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Part 2 – Chapter 16

Satisfied that nobody was watching, and wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible, Lucy lowered her jeans and undies and the pulled herself down into what she thought was the same position she’d seen Becky use. Paranoid that somebody would walk around the corner at any moment and catch her in the ultimate embarrassing situation, her eyes continued to dart around as she emptied her bladder, not even glancing down towards the floor. 

Considering she’d thought about putting it off until they headed home, Lucy continued to wee for some time, the soft drink clearly having gone straight through her as it always did, and she actually found herself feeling glad that she’d not taken the risk and waited it out, as it would probably not have ended well at all. 

Finally finished, and realising she had nothing to wipe herself with, Lucy did her best to emulate what Becky had done, and then reached down to grab her jeans and cover herself up, relived that nobody had spotted her ‘in the act’. It was then, as she slid her jeans back up, that she realised something was wrong, horribly wrong. Glancing down, she blanched and felt immediately sick, screaming loudly 


Startled by the sudden scream, and wondering what on earth had happened to their friend, both Emily and Becky spun around on the spot. 

“Luce, what’s wrong?” 

“Are you OK Lucy?” 

Lucy stood before them, wide eyed and in shock, quite the sight to behold as she was still half-crouching down, with her underwear pulled up but her jeans only halfway up her thighs. And they could see the problem at once – her jeans and pants appeared to be soaking wet! Lucy had known as soon as she felt the wet fabric on her legs that everything had gone horribly wrong, but it was only upon seeing the state of her jeans when she glanced down that the true horror of the situation had hit her, causing her to cry out. 

Em hadn’t been able to resist a giggle at what she’d seen. It hadn’t been meant cruelly, but she’d seen a few of her friends at Guides have exactly the same problem, and if she was honest she’d even done it once herself many years ago. Friendly ribbing was always the order of the day when it happened at camp, and Em’s reaction was exactly as it would have been there, although she soon stopped laughing when she caught sight of Lucy’s face. 

Becky was much more restrained. Even if she did think it quite funny, she somehow managed not to show this at all, realising that Lucy was moments from tears, and also that had she found herself in this same situation anywhere other than at Guide camp, she’d have been just as mortified. 

“Oh Luce, how on earth did you manage to do that? Where you not watching to make sure your clothes didn’t get in the way?” 

Lucy spluttered, trying to answer. “W…what? You didn’t…why ddindn’t you say to do that? I w..was looking to make sure nobody s..saw me!” Tears were now falling silently down her face and she looked absolutely broken, unable to take in what had happened to her. 

And then a thought hit her, one that made everything else pale into insignificance – Daniel! Oh no, he couldn’t see her like this, how could she ever look him in the eye again? First he saw her accident in school, and now this. If the events of the past week hadn’t ruined her life already, this was sure to. She’d never be able to hide it, and she’d never, EVER live it down. 

Before she could try to think, before she could ask the girls what to do, they all turned as on as they heard a voice from just the other side of the tree. 

“Girls, are you finished?”  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.4

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