didn’t want to be the reason they had to cut short their fun, and she was really enjoying the afternoon with her friends and getting to know her new…boyfriend? Is that wha he was? She really didn’t know – there was no denying he was super cute and she was loving spending time with him, but definitely didn’t think she was ready for any of that mushy stuff! On the flip side, she was super nervous about peeing outdoors. Ok so her friends had both done it in front of her, and she knew that was exactly what Dan was doing too, but it just seemed odd. Then again, it was better than the alternative – if they didn’t head back, and she didn’t have a wee – well, no, she wasn’t even going to think about that! 

Her resolved strengthened by that horrible thought, Lucy grimaced, and then self-consciously asked Em and Becks to turn away, hardly able to believe what she was about to do.  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.4

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