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Part 2 – Chapter 56

Exhausted from the previous days exertions, none of the girls nor Daniel woke early the following morning, and all were still snoring gently at 8am when Lisa rose. Yawning from her broken night’s sleep, but roused by her own aching bladder, Lisa once agin clambered from her bed and wrapped herself in a dressing gown, just in case any of Emily’s young guests happened to be up and about. She knew herself that she probably wasn’t the prettiest of sights first thing in the morning, never mind without any clothes on! 

Making her way along the landing, he contemplated bobbing a head in to check on the kids, but the bottle of wine she’d enjoyed the night before clearly had other ideas, her bladder contracting painfully and forcing her to stop at the bathroom before doing anything else. Through tired eyes, she didn’t notice anything amiss, however her bare feet found a small, cold puddle just inside the bathroom door, making her shudder and dash across to the toilet before sighing contentedly as she relieved herself. 

Sitting on the toilet, Lisa focussed her eyes on the tiled floor, and soon picked out the small pool of liquid which her toes had found. No doubt that had been poor Danielle, trying her hardest to make it to the toilet yet being caught short. Bless, the poor kid had been so upset last night, what a horrible way for the sleepover to end for her. 

Finishing up on the toilet and tying her gown back around her, she took a little extra toilet paper and used it to clean up the mess, before flushing it away and heading back out onto the landing to make sure the girls and Daniel were all ok. Reaching Emily’s bedroom, she opened the door gently, careful not to make any noise which may disturb the sleeping children, and popped a head cautiously around. Her gaze first fell on the empty camp bed in the corner, where Danielle had slept until her unpleasant awakening in the small hours. Feeling a pang of upset, Lisa resolved to give the group the explanation that she’d discussed with the poor girl the night before, but also to talk to Emily privately when she got the chance and to confide in her, just in case any of the others found out and tried to make fun. She knew her daughter could be trusted, and how much she abhorred bullying of any kind, so would sure she’d be on-side and would help keep her friends secret. 

Looking around the room, Lisa noticed that Daniel and all 5 remaining girls were fast asleep together on Emily’s bed – with Daniel and Lucy cuddled up together, and the other 5 lying across each other, in what she thought must be really uncomfortable positions! They all seemed quite content, however, and she had no plans to disturb them – hoping that’s they’d sleep long enough for her to enjoy a morning coffee and then jump in a quick shower in peace. 

Just as she was closing the bedroom door, salivating at the thought of that first dose of caffeine which was badly needed having spent half of the night awake, dealing with Danielle’s accident, something caught her eye and caused her too blush. She’d noticed Daniel and Lucy sleeping cuddled up together, and had even realised that for whatever reason which she still didn’t want to know he was still wearing that ridiculous nightie she’d caught him in the previous evening. But what she hadn’t noticed at first glance, was that the nightdress had ridden up as he’d moved about in his sleep, and he wasn’t wearing any underwear, exposing his…well, his everything, to anybody who happened to be looking! 

Embarrassed for him, and glad that the others were still asleep, Lisa hurried into the room and quickly lay a fleece blanked across both him and Lucy, making sure that his modesty was covered. With the blanked covering them, only their heads popped out at the top, resting on Emily’s fluffy pillows, and she couldn’t help thinking how sweet and innocent they looked together, almost angelic. 

Satisfied, and craving that strong cuppa that she’d promised herself, Lisa closed the bedroom door softly behind her and crept down the stairs to sort her morning fix, already salivating at the thought and longing for a hot, long and invigorating shower to wake her up ready for the day ahead. 

Having drank not one but three large, steaming mugs of strong coffee, and already feeling much more awake as a result, Lisa was also starting to feel something else. Unbelievably, less than an hour after waking up, she already needed to go to the toilet again! Must be all that coffee, she thought to herself, as she trudged back up the stairs. Her need not quite so pressing this time, she stopped by her own bedroom to collect clean clothes for the day, and then after listening at Emily’s door to ensure that nobody was awake yet who may need the bathroom before she hogged it, she stepped into a steaming hot, powerful shower, with her music playing quietly on her phone. The perfect Sunday morning wake up routine. 

As she showered, the sound of the running water combined with her 80’s hits drowned out everything else, and Lisa didn’t hear the door handle being rattled, nor a quiet knocking which intensified over a few minutes. Only as the knocking coincided with a change of track did she think that she may have heard a disturbance, and called out “Hello, who’s there”, although her own words were muffled by the shower and couldn’t be heard out on the landing. 

Hearing no reply, and convincing herself that nobody had been there, Lisa carried on scrubbing herself vigorously, taking her time and enjoying every moment of her relaxing shower, feeling much more human than she had when she’d woken. Feeling invigorated and ready to face the new day, she stepped out and towelled herself dry before dressing in a summery outfit of cropped trousers and a linen top, hoping to enjoy a bit more sun-worshipping if the weather (and the kids) allowed. 

Bundling her laundry together, she stepped onto the landing, and was surprised to hear the creaking sound of footsteps climbing the stairs, not expecting any of the kids to be awake yet given how soundly they’d been sleeping only a few minutes earlier. 

“Good Morning” she called enquiringly, wondering who was up and about so early. 

“Mum?” Emily answered, emerging from the top of the stairs and sounding surprised, still dressed in her nightwear, but with filthy black bare feet. “I thought it was Danielle in there?! Blimey, you nearly made me wet myself! You could have let me in…I had to run out to the garden before I wee’d everywhere.”

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.4

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