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Part 2 – Chapter 36

Inside the toilets, the 4 exited boys found a small changing area with benches, and judging by the puddles of slimy water which had formed, they weren’t the only ones to make use of this facility after having a go on the ride. 

Being typical young boys, they weren’t in the least bit self-conscious as older kids or adults would be, and soon all 4 had stripped off their shorts and t-shirts, leaving them standing around in just their underpants. For a moment, Jack felt a little embarrassed when he realised he was the only one wearing briefs, and bright green turtles ones at that! Tom, Sam and Ben all had boxers on, and he knew that at school sometimes the boys would make fun of each other if they wore ‘baby undies’ like the ones he was wearing, so he was worried somebody was going to say something. Something caught his eye though which quickly distracted him, and as he looked again he couldn’t help himself blurting out 

“Sam, why are your undies all wet? It looks like you’ve wee’d yourself!” 

Young sam didn’t look remotely abashed at the question, and even grinned cheekily as he replied “Well, it will look like that, because I did!” 

Both Jack and Tom gasped and looked a little shocked, not necessarily at the fact that Sam had had an accident, because neither of them were exactly strangers to that happening even if they liked to pretend that they were too old and grown up for things like that, but more because he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered. They knew he was only a year younger than them, and none of their friends, even the ones a year younger, would ever be smiling about the fact they’d wet their pants! Normally anybody who had suffered this misfortune would be doing their best to hide it, and ashamed of what they’d done, but here was Sam standing bold as brass in the middle of the changing area, showing off his sodden pants. 

Ben seemed shocked too, which made them think that this wasn’t a regular occurrence. If anything, with him being younger, they’d had thought it more likely for him to wet himself, not his big brother. 

“No need to look so surprised, all of you. We’re soaked anyway! Did none of you wee whilst we were on the ride? You should have done!” 

“WHAT? You did it on purpose Sam? Like, it wasn’t an accident? Why did you do that!?!” Ben’s jaw had nearly hit the floor when he’d heard what his brother had said, he could have understood an accident as he still had them himself more often than he’d ever admit, but he’d never dream of wetting himself on purpose like that. And definitely not in public! 

Colouring a little at his younger siblings words, Sam looked a little less sure of himself, and his eyes darted between Jack and Tom to gauge their reaction, worried that he’d embarrassed himself in front of these older boys, and his old teachers son no less. 

Tom sensed the worry in their new friends eyes, and was quick to reassure him. “Don’t worry Sam, we’re getting changed anyway, so it’s not like it matters, and nobody else is ever going to know. Did you do it on purpose though, or was it an accident?” 

Relaxing a little at the kindness in Tom’s words, Sam lowered his guard. “Well, yeah, ok, I did it deliberately. Like Tom said, we were all getting soaked, so I didn’t think it would matter. I needed to go a bit, so thought why not. Dunno why really, but it did feel nice and warm when the rest of me was shivering, haha.” 

“Haha, well I’ll remember that Sam, the next time I’m cold, although there are probably less icky ways of warming up!” 

This broke though the awkwardness, and the 4 of them were soon laughing as they hurriedly pulled on dry clothes. Jack noticed that Sam was puling on the pair of tracksuit bottoms his Dad had handed to him, but still had the wet boxers on. “Erm, Sam mate, I’m sorry to bring it up again…but shouldn’t you change your undies too? They’ll get your trackies all wet if you leave them on.” 

Looking a little embarrassed, Sam held out his hands, palms upturned. “I’ve not got any clean ones to put on, just have to hope it’s not too obvious I guess. If I take them off, Dad’ll wonder why, and I can’t not wear any can I?” 

Reaching down to where his clean shorts lay on the bench, Jack pushed his hand underneath and retrieved a small ball of red fabric. Tossing it over in Sam’s direction, the ball unfurled into a pair of red briefs. “Here, put these on. Mum have them me with my shorts.” He then blushed furiously, realising he’d just admitted that his Mum had brought a change of undies for him, and there weren’t many reasons for a young boy to need to change those during the day! “She..erm…must have brought them just in case we got wet on the rides I guess. But mine are still dry, so you wear them. Chuck me your wet ones, if I put them in with my stuff she’ll probably just think I’ve changed them after the ride.” 

Sam gratefully caught the pants, and without another word he slipped off his wet ones and replaced them with Jack’s. They were a little big and baggy, but not ridiculously so as there wasn’t too much size difference between the boy, and they were infinitely better than wearing wet undies all day and the risk of somebody seeing if they got his trousers wet. “Thanks, Jack. I ‘ppreciate it. Hey, I’ve not worn pants like these for years, Dad always buys us boxers like his, but I like them.” And, being a typical pre-teen boy, he took great pleasure in dancing around the toilets showing off Jack’s pants, causing all of the others to giggle. 

“Boys, what’s going on in here? You’ve been gone ages, and we can hear lots of laughter, but not a lot go getting changed seems to be happening.” Graham’s voice carried into the toilets, causing the 4 boys to hurry back to their places and grab their clothes, in an effort to look like they hadn’t been messing about. He walked in, and found all of them standing there in just their underpants, looking rather sheepish. “Come on lads, get a move on, we’re all starving out here waiting to go for lunch!” 

As the kids hurried to pull on trousers and shorts, Graham noticed the pants his eldest son was wearing. “Whose are those underpants Sam? You haven’t got any like that, have you?” 

Blushing furiously, Sam looked down at his feet as he mumbled “No, Dad. Mine…mine got a bit wet on the ride, that’s all. So Jack here lent me his spare ones. He didn’t need them. Is that…is that ok?” 

A little bewildered, Graham just nodded and thanked Jack for helping out. “At this rate we’re going to have a house full of clothes that belong you you lot, aren’t we. I’ll have to arrange with your Mum to give everything back…and it looks like I need to learn to be a lot more organised with day trips I the future. I’d never have thought of needing a change of underpants at your age…nor a change of clothes for a 13 year old, come to think of it.” 

Making his way out of the toilet back to where Lesley and Ellie were waiting, Graham couldn’t help thinking how difficult and stressful being a single Dad was, and how much he had to remember all the time. His wife had always taken care of that kind of thing, so he’d not had to worry about it. The more he thought, the more it seemed strange that Lesley would think to carry a change of clothes for an almost-teenage daughter, as surely the days of accidents and messy play had long gone, and even a change of undies for a 7 year old seemed more than a little odd, but maybe she was just good at being over prepared. Ah well, he was grateful nonetheless, it had saved their day being spoilt. 

“Honestly, boys! They were dancing around the place in just their pants, no shame between them. I’ve hurried them along, so then should be out soon and we can go and find some food. I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m ravenous.”

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