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Part 2 – Chapter 58

In Emily’s bedroom, the sun shining through the curtains onto his face had woken Daniel, and, not remembering where he was he yawned loudly and stretched out his arms, knocking Lucy who had been laying with her head on top of his shoulder. She disturbed, and groaned in her sleep, but wasn’t quite ready to open her eyes just yet, sighing as she cuddled back down under the blanket. 

Sitting himself upright, Dan glanced over to make sure that Lucy was still asleep, hoping he hadn’t woken her up with his carelessness. Then, remembering both where he was and also what had happened in the early hours, he immediately reached a hand down to his crotch, and was relieved to find that the nightie he was wearing had dried out, meaning he’s gotten away with his little leak. He was a little perplexed, however, by the fluffy pink blanket which was draped over him and Lucy, as he knew that they hadn’t been covered over either when they fell asleep or when he’d got up in the night to use the loo. How strange, he thought to himself, wondering whether perhaps Lisa had covered them over to prevent them from getting cold. But then, if that was the case, why didn’t the others have blankets, only him and Lucy? He hoped she hadn’t noticed his wet patch…surely if she had and thought he’d wet the bed by accident, she’d have woken him up to get changed and cleaned? It was all very odd indeed. 

As he turned these thoughts over in his mind, Dan also remembered the reason for his little mishap, and his eyes darted over to the still-vacant camp bed in the corner of the room. He hadn’t noticed earlier, but Danielle’s sleeping bag was missing now too, meaning that if it was also gone when he’d thought she was in the bathroom, she hadn’t been back to bed since then. Where had she slept, he wondered? And why had she moved? Curiosity getting the better of him, he slipped off the bed, blushing a little as he realised that he wasn’t wearing any underpants and pulling his nightie down to cover himself up before padding gingerly over to where Danielle had slept. There was no sign of her sleeping bag anywhere, and it was then that he realised her overnight bag had disappeared too, which made no sense if she’d gone to sleep in another room for some reason, surely she’d have left her stuff where it was? With more questions than answers, he moved to turn away, and that’s when his eyes fell on something uncomfortably familiar, causing him to gasp out loud and drop down to his knees beside the bed. Reaching out a hand tentatively, he placed it on the fabric of the bed, and knew immediately that his suspicion had been right, the ‘shadow’ he’d noticed was indeed a wet patch. “Oh my!” He called out, forgetting for a moment that the others were still sleeping behind him. 

Hearing the bedroom door handle turning and the door creaking open behind him, Daniel spun his head around quickly to see Emily walking in. In his eagerness to understand where Danielle had gone, he hadn’t noticed that Emily was also missing. “Em! Come here, quick! I…well, I think Danielle wet the bed!” 

Emily groaned inwardly, so much for keeping it a secret she thought to herself. “Shhh Dan, keep it down will you, the others will hear you.” 

Dan gaped, realising that he was right, and not on that that but Emily already knew. “…what…blimey, Em, really? Where is she?” This time he made an effort to keep his voice low, barely a whisper. 

She knew it was no point trying to hid the truth now, so nodding slowly Em gestured for Dan to come over to where she was standing, a little further away from where the rest were still sound asleep, just in case any of them overheard. 

“Look Dan, I’m only telling you this because you’ve pretty much figured it out yourself, and the truth has to be better than Chinese whispers. But you’ve got to promise me you won’t tell any of the others, I’m not supposed to know myself never mind tell you. But, yeah, Danielle had an accident in the night, and she phoned her Dad to come and get her. I was still asleep, Mum told me, but made me promise not to say anything. You of all people must know how mortified she’ll be feeling about it, so please please don’t make fun of her or anything, will you? Mum said she was dead upset.” 

“Poor girl, yeah I’ll bet she’s upset. That’s like my worst nightmare having something like that happen at a sleepover, and I’m used to it. So far as I know, Em isn’t a regular bedwetter, so she wouldn’t have been prepared at all. Oh she must be gutted, I can’t even imagine. You know I’d never, ever say anything Em, so you don’t even need to ask that.” 

“Thanks Dan, yeah I know. Mum’s just going to tell everybody that she wasn’t well, and had to go home. She only told me the truth so I could help cover if needed…how did you know, anyway?” 

Dan motioned toward the camp bed. “Well, I knew she was gone in the night when I got up to use the toilet. I thought she was in there, and waited until I was practically wetting myself before going in, just in case. But she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Then when I woke up this morning, she was still gone and I noticed her sleeping bag and clothes weren’t here either. What gave it away, though ,was the bed is still wet. We should probably try to hide that, if the others aren’t going to get wind of what happened. And I think that’s best, because Danielle was pretty mean last night, so somebody might end up teasing her if they know the truth. I’d hope not, because as a bedwetter myself I know that it’s not something you can help, and it’s definitely not something to make fun of, but in the heat of the moment I know things are sometimes said…which I think is what happened with what Danielle said to Becky last night. Oh I bet she’s regretting that this morning, after how her night ended.” 

Grabbing the blanket which had been covering Dan and Lucy from the bed, Emily quickly cast this over the camp bed, covering the evidence of Danielle’s shame, before smiling at her cousin. “You know what Dan? I love how you always find the good in everybody. You were the one that was there for Lucy after her embarrassing accident at school, and you stood up for her against the bullies. You helped Danielle yesterday when she was having a rough time, and even after what she said yesterday you’re looking for the best in her. Be careful, Lucy might get jealous.” And she tipped him a cheeky wink, ducking as he threw one of her own soft toys at her, both laughing a little too loudly. 

Their messing around had disturbed the other girls, and one by one they began to stretch and sit up, as mass of bed-heads and dishevelled nightwear and various calls of “Morning” and “Urgh, still tired” punctuating the air. Deciding there was no rush to get up and dressed, Dan and Emily rejoined them on the bed, determined to make the most of their lazy morning. 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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