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Part 2 – Chapter 51

Last updated on October 15, 2019

It wasn’t longer after Lisa had drifted back off to sleep, hoping for a few more peaceful hours before the rabble awoke, that Daniel began to disturb. He shifted around uncomfortably in his sleep for a few minutes, not quite waking but certainly no longer deep in slumber. Usually, at home, he slept al night and very little was able to wake him – not even his multiple alarms and his Mum’s increasingly frustrated shouts each morning when he had to get up for school – but for some reason his body was sending him signals that he needed to wake up, even though it was clearly still very early. 

He fought against the impulses for as long as he could, but eventually his sleep was broken, and he groggily opened his eyes. Noticing the form of Lucy’s body, which was still curled tightly around him, he remembered where he was and smiled at the thought that he’d spent the night cuddled up to Lucy, even if it had been quite unintentional. His happiness grew as he realised too that he had not wet himself as he had feared would happen, something that he was immensely grateful for given how he’d been sleeping, as if he’d had an accident there was absolutely no way that Lucy wouldn’t have ended up soaked as well – and he’d rather have died than wee all over the girl he seemed to be rapidly falling for. 

As he was thinking all of this, it suddenly struck him just why he’d woken up so unexpectedly early – he’d not wet the bed, but he did need the toilet! Groaning slightly under his breath, he looked around at the tangle of girls who were sleeping around him, thinking just for a fleeting second just how lucky he was and how many boys would dearly love to be in his position, surrounded by cute sleeping girls, before refocusing his thoughts on how exactly he could get up to go to the loo without disturbing everybody else. As his eyes darted around the room, adjusting to the darkness, he noticed that the camp bed which Danielle had stomped off to sleep on after their falling out earlier the previous evening was now empty, causing him to look again at the sleeping figures around him as he tried to figure out whether one of them was Danielle, presuming that she’d joined them in the night. So far as he could make out, however, there are only 5 girls plus him, so no Danielle. 

He was stumped for a moment, tiredness hampering his brain, until something clicked and he came to the conclusion that she must have woken up for the same reason as him, and was no doubt in the bathroom at this very minute. Glad though he was to have solved the mystery, this didn’t help his own predicament, and in fact only added to his worries, as even if he was able to extract himself he’d probably still have to wait to use the loo. 

Lying back down to wait for Danielle to return, he Daniel soon felt the weight of sleep washing over him again, his eyes beginning to close. He very nearly gave in, his desire for more sleep winning against the need to relieve himself, but knowing this would be a fatal mistake which could only possibly end in soggy embarrassment, he fought against it and kept himself awake by playing with his phone, noticing just how long the other girl seemed to have been gone. At first he thought she was just shy about using the toilet with the others around, especially if it was for more than just a wee, so maybe she’d waited until everybody was asleep before going…yeah, that seemed plausible. As the minutes ticked by, however, and his own need became increasingly urgent, he began to doubt this logic. 

Eventually he could wait no longer, for if he did he’d commit a far less forgivable sin that wetting the bed whilst asleep – he was in real danger of weeing all over the bed and all of the girls whilst wide awake, and there’s no way he’d let that happen! Slowly and methodically he untangled himself from the sleeping Lucy, careful not to wake her as he did so, and then gingerly climbed over the rest of the group until he could safely spring down onto the floor. Standing, he looked down at himself and chuckled at the sight which met his eyes, he’d forgotten all about that damned nightdress they’d made him wear! 

Crossing his legs tightly and writhing slightly from the discomfort he felt in his overfull bladder, Dan wasted no time in sprightly dancing across the bedroom and out onto the landing, towards the bathroom door. Once there, he tapped lightly on the door, and waited for a response, but none came. Knocking again, a little louder this time, he also called out softly under his breath “Danielle, it’s only me, are you in there?” 

Still no answer, he was becoming a little frustrated and agitated now, but didn’t want to just burst into the bathroom and find the poor girl sitting on the toilet or something, because that would be far too embarrassing for both of them. Then, without warning, he felt his bladder contracting and a short spurt of wee shot out, soaking his undies. “No!” he shouted, far louder than he had when calling through the door, and he grabbed at his crotch firmly with his hand. 

There was nothing for it, he had to go right now or he’d be left standing in a puddle of his own making, right outside the bathroom door, like a little toddler who couldn’t make it there in time. His occasional bedwetting was one thing, he knew that was a medical condition and there wasn’t much he could do about it, but wetting himself when awake wasn’t on, and he wasn’t going to let that happen. 

Grabbing the door handle with his other hand, he burst through the door, to find the bathroom in darkness, with no sign of Danielle, or anybody else for that matter. Feeling an intense combination of relief and frustration, he didn’t stop for a second – not even to close the bathroom door – as he threw himself down onto the toilet and had the most powerful and satisfying wee of his life. 

Enjoying the feeling of relief for a moment as he sat, Daniel then inspected his underpants and found them to be wet, but not as horribly soaked as he’d expected. The front of the nightie too bore a wet patch where he’d grabbed himself, and he immediately regretted that decision, as if anybody saw they’d probably think he’d wet the bed, when in fact he was incredibly proud of the fact he’d managed to avoid disgracing himself, and he just wished he’d not stood there and started to wet himself for no good reason, given that Danielle hadn’t even been in the bathroom. 

That reminded him, where on earth was she if she wasn’t in bed and clearly wasn’t in the bathroom with him? Had it been Emily who’d gone awol, it would have been plausible that she’d gone into her Mum’s bedroom, either to speak to her – or even to sleep, if she’d been frightened by something or had felt unwell. Even now, at 11, he occasionally did the same, and had to admit that he really enjoyed those rare cuddles. But surely Danielle couldn’t have done that? Not with Lisa at any rate? 

Exhaustion began to get the better of him again, and very conscious that he didn’t want to fall asleep whilst sat on the toilet. Being found snoring on the loo, with wet pants around his ankles and a damp girls nightie on would most definitely not be a great look. He slipped the undies off, patted the front of the nightie dry as best as he could with toilet roll, and then retraced his steps back to Emily’s bedroom. Shoving his pants into the side pocket of his bag, he crawled back onto the bed and tried to resume his earlier position cuddling Lucy, all the while trying not to wake either her or any of the others. 

After one final glance at Danielle’s still empty camp bed, just to reassure himself that he hadn’t been hallucinating, Dan gently kissed the very tip of Lucy’s nose, whispered “Goodnight Beautiful” into her ear, and then snuggled back down to sleep beside her.”  

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