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Part 2 – Chapter 22

Jack was concerned, what on earth had he said that had upset Ellie so much? “Ellie, are you ok? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry. What’s the matter?” 

The girl shook her head in an effort to reassure Jack that he’d not upset her, but it took a few moments before she was able to answer. When she did, she wore an expression of utter humiliation and spoke in barely a whisper. 

“Oh Jack, it’s not you. B..but I shouldn’t have laughed like that. What’m I going to do?” 

They boys both looked puzzled, not quite sure what Ellie meant – why shouldn’t she have laughed? It was a funny joke after all, if rather silly (and a little bit rude!). 

She noticed their confused faces and managed a giggle. “Oh boys, have you forgotten why you were trying to distract me? It’s because I really needed a wee! And when I laughed, I…oh my God I can’t believe I’m saying this. No, I can’t believe I did this! When I laughed like that, I…I wet my pants!” And with that Ellie broke down into sobs again and hid her face in her hands. 

A look of dawning realisation passed over both Jack and Tom’s faces, and instinctively they both glanced down at the top of Ellie’s legs, where there was no mistaking the tell-tale wet stain between her legs which spread across her light grey skinny jeans, she really had wet herself, and whilst it didn’t look like it was very bad, there was no denying that it was quite obvious and they weren’t sure how she’d be able to hide it. 

“Don’t worry Ellie, sometimes accidents happen. You couldn’t help it, you were stuck up here. Nobody’s going to make fun of you for it.” Tom tried to reassure the older girl, but he knew from bitter personal experience how embarrassing it could be to have an accident in public, and he was 6 years younger than she was. 

“I’m such a baby! Nobody wets themselves like this when they’re 13, I just can’t believe it. Who ever heard of anybody peeing in their pants when they were my age? Oh no, when we get off everybody’s going to see, everybody’s going to laugh. Any my brothers, they’ll never let me forget this. Nooooooo” 

Jack was worried by just how upset Ellie was getting, and tried to think of a way to make her feel better. Then a brainwave struck him. “You know Ellie, you’re not the only person your age to have an accident. Well, almost your age anyway. Look, she’d absolutely kill me for telling anybody, but my big sister…she’s going to high school in September, and she wet herself in school last week. So you’re not the only once.” 

“What? Your sister you were telling me about earlier, she’s what…11 isn’t she? And she really had an accident? Blimey, what happened?” 

Jack quickly recounted the tale as best as he could. He’d not been there in the classroom after all, but had witnessed the aftermath. And even Tom was able to chip in about seeing her clutching the bag of wet clothes and wearing the summer dress she’d been given to change into. It was only when Jack explained about the photo’s being shared online and the bullying that had followed that Ellie gasped loudly and clasped a hand to her mouth. 

“Oh my! Jack, is your sister that blonde haired girl from Moore St Primary School? Lucy I think her name was, is that her?” 

Jack nodded, amazed. “You know her? Please don’t tell her that I told you about what happened, she’d go mad!” 

“Don’t worry Jack, I don’t actually know her, and I wouldn’t say anything even if I did. But yeah I saw those photos you’re talking about, lots of the girls from my school were sharing them, it was pretty awful. Oh I’m so sorry that poor Lucy had to go through that, they were all being so very cruel.” 

“Well then, you know you’re not the only one. And if she can survive that and the whole town knowing, I’m sure you can get through this. Besides, you’ve got an excuse at least – she just didn’t want to use the school loos, haha.” 

“Y’know, you’re probably right, thanks Jack. I can’t believe I’m sitting here in pee soaked jeans even talking about it, but I guess it could’ve been so much worse. If they don’t hurry up and get this damned ride fixed though they it may be, because now I’ve started I REALLY need to finish my wee!” 

Tom laughed at that. “You’ve already wet yourself now Ellie, why not just finish off? Besides, it’ll look more convincing that you just couldn’t hold on if you’re soaked, rather than just peeing a bit from laughing too hard.” 

Ellie looked pensive for a moment, but then snapped back out of her thoughts. “No, no, I can’t possibly wet myself – well, wet myself more – on purpose. That’s just disgusting. I’m not a baby, I can hang on until we get down I’m sure. And who knows, maybe nobody will notice…this.” she gestured to the wet patch on her jeans and blushed again. 

The three carried on chatting, making a point of changing the subject, with both boys questioning Ellie about high school life. They knew they had a few years left yet before they’d be going, but it was good to know what kind of things went on. As they talked, Ellie continued to wriggle around as her need to pee got steadily worse, although she resisted the urge to grab herself again as every time she did the feeling of wet denim reminded her what she’d done. After more than half an hour had passed, with no end in sight and worried that she was going to have a real accident at any moment, she looked over at both boys and blushed furiously. 

“Maybe you were right. I’m not sure I can hang on until we get down to the ground, and it’s really hurting me trying to hold on. I’m going to have to wet myself. Please, please don’t tell anybody I did it on purpose, but it somehow seems better than to lose control and have an accident.” 

Ellie really hadn’t been kidding when she said how badly she needed to go, and as she wee’d both Jack and Tom could hear the distinct hissing sound. To spare her blushes, they made a point of looking away until she’d finished, but then both couldn’t resist stealing a glance and were astounded by just how soaked her pants were, the wet stain covering all of the front right the way down past her knees. 

“Wow, you really did have to go, didn’t you” 

Ellie couldn’t answer, she just sniffed and tried her hardest not to cry again. There really was no hiding it now, she’d well and truly wet herself and the whole world would be able to see it. She could even feel her warm, wet shame pooling on the seat beneath her and dripping from the sides. Oh what had she done? 

Suddenly, without any warning, they felt a jolt and the ride capsule began its descent back to safety. The engineers must have fixed the fault, and within seconds they had touched back down onto the platform. 

Ellie was in shock, why hadn’t she waited just a few more seconds. She’d have made it. But now…now she had to deal with the shame of what she had done. How would she explain this?

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.6

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