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Part 2 – Chapter 2

On Saturday morning, Lucy was awake bright and early, with no alarm or call from her mum needed. She was so excited, and couldn’t wait to be on her way with Becky. This sleepover was going to be so much fun, and give how much it had cost her at school, she was determined to have the best time ever. Sliding out of bed, she heard the rustle of her (well, Jack’s) waterproof sheet, and cringed. Glancing down and not all all surprised to find her bedding and pyjamas to be dry, she made a mental note to ask her Mum to take it off, clearly she’d just had a freak accident after not using the loo before bed, it wasn’t as if she was a bedwetter or anything, so it could come off. Even those thoughts couldn’t spoil her mood that morning, so she pushed them to the back of her mind and walked over to the bathroom to take care of her morning ablutions, singing at the top of her voice as she did so. 

Lesley was trying to enjoy a bit of a lie-in, having been up at the crack of dawn every day that week (and every week) to make sure herself and the kids were ready for the new school day. She was, however, unceremoniously roused from her slumber by the sound of Lucy being out the latest teen pop number from the bathroom, and much as she groaned at her disturbed sleep she still managed a smile at how happy her little girl sounded. Teenage moodiness was starting to set in, so genuine moments of joy like she could hear needed to be cherished. 

In his bedroom, Jack too had heard the musical delights coming from the bathroom, but he was far less enamoured. Yes he was excited about spending the weekend with his friend, but he knew from a bleary eyed glance at the clock on his wall that he wouldn’t be there for hours yet. And whilst he was waiting, he was very happy to stay comfy and snuggled up in his bed. He didn’t need to hear whoever Lucy’s latest boyband crush was being broadcast at that kind of volume from the bathroom, thank you very much. 

“Shurrrup Lucy!” He called, his voice muffled by the duvet he was doing his best to hide under, and without ht he turned over and returned to the land of nod. 

In the bathroom, Lucy hadn’t heard any movement from her mum or brother, and carried on quite merrily with brushing her teeth and styling her hair, having already taken care of her toilet and washing need. She couldn’t quite decide what to do with her hair, keen to look as grown up as she could, because she knew the other girls would be making an effort, and also, just in case Dan did turn up after all. In the end, having tried pigtails and decided they made her look too babyish, she went with a single plait, pulled over to one side of her head, and tucked behind her head. Perfect, she thought as she glanced in the mirror. With the right dress on, I’d probably even pass for 13. It didn’t matter to her that Dan and the girls where in the same class and therefore knew exactly how old she really was, Lucy always tried her best to look older. That’s why that bloody awful school dress they’d made her wear had been so unbearable. But no, she wasn’t thinking about that. Time to make sure her Mum was up! 

“Muuuuummmmyyyyy. Mum, are you awake?” Lucy sang as she danced into her Mum’s bedroom. “Come on Mum, time to get up, it’s sleepover day! And Becks will be here reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy soon.” 

With a groan, Lesley rolled over and glanced again at her bedside clock. It was probably half hour or so later than the last time she had looked, but still far too early for a Saturday morning. “Oh Luce, I’m glad you’re excited, but it’s only 7am. They won’t be here to pick you up for at least another 3 of 4 hours yet, so don’t panic.” 

“I know mum, but I’m tooooo excited to sleep! Is it breakfast time yet?” 

“Get away with ya! Go on, go and get yourself some cereal if you like, I’ll make a cooked breakfast later, at a more normal hour. Give me half an hour please Lucy, you know I’m not going to get much sleep tonight with the boys.” And with that she turned back over and snuggled down under her duvet, savouring every second. 

Making her way down to the kitchen, Lucy poured herself a glass of orange juice and then surveyed the boxes of cereal in the cupboard, settling on some chocolate loops and fixing herself a large bowl full. She couldn’t help herself, and as she sat at the table with her breakfast she was soon messaging all of the girls, excited to see them all later and keen to see who else was already awake, unable to sleep. For good measure, she dropped a text over to Daniel too, to make sure he’d squared it with his Mum, and also to let him know that him and Becks would be at Emily’s earlier in the day, if he wanted to join them what with him being family and all. 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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