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Part 2 – Chapter 34

There was a sudden stampede, as the 6 girls dashed from Emily’s bedroom out onto the landing, almost knocking Daniel flying as he came out of Lisa’s door. 

“Woah, careful!” He chided 

“Sorry Dan! Ooh, hot chocolate, I’m so ready for this.” 

Dan was buffeted forward by the group as they began descending the stairs, with Danielle, Laura and Katie plus poor Dan – who was being propelled downwards whether he wanted to or not – leading the pack, whilst Em held back deliberately, wanting to chat to Becky and Lucy without being overheard. 

“What on earth was that all about back there? Are you OK Becky?” 

 Her friend blushed, and lowered her eyes to the ground, ashamed of what had happened, and not wanting to own up to it. Lucy noticed this, and quickly stepped in. “It was nothing, Em, Becks just didn’t want to get changed in front of everybody, did you? So she text me to take her bag out to the bathroom where she had a bit more privacy.” 

Giving Lucy a grateful smile, Becks nodded slowly, not liking lying to their friend but at the same time feeling hugely embarrassed by her little accident, and really not wanting to talk about it. 

Em raised her eyebrows as the took this in, clearly not convinced. “Hmm, why didn’t you just take your bag out when you went to the loo Becks? And…now I’m thinking about it. That doesn’t make any sense, as you’d already started to get changed in the room before you ran out. I saw you pulling grey leggings on before Dan came and made us all laugh. So why did you change to a dress?” 

Realising that she’d been caught out, Becky froze, with a look of shock and horror on her face that resembled a rabbit caught in a cars headlights. She could feel the colour rising up her face, and didn’t know how to answer without digging herself further into a hole. 

“I…erm…’s just.” She spluttered and stuttered, but kept tripping over her words, and couldn’t get them out in any kind of coherent sentence. Looking imploringly at Lucy, she appeared to be close to tears again. 

“What is it? You’re worrying me now! Come on, spit it out, I’m sure it’s not that bad.” 

Taking Em by the hand, Becky led her back through the door and into the bedroom, stopping at her bag which she’d cast aside earlier. With silent tears streaming down her cheeks, she unzipped the side compartment and pulled out the grey leggings which she’d hastily shoved in there, and held them up, the wet stain clear for all to see. “I…oh I’m so sorry Em. I had…I had an accident!” And then, the weight lifted, she sobbed. 

“Oh Becks, calm yourself down. It really doesn’t matter, and it’s not worth getting yourself so upset over. Accidents happen. Look at poor Luce and what happened to her, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And the others don’t know a thing, so please don’t cry.” Reaching out her arms, she enveloped Becky in a warm embrace, before pulling Lucy in too for a group hug. 

“Thanks for covering Em. I saw Becks’ message and didn’t know how I could get her stuff out to her. You’re a star! I think Katie and Laura would have been cool, but you know what Danielle can be like.” Lucy rolled her eyes, they’d all been friends for years, but Danielle had turned into a bit of a bully over the past 12 months or so. She always thought that she was better than everybody else, so much more mature, and she never seemed to pass up an opportunity to make fun. 

“Becks, throw your wet things into my washing basket, it’s better than them stinking up your bag. Mum will be washing my stuff from the water fight anyway, and I bet she’ll do all of yours whilst she’s at it. If you cover them over, nobody needs to know.” 

Nodding an appreciative thanks, Becky buried her leggings and undies deep under Em’s laundry, and then perking up a little now that she wasn’t trying to keep what had happened to her a secret, she grabbed both of the other girls and led them back to the landing, heading downstairs for their chocolatey treat. 

“Ah, we thought you three had got lost!” Dan remarked as they entered the kitchen, a think chocolate and cream moustache gracing his face having just taken a large swig of his drink. 

“Honestly, Daniel, are you a toddler or something!” Em admonished “You’re supposed to be drinking that, not wearing it.” She then glanced around at the 3 girls sat around the table, and burst out laughing as she saw that all of them were exactly the same! Katie even had a smudge of cream on the tip of her nose too. “Honestly! Come on then, looks like we’ve got some catching up to do girls. Grab a mug, and let’s have a silly selfie.” 

So that’s exactly what they did, with all 7 of them pulling faces at the phone camera, chocolate and cream smeared across their faces, and each wearing a look of pure glee and delight. ‘Click’ 

Lisa had popped outside for a cheeky cigarette after she’d set the mugs on the table when the first of the girls had come downstairs, and re-emerging through the back door she was amused to see the fun they were having and the sheer innocence of it all. Ah they looked so cute. 

“The hot tub is nearly filled, I’d say give it another 10 minutes or so and then you can go and turn the water off. No more water fights though, please, or you’ll all be running out of dry clothes to put on.” She glanced knowingly over at Lucy as she said this, aware that the young girl had already changed her clothes a couple of times, what with the earlier mishap at the park and then how soaked they’d all been coming in from the garden. 

Emily, Lucy and Becky also exchanged a glance, stifling a giggle as they did so, with Lisa completely unaware that Becky was in the same boat too! 

Lisa continued “How about you come and watch a movie whilst it’s heating up? It’ll take a couple of hours at the very least, so you pick something to watch and I’ll set it up on the big screen in the front room for you. Maybe a bowl of popcorn to share and another round of hot chocolates to go with it too?” 

“YAAAAAAAY!” Came a chorus of 7 excited young voices. 

Dan and Em made their way out to the garden to take care of the hot tub, whilst the rest of the girls excitedly ran through to the lounge to flick through the movies available and choose one. Danielle decided she wanted to watch something scary…and, usually she got her own way.”  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.4

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