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Part 2 – Chapter 23

Chapter 23

The carriage arrived at the landing platform, and the safety gate was opened by a staff member, who was quick to make sure that all of the kids were safe and that nobody had been injured. Satisfied that the three of them were all in once piece, although doing a bit of a double-take at the sight of a teenage girl who had very clearly wet her pants, she stood aside to let them exit, assuming they were one family group. 

Waiting on the platform, having just exited their own carriage, were Ellie’s Dad and her two younger brothers – the two boy looking like they’d enjoyed their little unexpected adventure, and the older man looking more than a little stressed by it all. He was relieved to see Ellie, and smiled at her, but was astounded by her reaction. 

“DADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYY! Oh Daddy, I had an accident!” She bawled, running towards him with her arms outstretched. The sight of him had caused her tough exterior to crack, and the shame of realising just what had happened on the ride had hit her hard. 

Graham, her dad, didn’t quite know what to make of this. She’d not called him Daddy for at least half of her lifetime, and being a typical teen would usually be mortified by such a public spectacle. He was hard pressed to get a hug goodnight, never mind right in the middle of hundreds of people. In his shock, he hadn’t actually taken in what she had shouted, only that she was clearly distressed and needed his comfort. Wrapping his arms around her, he drew her into a tight embrace and held her whilst she calmed down. 

As her sobs subsided, Ellie seemed to realise just what a scene she had just made, and blushed furiously. Well, even if the whole world couldn’t see her jeans, they’d not be in any doubt now as to what had happened to her. She was mortified, and buried her face into her Dad’s jacket as he held her close and whispered gently into her ear. 

“Oh Dad, I’m such a baby. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold it.” Her embarrassment was clear, and now Graham understood what had happened. 

“Shhhh, sweetheart, it’s really not your fault. It doesn’t matter, honestly. Come on now, calm yourself down and dry those tears. Please don’t cry, you couldn’t help it. Accidents happen, especially in emergencies like that.” 

Her Dad’s soothing words helped to calm Ellie down, and she was soon untangling herself from him, blushing again as she did so. 

“I’m sorry Dad. I’m just so ashamed of myself, I’m 13 not 3, I shouldn’t be wetting my pants. Even the boys managed not to do that, why couldn’t I?” 

At first Graham thought she was talking about her little brothers, who were stood beside him in a shocked silence at what they’d just seen, but then he noticed the other two boys who had followed Ellie off the ride. 

“Who are your friends El?” 

“Ah, sorry, this is Jack and Tom. They weren’t allowed to ride on their own, so got in with me. Although it looks like I’m the little kid here, doesn’t it! These guys have been great company when we got stuck, and even helped me when I…well, when I had a problem.” 

The boys beamed, delighted that the older girl had spoken so highly of them. 

“Well, very well done young men, thank you for helping to look after our Ellie here.” And he shook each of their hands as they smiled broadly. 

“Come on El, let’s go and get you cleaned up shall we. I’m afraid I don’t have a change of clothes for you, didn’t think you’d still be needing one at 13 really, but I’m sure we can sort something.” 

The family began to walk away, when suddenly Ellie turned back, smiled at Jack and Tom, and called over to them. “Thanks lads, you’re amazing! And Jack, tell Lucy to look out for me when she starts at my school. I’ll make sure she’s ok.” 

“JAAAAACK! TOM! Oh thank goodness you’re both ok!” Lesley had spotted the boys now that Ellie and her family had moved to the side, and ran towards them, clearly worried out of her mind. 


Daniel strode confidently from behind the bush, leaving the 3 girls hidden from view. Danielle and the other girls who had arrived with her were waiting over near the playground, looking expectantly and wondering why the boy was returning alone. When they’d found him, he’d gone to fetch Em and the other girls who were with them. 

“LOOK OUT, BEHIND YOU” he bellowed as loudly as he could, making sure that not only the group in front of him could hear, but also the 3 girls he’d left in hiding. 

Danielle, Laura and Katy all spun around at once, wondering what on earth Daniel was shouting about, but not taking any chances. Of course, they saw nothing, and spent a few moments gazing into the distance trying to see what had him so spooked. 

“That’s our cue” Emily whispered to Becky and Lucy, and without a backward glance the three girls ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction, hoping that even if the others did spot them they wouldn’t be able to tell who it was from behind, and even more so that they wouldn’t notice pore Lucy’s jeans! 

Hearing the scurrying behind him, Dan was confident their plan had worked. Now he just had to explain why he was shouting, and where the others had disappeared too. 

“Daniel, what on earth are you shouting about? There’s nothing behind us at all!” 

Jogging to reach them, Dan panted “Sorry Danielle, that boy over there was kicking his football – hard – and I thought he was going to hit you with it. From over there it looked like he was closer than he is, sorry for startling you!” And he blushed a little for effect. 

Katy glanced back over her shoulder and picked out the lad he was talking about. “Blimey, if he can kick a ball that far, maybe he should be playing for a professional team! Honestly Daniel, you should get your eyes tested, haha.” 

Dan just chuckled “Yeah, probably, sorry about that. Anyway, Em and the girls have nipped back to the shop for some more snacks for us all to share, they shouldn’t be too long.” 

“How rude! They could have at least come and said hello. Ah well, as long as they bring something tasty, I’m starving.” 

The 4 of them wandered back over to the same space that Dan had sat with the other 3 girls a short while earlier, and sat and chatted amongst themselves for a while. Well, the girls chatted, Dan mostly watched and listened. He didn’t really know any of them that well, and whilst he’d managed to be a bit more outgoing around Lucy and Becky, and obviously knew Em, he always struggled a bit with people he didn’t know. 

Lucy, Becky and Emily had made it safely out of the park without being spotted, so far as they could tell, and were now running through the housing estate that separated Em’s home from the park, hoping against hope that they wouldn’t bump into anybody that they knew, with Lucy doing her best to hide behind the other two girls so that nobody could see what had happened to her. Finally, the house came into view, and they agreed that Em would run ahead to check that the coast was clear whilst Lucy and Becky waited hidden just around the corner. 

Then, suddenly, a voice from behind them called out “Becky, Lucy, what are you doing hanging around out here?” causing both girls to freeze, they recognised that voice! 

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