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Part 2 – Chapter 33

Whilst Becky was gone, the girls began drying themselves off and dressing in fresh clothes, chatting about nothing much as they did so. Completely unabashed, Em had dropped her towel and stripped off her soggy undies, before padding naked across the bedroom to her wardrobe, where she picked out a snuggly, fleece onesie.  

“It’s not time for bed yet you know Em!” Danielle sniggered “Nice PJ’s though, haha.” 

“I know Danielle, but this is so soft and warm. I’l be putting my cozzie on when we go out to the hot tub anyway, so why dirty more clothes?” 

They all agreed she had a point, although the others settled on comfortable, casual clothes rather than their night things. Lucy was just pulling her cotton summer dress over her head when he heard a ting from her phone. Popping her head out through the top, and smoothing the dress down, she leaned over to pick up her phone from where she’d left it charging on the bedside table. Glancing at the screen, she could see a new message from Becky. How odd, she thought, why doesn’t she just shout me…or even come back into the bedroom if she wants to say something? 

As she was thinking this, and before opening the message, her eyes again fell on the damp patch clearly visible on Emily’s pink duvet cover, and with a jolt she realised that if her suspicion had been correct, her friend may need her help. 

‘Luce, help! x’ 

‘What’s the matter becks? x’ 

‘I’m in the bathroom, can’t come back in. Can you bring my bag pls? Quick, hurry. x’ 

Thinking on her feet, Lucy made a quick excuse to the group. “I’m just nipping to the loo, shouldn’t have drank all of that pop earlier.” And then picked up Becky’s bag discreetly, so that only Em could see. 

Em gave her a questioning look, and Lucy just mouthed ‘Becky’ to her and then flashed a look in the direction of the other girls, hoping that her friend picked up on the hint and created a bit of a distraction for her. 

“Here, girls, come and have a look through my smellies, you can try any of them that you fancy. I’ve even got some new posh ones for my birthday, see.” Em had understood, and motioned for the girls to come over to her dressing table, where she was pulling out bottles of perfume and body spray for them all to try out. 

Taking her opportunity, whilst the others were huddled around Em and busy spraying a cloud of fragrance into the air, Lucy quickly grabbed Becky’s bag and jumped over the bed towards the door. 

“Be back in a sec, save me something nice!” She called, although none of the girls were paying too much attention, far too busy making themselves smell beautiful. 

Once she was out on the landing, Lucy quickly glanced in both directions to make sure nobody else was around, before padding over to the bathroom and knocking gently on the door. She could hear what sounded like faint sobbing from the other side. 

“Becks, it’s only me. I’ve got your stuff. Can you let me in?” 

She could hear a shuffling sound, then the bolt on the inside of the door slid back, and Becky opened the door slightly, looking out to make sure Lucy was alone, before ushering her in and locking the door quickly again behind her. 

Becky still had the towel wrapped around her middle, but Lucy now noticed that she had a pair of grey leggings on, peeping out at the bottom just above her ankles. Obviously her friend had been in the middle of getting dressed when the silliness had started, although in all of the chaos she hadn’t noticed. Becky’s eyes were red and puffy, and she’d obviously been crying. 

“What on earth’s the matter Becks? We were all having such a laugh, and the you just disappeared.” 

Becky looked absolutely mortified as the let go of the towel, allowing it to fall to her feet. As she did so, Lucy could see what the problem was – her leggings were soaked! A large, dark grey wet stain covered the crotch area and halfway down her legs 

“Oh Luce, I had to go and was waiting for the others to finish, but then when we started laughing, it just happened! I can’t believe it. Did anybody see?” 

“Don’t worry Becks, we’d barely noticed you’d gone, everybody was too busy laughing about me and what Dan had said. I did wonder…there’s a bit of a wet patch on the bed…but it’s not obvious, nobody else would have seen that. I thought you’d just sat down before you’d dried yourself or something.” 

Becky’s eyes widened in horror “Oh no! I can’t believe I’ve wee’d on Em’s bed, she’s going to kill me. And after everything I said about you and Em wetting your pants when we were outside having the water fight too, then I go and have an accident like a little baby. I’ve not done this for YEARS.” 

“Becky, stop stressing. Accidents happen…come on, look at the week that I’ve had! Get yourself cleaned up and dressed, nobody will be any the wiser. Look, only Em saw me bringing your bag, so if you get changed in here you can just pretend that you brought it with you and didn’t want to get naked in front of us all or something. I dunno, but it’ll be fine, honestly. We can explain to Em when nobody else is around, she will understand.” 

Looking a little unsure, Becky took the bag from Lucy and quickly stripped off her wet leggings and undies, washing herself down and then re-dressing, this time in a summer dress not unlike the one Lucy was wearing. 

“Come on then, let’s get back in there before it starts looking suspicious. Em was showing them all her smellies to keep them distracted, and…just wait until you see the onesie she’s wearing! She looks like a giant polar bear, although I admit it does look really snuggly and comfy.” 

“Thanks Luce. I really owe you one. That would have been mortifying if anybody had seen.” And, reaching over, she gave her friend a hug of gratitude. Smiling again, the two girls made their way back to the bedroom, where the excited giggles and calls of ‘Ooh, I like that one!’ made it clear they hadn’t been missed. Becky quickly dumped her bag at the side of the room as they both bounded over to join their friends and try out the new perfumes themselves. 

“Girls, Daniel, hot chocolates are ready. Come down and get them before they go cold.” 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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