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Part 2 – Chapter 67

“Anyway, missy, enough about me and my potential romance, let’s hear what you’ve been up to, and I want to know ALL of the juicy details about this Dan you seem to have the hots for. Fire away!”

Blushing a little, but smiling at the same time, because her Mum was right, she really did think Dan was incredibly cute, and she’d loved spending her weekend with him, Lucy began her tale. 

“Well, you saw him Mum, he is pretty well…cute, isn’t he?” And she giggled nervously, gauging her Mum’s reaction before continuing. Lesley rolled her eyes slightly, realising that her little girl was growing up, but slimed encouragingly. If this Dan was going to become a fixture in Lucy’s life then she wanted to know all of the ins and outs, and heaven help him if he ever did anything to hurt her! 

“He’s 11 Lucy, I can hardly call him cute now can I? Hes a handsome looking young man though, I’ll give you that, and it was clear that he thinks a great deal of you. I’m not so sure about all that smoochy stuff though young lady, aren’t you a bit young for that?” 

“Muuuuuuuuuuum!” Lucy protested incredulously, as Lesley winked and broke into a wide grin. 

“Only teasing love, sorry. Go on, carry on.” 

“Ok, well, Dan’s been in my class at school since I started in the infants, but I’ve never really, like, hung out with him or anything, you know? Not sure why really, he’s always been there but I’ve never gotten to know him. But then, last week after my…well, after I wet myself, he was one of the few who were really nice and stood up for me when the others were making fun. I still don’t know why he did it, but it meant so much to me to know that not everybody thought I was a baby.” 

“That was really sweet of him to help you out like that, especially when he didn’t really know you all that well. Sounds like he’s a lovely lad.” 

“He is Mum, I’ve never known anybody as genuinely nice as him, as well as being funny, cute and cuddly too.” 

“CUDDLY?!?” Lesley spluttered. 

“Mum, chill, you know what I mean. You said it yourself, I’m 11, I’m not into all of that yucky stuff or anything. But he does give a good hug, almost as good as yours.” 

Lesley glowed as she heard that word, almost. Her little girl may be growing up, but she still loved a mummy hug, and that meant the world to her. 

“Anyway, after that all happened, we started to hang out together a bit more and chatted, getting to know each other. That’s when I, well I guess I started to fall for him a bit mum, and now I get a really warm, fuzzy feeling when he’s around. I think I love him.” 

Lesley was torn, she was absolutely delighted that Lucy was so happy, but at the same time she really thought it was far, far too soon to be falling in love with a boy she’d only known for 5 minutes! Although at the back of her mind she could hear a niggling, nagging voice whispering ‘Graham, Graham’ ever more insistently, until she paid attention and realised that she had the same sort of feelings for a man she’d known for even less time, and she’d even shared her bed with him! 

“When I was first getting to know Dan, I didn’t realise that he knew Emily, but it turns out that they’re cousins, that’s how he ended up being invited to her sleepover. He wasn’t going to come, and I tried my hardest to convince him, but he was really embarrassed and kept trying to make up excuses. In the end he did turn up though, and he did one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen, which just made me love him even more. We’ve had simply the besets weekend ever Mummy, and now I can’t wait to see him again.” 

Now it was Lesley’s turn to feel tears prickling her eyes. Lucy really did have it bad! She was tempted to ask what this magnificent act of bravery was, but something inside her told her that she probably didn’t want to know, it sounded pretty personal, and her daughter and her friends were entitled to their privacy. She trusted Lucy, she had to, although she’d be keeping a close eye on things, just in case. 

“Blimey love, what a weekend we’ve both had, eh? I’m so glad you’ve had a good time, and it sounds like Daniel is somebody really special. I look forward to meeting him properly, and getting to know him myself. Why don’t you ask him around for tea one night after school? I promise not to ask anything too embarrassing, and I’ll make sure you’re brother’s on his best behaviour too! Oh yeah, and don’t worry, I’ll remove that bloody plastic sheet from your bed.” Lesley then giggled and choked a little as she realised what they may have been taken to imply “N…not that there will be any reason for Dan to be in your bedroom at all, obviously!” 

Mental note Lesley, watch what you’re saying, or the next thing you know…well, no, not even going there! Your little girl is turning into a young lady, but there’s still plenty of childhood innocence left for her and you to enjoy first. 

Both burst out laughing at this, causing Lesley again to swing the car in, this time at a petrol station. “Sorry love, I told you not to make me laugh again, I really need to run to the loo, before I’m the one needing a change of pants! Back in a sec.” And, with legs firmly squeezed together, Lesley waddled hurriedly across the forecourt into the shop, hoping that the toilet was vacant. Her bladder was no longer what it had once been, after giving birth to two children, but it really wouldn’t do to embarrass herself in front of Lucy. She was sure she’d never hear the end of it if she had an accident!  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.3

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