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Part 2 – Chapter 55

Having done the best she could with the toilet paper, Ellie pulled up her wet pants and leggings, cringing slightly as they slid over her thighs. Then, flushing to make it seem a little more realistic, she vacated the stall – holding the door open for a little girl, perhaps 5 or 6, who was already halfway through pulling down her own leggings, so desperate was her obvious need. Chuckling a little to herself, Ellie thought to herself that another much younger kid had just succeeded where she had failed, and would be leaving the bathroom with dry pants. 

Paying particular attention to washing her hands, having just spent several minutes running them through the wee soaked fabric of Lucy’s leggings, Ellie made sure that they were clean, and then even gave them a little sniff to ensure there was no lingering wee smell, before stifling a laugh as she realised that her pants would smell far more than her hands, and hoping that the amount she had drank (which had no doubt played a big part in her unfortunate accident to begin with) would stop the smell from being too strong. 

Satisfied, she gave herself a quick look over in the mirror, just to be sure that no wet stain was visible still, and then ventured out through the cinema which was rapidly filling up ahead of the next screening and into the sunshine outside. Squinting in the brightness, she scanned the area for her Dad, and spotted him along with Lesley and the boys lounging on the grass just as he had said. 

“Ah, there you are Princess, we were starting to think that you’d fallen in or something!” 

“Well, I think Ellie was doing a poo!” Ben shouted, laughing cheekily. 

“Oi, Ben! No I was not…and you don’t shout things like that, not in public. And especially not after I helped you when you weed yourself before.” Ellie made a point of raising her voice a little as she said the last part, sticking a tongue out at Ben as she did so. She was quite shy and private, especially when it came to bathroom matters, so she didn’t want the whole place thinking she’d been having a number 2, especially when she hadn’t. Besides, the last thing she wanted was everybody’s attention being on her whilst she was standing there in wee soaked clothes. 

“Now now you pair, calm it down please. Ben, you’re sisters right, what we do in the bathroom is private and shouldn’t be shouted about in public like that. Trying to embarrass your brother like that wasn’t helpful though Ellie, he feels bad enough as it is I’m sure. And, I’m sure you wouldn’t want him shouting about what happened earlier, would you?” 

Blushing crimson, Ellie quickly shook her head, all the while thinking just how glad she was that nobody knew what had happened even more recently than that. Thank God the spare leggings Lesley had leant her were black, if they had been any other colour, or any other clothing, she’d have had no chance of hiding her shame. 

“Sorry I took so long and kept you all waiting, there was a massive queue in there after the movie. And then this little girl in front of me…she let her brother go first, but then didn’t quite make it in time herself, so her Mum had to help her and it slowed everybody down a bit.” 

“Oh dear, the poor love. Bless her for letting her brother go, but such a shame it didn’t end well for her.” Lesley always felt bad when children were left feeling embarrassed, it must come with the job, and of course with being a Mum. 

Nodding, Ellie agreed. “Poor little thing looked gutted, guess I know how she feels though, and at least she wasn’t 13 when it happened to her!” 

Now that they were all back together, the rest of the group stood with Ellie, and began making their way back into the main area of the park, determined to squeeze a couple more rides into their day before heading off home. Graham took this opportunity to hang back a little from rest in order to have a private work with Ellie without anybody overhearing, as he knew how embarrassed she’d be if they did. 

“Everything ok sweetie? I…er…well, I hate to ask, but did you make it to the toilet ok? I couldn’t help noticing you wriggling around during the movie, and I was going to show you where the loos were, but then there was that massive explosion which distracted us all. After that, you seemed to stop, and I didn’t know whether…well, you know?” 

Blushing profusely, Ellie had a hard time keeping her emotions in check “Daaaaaaad! Honestly, I can’t believe you’re even asking me that! I’m 13 not 3 you know, isn’t bad enough that I’ve wet myself once today.” Having done her best to act affronted and horrified by his suggestion, without actually answering the question as there’s no way she’d be able to lie to him, Ellie then stomped off to walk alongside Lesley, leaving her Dad to bring up the rear of the group and make sure all of the boys were with them. 

As his daughter stalked away, Graham could quite clearly see a large shadow across the back of the leggings she was wearing, shiny with wetness, which covered most of her bottom and a large area of the top of her legs. He’d known as soon as she’d acted indignant and had avoided his question, and felt really bad for her given how embarrassed she must feel, so he wouldn’t say anything, but maybe it was time for them to head home so that she could take a shower and sort herself out with some dignity. 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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