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Part 2 – Chapter 54

The movie was captivating, and within moments Ellie had forgotten her pressing need, her attention completely taken over by the events taking place on screen. Subconsciously she squeezed her legs together tighter and tighter with each passing minute, and without even realising it she had reached first one and then both hands into her crotch, pressing herself backwards against the seat. 

As the movie scene reached a dramatic climax, the audience as a whole jumped out of there seats in unison, and they were showered with rain and buffeted by wind effects as they shrieked in surprise and fright. 

It was only as the film moved on to what would prove to be it’s final scenes, the main plot having concluded and the characters drawing together the final details, that Ellie realised something had changed. She was no longer in pain, no longer wriggling in discomfort. During the film she’d completely forgotten that she’d needed to go to the toilet, distracted by what she was watching, but this was different. Now she didn’t need to go anymore. 

With a sense of impending terror, dreading what she was going to find, she reached a hand tentatively down underneath her bottom, and her worst fears were confirmed. Lucy’s leggings and the cinema seat were absolutely soaked, more than could possibly have come from the rain effects. Without even realising it, without any sense or feeling, Ellie had completely wet herself – and for the second time in a day! For somebody who had been toilet trained for a decade, and who hadn’t had an accident beyond the occasional leak for at least 3 years, she couldn’t quite believe that she’d let this happen. 

Kicking herself for not going when she had the chance, or even getting up during the movie as she had seen quite a few of the younger kids do, now she was beginning to panic about how on earth she’d be able to explain this. Having an accident earlier, when she was stuck on a ride suspended 50ft in the air and with no possible way of getting to a toilet was one thing, and whilst it had been seriously embarrassing she knew that it was understandable, and nobody would judge her for it. But to sit in a movie theatre, with toilets barely a 2 minute walk away, and wet her pants having passed up the opportunity to use a toilet less than an hour ago, there really was no explaining that away. Even young Ben had tried to get to the toilet, she’d just sat there and let it happen. No, worse than that, it had happened without her even realising it, just like a little baby with no control. 

Then it hit her. Not only had she disgraced herself for the second time in a day, she’d just had yet another accident in front of her former teacher. IN FRONT OF THE WOMAN HER DAD SEEMED TO BE FALLING FOR. And she’d not wet her pants, she’d wet this woman’s daughter’s pants! Oh how she wished the ground would open up and swallow her, before the lights came up. Before she had to try to justify acting like a toddler. Before she ruined the day for everybody, most of all herself. 

“Ellie, come on, are you ready to go? The movie has finished you know.” 

With a jolt as she felt a tap on her shoulder, Ellie turned to see her Dad leaning over. Glancing back at the screen, she realised that adverts were now playing, and the lights had returned to normal. She had no idea how long she’d been sat there stating into space, but the last thing she’d needed to do was to draw attention to herself and her predicament. 

“Oh yeah, sorry Dad. I was in a world of my own there.” Chancing a furtive look down towards her legs, Ellie was relieved to see no obvious wet stain. Being black, the leggings looked the same all over despite being soaked. “I kinda need the loo actually, if that’s ok? Before we head off anywhere that is.” 

“No problem sweetie, Lesley and the boys are heading outside, so I’ll catch them up and we’ll wait for you on that grass opposite the entrance. There are toilets just behind us, look.” 

Spinning in her seat, Ellie could see the illuminated man and woman signs which signified toilets, above 2 door side by side on the rear wall of the cinema. Now she really did feel stupid, she hadn’t even realised that there were toilets inside the cinema. Less than 20 steps from where she had been sitting. Groaning loudly, she checked to make sure that her Dad was walking away in the opposite direction, heading for the exit, and then gingerly stood. Looking down before allowing the seat to return to its folded position, she was mortified to see a clear wet stain which covered most of the red fabric. Feeling guilty that somebody else would have to sit there, and that some poor employee would have to clean up the mess she had made, Ellie blushed as she let the seat bang back into position, and then hurried to the toilets, praying that they would be empty. 

Opening the bathroom door, Ellie was met by a wall of noise from the waiting queue, made up mostly of much younger children and their Mums. Scouring the crowd, she could make out maybe 4 adults and the rest were kids under 10, the vast majority being toddlers and pre-schoolers. Great, she thought to herself angrily, just what I needed! I wanted some privacy, not a gaggle of screaming kids, and if I’ve got to wait for ages in the queue then I’m not going to have much time to get myself cleaned up without Dad asking awkward questions if I’m gone for too long. 

Fortunately the queue began to move quickly, with both cubicle doors opening soon after she’s entered – a young lady existing one, her place taken by a girl of maybe 6 or 7 and a little one of no more than 3 coming out of the second and joining her Mum who promptly sent in what looked to be her twin sister. 

“Hurry up, hurry up” Ellie muttered under her breath. 

