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Part 2 – Chapter 6

It was barely after 10am when the doorbell sounded loudly, but it’s tone was soon drowned out by the sound of a particularly overexcited 11 year old girl literally bounding down the stairs to answer the door, almost falling headlong as she did so. Reaching the door and throwing it wide open with an enormous smile on her face, Lucy squealed “BEEEEEEEEEEECKY!” And gave her best friend a massive hug, with both of their mums watching on bemused. Anybody would think they hadn’t seen each other for a month, rather than less than a day. 

Jen and Lesley chuckled to themselves, and despite Jen’s protestations that they really should get going straight away as she had a ton of housework to get through once she’d dropped the girls off, she nevertheless agreed to a quick coffee and a catch-up, giving the girls chance to run off and gossip for a while, eager to show each other what they were taking to the sleepover. 

Over steaming mugs of coffee, the two ladies chatted easily about nothing in particular, both just thinking it was nice to have some adult company without being in work, as neither had a husband or partner at home. Lesley’s late husband had lost his battle with cancer when Jack was only small, so she’d pretty much brought her to kids up on her own, something she was incredibly proud of, even though she missed Keith every single day. And Jen’s last fella, well , the less said about him the better was her motto! 

Lucy and Becky had ran upstairs, hand in hand, talking at nineteen-to-the-dozen and giggling merrily. Upon reaching Lucy’s bedroom, they’d leapt together onto her bed, and then Lucy froze in horror. With her duvet pulled back, there was no mistaking that drinking sound, she clearly had a plastic sheet on her bed. Horrified, she looked over at Becky to see whether she had noticed or not. Clearly she had, there was an odd expression on her face and she noticed her friend deliberately moving around subtly to confirm her suspicions, but thankfully she had the decency not to say anything. Lucy’s face burned crimson, why hadn’t she thought about the sheet. 

The awkwardness passed quickly, and soon Lucy was unpacking her case and giving Becks a quick fashion parade, keen to show off all of the outfits she’d chosen to take with her. 

“Looking fab Luce, who’re you trying to impress?” And with that Becky winked. 

“Oi! It’s nothing like that, I just like to look good, y’know.” 

Becky wasn’t convinced, and she soon knew that she was right, in fact, as soon as Lucy opened her mouth again. 

“Dan’s definitely coming by the way, I was messaging him earlier. He’s meeting us at Em’s before dinner, said he wants to talk to us alone.” 

“Ooh, well at least now I know who you’re trying to impress! Honestly Luce, you really have got the hots for him, haven’t you. Fast mover too!” 

Becky ducked, and just in time as Lucy had grabbed her pillow and launched it across at her friend, barely missing her, and then launched herself across the bed, grappling with Becks and eventually causing the pair of them to roll onto the floor with a bang, taking the bedsheet with them. 

They rolled around together for a while, play fighting but more giggling away to themselves, before surfacing for breath and again busting into laughter at the dishevelled sight of each other. 

“You deserved that!” Lucy gasped. “I DO NOT fancy Daniel! He’s just a nice lad. And yeah, maybe a little cute but…oh stop it!”. Becky had dissolved into giggles again, and was singing some childish rhyme about kissing in a tree. 

Their moment of silliness over, both tired and a little embarrassed by how they’d been rolling around together like little kids, they eventually pulled themselves together and back up onto Lucy’s bed. And as they did so, both realised that the sheet was now in a ball on the floor, and they were sitting directly on a crinkly, waterproof mattress protector. Lucy wanted the ground to swallow her up, and Becky was wide eyed for a moment, but then noticing her friends obvious discomfort she just patted the bed and said ‘Don’t worry, I get it. ‘Just in case’” 

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.4

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