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Part 2 – Chapter 25

Both Emily and Becky looked at their friend blankly.

“No, why? Who is she?” 

She showed them her phone, and both girls looked carefully at the profile. The girl appeared to be a couple of years older than them, and in one of her photos she was wearing the local high school uniform. Well, apart from the copious amounts of makeup and jewellery she had on anyway. She wasn’t familiar to them though.  

“I dunno Luce, not somebody I recognise, you don’t think she’s one of the ones who was sending all of those awful messages the other night do you? Back for another pop at you perhaps?” Becky was always protective of her friend, and worried that she may get upset again if the teasing resumed. 

Lucy considered this thought, and realised that Becky was probably right. But something was gnawing at her, and she didn’t quite know what it was. For all of her ‘teen goth’ look, the girl in the photo appeared kindly, and she couldn’t imagine her being a bully. There were other photos on her profile too, showing her with a couple of younger kids – brothers presumably? She just didn’t seem the ‘mean’ type. 

“You’re probably right.” Lucy responded to her friend “Guess I’ll just ignore it, don’t want all of that hassle starting up again. If that’s what she’s after, she’ll have plenty of chance in September, they all will.” And poor Lucy frowned at the thought of the ribbing she’d get when she started high school, not at all the welcome she’s been hoping for! Before putting her phone back in her pocket though, curiosity got the better of her, and her gut feeling overruled her doubts. She clicked ‘accept’, and then hastily shoved the phone away before Becky could see. If she was a bully, she could always delete her. But, something told her she wouldn’t need to do that. 

The three girls were soon at the shop, and each produced a couple of pounds from their pockets, keen to stock up on snacks to take back to the park with them in order to complete their cover story. 

“Wanna get another big bottle of pop to share?” Em was thirsty, and had thought about getting a can for herself, but realised that the others might like a drink too. 

“Ooh, yeah, good idea Em!” 

“Erm, well, I’m not actually all that thirsty, but I bet the others will be.” Lucy hadn’t been a fan of her first outdoor wee experience, and wasn’t keen to repeat it, so she thought hat holding off the pop until they were back home was probably safest. “Tell you what, you pair sort the drinks and I’ll pick some big bags of crisps that we can pass around.” 

They all agreed, and left the shop with not one but two massive bottles of Coke to share, as well as 4 different flavours of crisps, giggling excitedly amongst themselves as they made their way back to the park, spotting their friends sitting around near to the swings and hurting over to share their bounty. 

The group of girls all hugged each other, talking non-stop as they caught up with each others news. After all, it had been nearly a whole 24hrs since they’d last seen each other at school! Daniel sat off to the side slightly, a little overwhelmed by the sudden large gathering, and struggling to take in everything that was being said. The new arrivals took turns to wish Emily a happy 11th birthday, and then once the pleasantries were over with they all sat down in a large circle to share the goodies. 

Noticing that Dan seemed a little quiet after they’d returned, Lucy made a point of going over and sitting next to him, even grabbing hold of his hand as she did so, which of course triggered fresh giggles from both Em and Becky, and looks of wide-eyed amazement from the other girls. Dan blushed a little at being the centre of attention, but Lucy smiled widely around at all of the girls. 

“Ok then, so what’s the plan Em?”  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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