Turning to face her, with a look of understanding and sympathy, the woman standing in front of her hd obviously heard, as she answered “Desperate love? It’s ridiculous this isn’t it, only having two toilets when they must know most of the visitors are going to be kids.” She waved a hand, gesturing to the crowd and then pointed to the two kids standing with her, a girl of about 8 and a little boy who couldn’t have been more than 4. “I’m so glad that Mikey here is still in pull-ups, because I don’t think he’s going to make it. I just hope Amy can hold on.” 

The girl, who was jiggling from foot to foot, clearly needing to go quite badly, shot her Mum a look of absolute mortification at that comment, although her expression soon changed a moment later as she had to reach a hand under her dress, clearly not too confident herself in her abilities after all. 

“Try to hold on sweetie.” the Mum called in a stage whisper, and her young daughter just nodded and looked down, clearly focussing all of her efforts on not embarrassing herself. 

Ellie was a little amused that the woman thought that she too was desperate for a wee, when it was clearly a little late in her case. Had she felt a little braver, maybe she’d have reassured little Amy that accidents happen, even to big kids, so not to worry if she couldn’t hold on. But that would have meant admitting that she’d had an accident herself, and was in fact standing there at that moment in soaked pants, the one thing she was desperate to hide from the world. 

As the queue moved forward, Ellie turned to see that it had continued to grow behind them, and now stretched out of the toilet door and into the cinema itself. At least half of the people who had watched the movie seemed to be waiting to use the toilet. The first of the two cubicle doors opened, with Mikey, Amy and their Mum the next in line. Miraculously, little Mikey announced that his pull-up was still dry, so his Mum ushered him in, and held the door shut, whilst giving Amy an apologetic look. 

“Sorry love, it’ll be your turn next. But it may really set him back with his potty training if he has an accident when he could have made it.” 

Wincing, Amy crossed her legs over and gasped as she grabbed at herself “Muuuum! A bit just came out…oh no, oh no, please hurry Mikey, I’m going to have an accident!” 

Acting instinctively, the woman threw open the cubicle door to reveal her son, who was just standing up off the toilet. She grabbed him, pull-up still around his ankles, and pulled him out of the stall, as Amy ran in almost crying. Banging the door behind her, Ellie and everybody in the toilets could hear the strong, powerful stream as she emptied her bladder. Then came the small, quiet shout of “Mum, can you come in here a minute please?” 

Looking first down at Mikey, whose clothes she’d managed to pull back into place whilst Amy was using the toilet, and then around at Ellie, the kids Mum didn’t quite know what to do. The 3 of them wouldn’t fit into the stall, but there’s no way she could leave her son on his own either. 

“Go on, I’ll keep an eye on him for a second for you.” Ellie stepped in, realising her predicament. 

With a hurried thank you, she tapped on the cubicle door which opened just enough for her to slide in. A rushed, whispered conversation took place between mother and daughter, which was unfortunately amplified by the echo in the toilets, so that Lucy and quite a few others in the queue were able to hear quite clearly. 

“What’s the matter Amy?” 

“Mummy, I made it to the toilet…b…but I cccouldn’t pull my tights and undies down. They’re all wet Mummy.” And those waiting in the queue heard her sniffle and begin to cry, clearly embarrassed by what had happened. 

“Shhh, it doesn’t matter sweetheart. Don’t cry, these things happen. Come on, slip off those wet tights and pants, nobody will know.” 

There was some movement inside the toilet stall, and then they heard a flush, and the door opened, with the lady and her daughter – minus the flowery patterned tights she’d been wearing – came out. 

Still needing to use the toilet herself, she asked Amy to keep an eye on Mikey, thanked Ellie again for her help, and then instructed them both to wash their hands whilst she went. Ellie could see that poor Amy was absolutely mortified, clearly ashamed of her little accident, and perhaps more so because her baby brother had made it yet she hadn’t been able to. 

Reaching out a hand, Ellie caught hold of Amy’s arm whilst Mikey was playing with the taps on the sink, and without saying a word she brushed the younger girls hand against her wet leggings, watching her eyes widen in shock and surprise.

“Shh, don’t tell anybody. But really, don’t worry, sometimes accidents do happen.” 

Amy’s face immediately brightened up at the thought that whilst she may have wet her tights, she’d at least made it to the toilet. This much older, teenage girl had wet her pants completely before she even got there. 

With another flush of the toilet, the stall door opened again, and the kids Mum came out, looking very relieved, and smiling at Ellie as she herself hurried in. Realising that there was not much she could really do, Ellie sat on the toilet just in case she could go again, and it came as no surprise to her that she couldn’t, having clearly completely emptied her bladder into her pants and the cinema seat, before doing her best to blot as much of the wetness as she could out of the leggings and underpants. She’d have no choice but to walk around wet for the rest of the day, hoping against hope that nobody would notice, as the alternative would be having to wear that awful, baby nightie that her Dad had found in the gift shop, and there was no way on earth she was going to even consider that!

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