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Part 2 – Chapter 62

Morning Lucy…well, this is kinda odd, and Im not gunna ask why because I guess the answer is probably pretty embarrassing, but how on earth do you sleep with a plastic sheet on your bed? It’s so sweaty and crinkly, I barely slept a wink last night! El x’ 

Lucy was absolutely agog, reading the message over and over, and still not able to make any sense out of it. At first all she could thing was that her horrid little brother must have told her about the sheet and her accident, and she absolutely hated him for being so cruel and embarrassing. But that still didn’t make sense, if Jack had told her then surely Ellie would have just made fun of her? And why on earth had she not been able to sleep herself…did that mean she’d slept on a plastic sheet? Why? None of this added up, it was so surreal. 

Erm Ellie, WHAT?!?! Sorry, but what on earth are you babbling on about???’ 

Haha, sorry, I just wanted to see what your reaction would be! Yeah, we erm, had a bit of a change of plans last night. You know we joked about my Dad and your Mum being fast movers?…’ 

Jesus Ellie, spit it out will you, I’m on pins here. You can’t mean, no, oh what do you mean?’ 

Hehe, sorry, I’ll stop teasing now. Well, yeah, faster movers than we thought! We ended up staying over at yours last night. Hope you didn’t mind me borrowing your bed? Don’t worry, I didn’t ‘test’ the plastic sheet lol, but blimey it’s not very comfortable to sleep on, is it?’ 

Ellie, can you talk if I phone you? This is just….wow, I don’t even know what this is.’ 

Yeah, no worries at all, I’m back home now in my room, phone whenever and I’ll fill ya in.’ 

Lucy’s face must have paled with the shock of what she’d been reading, as the others sat around the table had gone silent, and looking up she saw that all eyes were now fixed on her. 

“Is everything ok Luce?” Becky was concerned for her friend, who appeared to have just had quite a shock, although she obviously didn’t know exactly what. 

Nodding slowly, still reeling, Lucy did her best to cover, and garbled out an pretty unintelligible answer “Um, yeah, well, just it’s. Oh, I…well, I need to go and make a phone call, then I’ll know whether everything’s ok or not. I’m just…wow. I’ll be back in a minute, ‘kay?” 

Eager to speak to the mysterious Ellie, and to find out just what on earth had been going on, Lucy leapt from her place at the table, and hurried out into the garden, closing the door behind her so that she had a little privacy for what she knew was going to be a very bizarre, and probably quite awkward conversation. 

Tentatively dealing the number, she heard a number of rings, and was concerned that the other girl wasn’t going to answer after all. All sorts of thoughts were running through her head – was this all just a joke? Some daft prank? Or even something more sinister and scary? But she didn’t think so, even without ever seeing or even speaking to Ellie she seemed completely genuine, and the photo of them with her Mum and Ellie’s Dad, there’s no way that could have been faked. It must be real, but..before she could think any further, there was a click on the line. 


“Erm, Hi, Ellie?” 

“Lucy? Oh my God! Hi, It’s so good to finally speak to you, although I feel I know you so well already. This is like, so weird, right?” 

“Weird isn’t even the half of it Ellie, I don’t even know where to start with asking questions. Did you mean everything you said in your messages, you all stayed over at my house last night? Tell me, what happened?” 

“Yeah, it’s all a bit random, isn’t it? So, when I was texting you last night about us coming to yours for tea today, we were actually still at yours then. After we’d finished at the theme park, we were all heading back to the cars when your Mum suggested that we head back to yours together to dry off – we’d just been on the log flume you see, even the old folks haha, so we were soaked – and for a hot chocolate. Then, well, we kinda never left. Dad ordered a takeaway for us all to share, as a thank you to your Mum for her hospitality, and then she opened a bottle of wine, and the next thing I know Dad’s asking if I’d mind staying over, because Lesley’s asked him to stay. They boys had a massive sleepover, I borrowed your bed, complete with that damned crinkly plastic sheet, and I don’t want to presume what happened with Dad and Les…sorry, your Mum, but given you’ve not got a spare room, I think you can probably figure it out and come to the same conclusion I did. Besides, this morning they were both, how shall I put this delicately, rather full of the joys of spring shall we say.” 

Lucy had listened in raptured silence as her new friend had explained the previous nights events, and she didn’t know how to feel. Shocked probably still just about summed it up, although maybe just a little impressed that they’d apparently spent the night together and possibly slightly disgusted and embarrassed by that same thought, too. 

“Oh, ok, erm. Wow, I don’t think I can really find many more words right now Ellie, that’s…wow, yeah that’s quite a shock, and quite an eventful day and night you guys seem to have had. I thought things had been crazy here, but nope, compared to that I’ve had a really boring weekend, haha. Listen, Ellie, about that plastic sheet…” 

“Lucy, chill, don’t worry. You don’t need to explain, and even if you want to talk about it there will be plenty of time for that I’m sure. We’re still going to be meeting later for tea, but having stayed at yours last night Dad has invited you all over to us instead. It’ll be better to chat properly, face to face, won’t it?” 

Lucy agreed, exited at the prospect of meeting Ellie, and immensely happy that she hadn’t had to go through the embarrassment and shame of explaining about her bedding, although she was a little worried that maybe Ellie now thought she was a bedwetter. She’d be able to set her straight on that later on though. For now, she had a lot to get her head around, and an awful lot of questions for her Mum when she came to collect her later too. 

“Yeah, I can’t wait to meet you Ellie. Sorry if I bombard you with questions, I don’t mean to be rude but, well, you’ve been there and witnessed all of this, and I’m afraid I’m going to need all of the juicy details!” 

“Haha, no worries at all, we can leave the boys to play and the olds to smooch, and I’ll fill you in as best as I can. Catch ya Later Lucy.” 

“Yeah, bye Ellie, see you soon.”

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