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Part 2 – Chapter 31

As the group reached the landing at the top of the stairs, Emily, Lucy and Becky headed straight to Em’s bedroom, with Daniel ducking into Lisa’s room on the way past. The other three girls, however, made a detour to the family bathroom, with Laura just about getting there first. Danielle wasn’t all that bothered, yes she kinda needed to go, but she was happy to wait until Laura had finished, and it gave her a couple of minutes to catch up with messages on her phone. Katie, on the other hand, let out a barely audible groan and looked noticeably uncomfortable as she jiggled around outside the bathroom door, hoping her friends would put it down to being cold and wet rather than being quite desperate for a wee! All of the pop they’d drank at the park had gone straight through her, and she’d just been thinking about slipping off for a bathroom break when Daniel had ambushed them all outside. 

Ooh, I hope Laura doesn’t take too long, she thought to herself, resisting the urge to hold herself, as she knew Danielle wouldn’t be able to resist making fun of her if she did that. The cold really wasn’t helping, nor was the constant drip-drip-drip of water from both of them. If Laura didn’t come out soon, there’d be a much bigger puddle than the one they were already creating. No, she wouldn’t even think like that, instead crossing over her legs to take off a little pressure, and praying that Laura was nearly done. 

The three girls who had headed into the bedroom together quickly grabbed a towel each, and not worrying too much about modesty – after all they changed together for PE at school, and had even had a wee in front of each other at the park earlier – they stripped down to their undies before wrapping themselves in the towels to dry off and warm up. 

“Laura looked like she was in a rush to get to the loo then, and Katie was practically dancing on the landing. Honestly, anybody would think they hadn’t just had a massive water fight and that they weren’t already soaked. Why didn’t they just wee outside?” 

“What do you mean Em, like, behind a bush again or something? Surely they wouldn’t do that in your garden?” Becky sounded surprised by the idea, and looked questioningly at her two friends. “I mean, it’s one thing when you’re out on a hike and there are no loos, or even at the park, but not in the garden?” 

Em laughed, and rolled her eyes at Becky, surprised that the girl was so naive. She’d have half expected something like that from Lucy, given she had never wee’d outside before today, but Becky must know better surely. 

“No, don’t be daft, you can’t go pulling your pants down in the garden, what if somebody sees? But, if you’re already soaked from the water fight and going to get changed anyway, why not just wee where you are?” And she gave Becky a mischievous grin as she said it. “It’s what I did.” 

Spluttering, Becky’s jaw almost hit the floor. “You did? What?! You mean you…you’re not telling me you wet yourself when we were playing outside, instead of coming in to use the toilet like a normal person? That’s just….no, you’ve got to be making that up surely?” 

“Of course I did silly! Why would I want to stop the water fight and then traipse water all through the house, when I was already dripping wet. Clearly nobody could see, otherwise you’d have already known. And I’m going to get changed into dry clothes now anyway, so what’s the harm?” Em then glanced over at Lucy, rolling her eyes as she did so “What do you say Luce?” 

Lucy blushed furiously, and then nodded. She’d thought she’d been the only one, and that she’d got away with it, although hers wasn’t exactly planned – the shock of the cold water from the hose pipe hitting her had caused her to leak a little, and then when they were throwing full buckets over each other she realised it wouldn’t matter at all if she finished what she had started. 

“What? You too? That’s crazy! There was a toilet right indoors, you…oh, whatever. You pair are nutters!” 

The bedroom door then creaked open, and the remaining three girls sidled in, shivering and quickly wrapping themselves up in fluffy towels, before perching themselves on the bed next to the others. 

“Honestly Katie, I thought you were going to wet yourself out there then!” Danielle admonished her friend “You’re not a little kid anymore you know, you should have come inside earlier if you needed the toilet that badly.” 

Katie bowed her head, chastened, whilst Laura looked a little abashed, having only just made it herself…and Emily, Becky and Lucy all giggled, earning them a disapproving look from Danielle. 

Before they could carry on with getting dried and changed, there was a gentle knock on the bedroom door. 

“Who is it?” Em called out. 

“It’s only me” Daniel replied, muffled through the door “Can I come in a second?” 

“No, Dan, we’re getting changed! What’s up?” 

“Erm…could you pass me my bag please? I haven’t got any clothes to put on.” 

This of course triggered giggles and laughter from all of the girls, and lots of silly comments, before Lucy came to his rescue by grabbing his bag, and passing it around the door, keeping herself hidden as she did so, standing there wearing only a towel – and giggling a little at the fact that she felt sure Dan was exactly the same on the other side of the door. 

“Thanks, Luce, it would have been really embarrassing sitting drinking hot chocolate with my auntie, with no clothes on. You can though if you like, hahaha” which caused the room to erupt into spontaneous fits of laughter. 

Whilst Dan chuckled to himself and made his way back to Lisa’s bedroom to get dressed, the girls struggled to control themselves, breaking into laughter again every time they thought they’d calmed back down. 

“Ooh, I’m glad I went to the loo when I did” Spluttered Katie “Or I really would have made a mess all over your bed Em, I’ve never laughed so hard. Luce, he’s really got the hots for you, hasn’t he!” 

Lucy glowed bright red, but was secretly pleased that Dan seemed to like her so much, because the feeling really was mutual. She just grinned, not trusting herself to answer without causing a fresh wave of hysteria. 

Amidst all of the commotion, whilst the girls were I hysterics laughing at Dan’s comment, Becky had made a dash for the door, clutching her towel tightly around her. As Lucy had sat back down, she glanced at the space next to her on the bed where Becky had been sitting, and whilst she couldn’t be sure, she was sure something wasn’t quite right, there was a large wet patch on the duvet. Now, all of the girls were pretty soggy from the water fight, but they had all taken off their wet clothes and were wrapped up in dry towels. She felt the bed underneath her before as she sat, and it was dry. Becky hadn’t…she couldn’t have…had she?  

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  1. mikeymike mikeymike

    Loved reading chapters 31 and 32 again; they’ve always been amongst my favourites!
    Hope when the new chapters come along there can be a few more “sneaky wee’s”

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