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Part 2 – Chapter 61

The group of girls, plus Daniel, spent most of the morning laying on Emily’s bed, doing very little besides playing on their phones. Lisa had popped her head in after hearing voices, and told them all that she’d left things out on the table for them to help themselves to breakfast as and when they felt hungry. She also reminded them that the bathroom was at their disposal, should any of them fancy a shower before getting dressed and ready for the day, looking a little pointedly towards Emily as she said this, causing her daughter to blush and Daniel, who had caught sight of the looks shared between his aunt and cousin to wonder what on earth that had been all about. 

As the morning went on, they began to become a little restless, with Daniel eventually declaring that much as he’d enjoyed their lazy start to the day, he really couldn’t lie there any longer without doing something. He was a little torn, partly wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to shower after his little leak in the early hours, but also worried that the girls may think he needed to shower because he’d had an accident. If he’d thought about this logically, he’d of course have realised that they’d know he hadn’t wet the bed, because they’d all slept on the same bed, but his thoughts were still clouded by sleep, and he eventually decided to just get dressed and clean up properly later on once he was home. 

Unbeknownst to Dan, he wasn’t the only one having similar thoughts. Emily may have acted all disgruntled and affronted at her Mum’s suggestion that she may not have made it out to the garden in time and should think about taking a shower, but there was more truth in this than she’d care to admit, to Lisa or to any of her friends for that matter. As it happens, she’d made it out into the garden ok, but having wasted valuable time dancing around on the landing trying to get into the bathroom, and then hunting in the kitchen drawers for the patio door key to let herself outside, by the time she was safely on the lawn she had both hands firmly pressed into her crotch, and it was a miracle that she hadn’t already soaked her pants. If she’d been delayed by just a few seconds more, the chances are she’d have had a puddle to mop up on the kitchen floor! Finding herself in this predicament, there had been no time to think about normal outdoor weeing etiquette, and she had quite simply squatted down where she stood and emptied her bladder through her undies, right in the middle of the lawn, eternally grateful that it was early and none of the neighbours seemed to be up and about yet. 

Being quite a ‘rough and ready’ outdoorsy type, this little incident hadn’t bothered Em in the slightest and she’d simply shook herself off as best she could, adjusted her clothes and then made her way back inside where she’d bumped into her Mum on the landing, taking particular care not to touch herself any more than necessary, in case any of the wetness transferred from her pants to her nightdress and left an embarrassing, telltale stain. Little did Lisa realise that all the time they were talking about Danielle’s accident and the aftermath, her own daughter was standing there in drenched underpants, even with an occasional drip running down her legs. Actually weeing through her pants hadn’t worried Em, but there was no way she was going to embarrass herself by admitting what she’d done to her Mum, and she really didn’t want to draw any attention to it by slipping off for a shower now, either. She knew her Mum would pick up on it straight away, and possibly the others would wonder too, given that none of them seemed to be jumping up to shower in a hurry. 

“Anybody going for a shower, or are you all waiting until you get home?” She chanced the question, hoping at least one of the others would volunteer, as that would take the focus away from her then. 

Everybody shrugged and there came a chorus of “Nah” and “I’ll get one later” from the ground, until Laura sat up and turned to look towards Em. 

“Yeah, I think I might do actually. Not that I really need to, but it’s always nice to start the day feeling fresh, isn’t it? Besides, I bet at least one of you did a wee in that hot tub last night, didn’t you? Ewwwww! I don’t want to walk around all day maybe smelling like somebody else’s wee!” 

This comment cause uproarious laughter, with nobody admitting to or even denying the heinous act, leaving all of them thinking the same – what if somebody, or even more than one person, really did wee in the water? Only they themselves would know whether they’d done it or not, and nobody seemed to be giving anything away. 

Deciding that this gave her the perfect excuse, Em quickly pounced on it. “Eww, yeah, that’s a really good point that Laura, and I wouldn’t want to walk around all day covered in my own wee, never mind anybody else’s. You go first, and I’ll jump in after you I think.” 

One by one, they all agreed to this logic, and whilst Laura took her was things and a change of clothes off to the bathroom, the others dug through their bags, and Emily her wardrobe, to pick out suitable outfits for the day ahead, waiting patiently for the bathroom to become vacant so they could make doubly sure that they weren’t walking around smelling of wee. Both Em and Dan were exceptionally grateful for this, as it wasn’t even the remote possibility somebody else’s wee they were particularly bothered about, but their own which they definitely knew they were covered in. 

All freshly showered and dressed, looking much more presentable in an array of jeans and tops given the expected inclement weather, they headed downstairs as a group to demolish the table full of food Lisa had laid on for them, talking animatedly about their individual plans for the rest of the day and also the final weeks of school which lay ahead of them before the long summer holidays kicked in. It was whilst they were sat eating and chatting that Lucy’s phone tinged, displaying the most bizarre message she had ever received, and from the most unlikely source. Her jaw hit the floor, she just couldn’t believe what she’d just read, and she had no idea how she felt about it at all. 

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  1. mikeymike mikeymike

    Loved this chapter too piddly. Hope we hear more about Emily and her ” outdoor pants wettings in future. It seems that Lisa has at least some suspicions about what Emily gets up to, but doesn’t seem that bothered by it……..

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